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Top 9 eLearning Predictions For 2014

Top 9 eLearning Predictions For 2014

2013 was an exciting year for eLearning professionals with many discussions around learning paradigms and technologies. The year saw many interesting developments in areas such as Learning Standards/Specifications (xAPI), Programming Languages (HTML 5), Gamification, Game-based Learning, etc. We believe that 2014 will see more powerful changes, owing to the maturing and convergence of some of these technologies. If 2013 was a year of ‘contemplations’, 2014 will be a year of ‘decisions’! Read on…

eLearning Business Trends in 2014

Predictions on how e-learning business might trend in 2014 based on key business drivers across geographies, L&D challenges and e-learning buzz words like Social, MOOC, gamification, games, byte-sized learning, performance management, mobile content, HTML5, Tin Can API.

Confused over buying A product? Why not take THEIR MOOC!

Confused over buying A product? Why not take THEIR MOOC!

As more companies spend meaninglessly huge amounts of money on corporate training and advertisements, a fictional company attempts to change the whole scene of consumer interaction and training with education and technology. Can a MOOC-for-training be the answer to the financial woes of the corporate sector?

Gaze Into The Future Of E-Learning With Eric Schuermann

In an exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Eric Schuermann shares his insights into the future of e-learning, and how Trivantis’ products are all set to align with the emerging trends and technologies related to e-learning. He also talks about how his company is being able to be on the forefront by keeping up with all the advances in the industry. Read on…

3 Tips To Improve Virtual Schools

3 Tips To Improve Virtual Schools

Virtual schools offer the promise of choice for families. They can choose to attend, but they can also choose to leave. And yet, much of the time spent on trying to improve the learning experience is centered on two things: instructional design and content.


Welcome to the Age of Pseudo-Teachers

All the EdTech startups, tools, apps, chats, and tweets; is the future of human-teaching bleak? A profession that has remained in the hands of men and women may be endangered, lest teachers should decide to empower themselves by choosing the right tools and platforms.


How To Pick The Online Degree That Fits You Best

If you are considering Online Universities for your degree or career training, there are a few important points to consider in choosing your online degree offers by Online University. At this article you will find 8 Important Tips To Choose The Best Online University for your reference.