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February 9, 2014

The 70-20-10 Model - Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

This is part of an exclusive interview that Charles Jennings gave to Learnnovators. In this interview, Charles shares his insights on the significance of the 70:20:10 Model for organizational development in today’s world. He also shares his advice to learning designers on the techniques to scale up to meet the challenges of designing learning interventions for this informal and social learning age. Equally valuable is his advice to Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) who wish to implement the 70:20:10 Model in their organizations. Charles’ foresights on the future of organizational learning are truly thought provoking. Read on…

by Ravi Pratap Singh
February 3, 2014

Level 4 Training Evaluation

Prudence dictates that investment decisions for any new project, whether it is commercial or non-profit in nature, must be predicated upon a solid business case of value delivery. While some social programs might be justified even though there might not be a monetary value to them, most initiatives in the business world are tied to demonstrable value, either in productivity or monetary terms. Corporate training initiatives fall within that category.

by Marina Arshavskiy
February 3, 2014

Learning versus Rules and Regulation Training

Corporate eLearning can be divided into two categories: learning and "rules and regulations" training. This article talks about the differences between the two categories, why the distinction is so important, and the key challenges in developing good Rules and Regs training.

by Mary Hetherington
January 29, 2014

12 Questions eLearning Developers Should Answer

As an eLearning Developer, motivating learners is an important consideration because in reality learners are not always motivated to learn. They’re busy, they have other things to do, they don’t see the course as being important or have had a bad experience in the past. Would you like to motivate your learners based on the ARCS Model?

by Matthew Guyan