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October 1, 2014

Top 10 Free GoToMeeting Alternatives

In this article, I'll share the top 10 free GoToMeeting alternatives. Whether you're looking for a platform that can give you the ability to chat one-on-one with co-workers halfway around the globe, or to hold a webinar for a wider audience, these Free Web Conferencing Tools are definitely worth considering.
by Christopher Pappas
September 21, 2014

7 Tips To Use Google Sheets in eLearning

In this article, I will present you the many ways that you can use Google Sheets in eLearning. In addition, in this article you will find invaluable tips on how to use all of its helpful features to boost the effectiveness of your eLearning course or training event.
by Christopher Pappas
September 9, 2014

Use Video Messaging Apps To Enhance Your eLearning Experience

Complement your curriculum with video messaging apps for a richer online education experience. Vidopop is a video note and messaging app that allows you to easily record and send videos with your mobile device. Videos are instantly uploaded to the cloud even if the video is big or if you are sending it to a group. You can upload and send videos to your contacts in a matter of seconds. Here are the different ways you can utilize apps such as Vidopop to make communicating with your students easier and more effective.
by Raine Medeiros
September 5, 2014

Top 10 Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives (2017 Update)

Screen recording and video editing tools are quite imperative in eLearning. Camtasia Studio is one of the best, but it’s quite pricey and not very appropriate for tight eLearning budgets. Not to worry though, as there is a great deal of alternatives that come on no expense at all. In this article, I’ll present the top 10 free Camtasia Studio alternatives.
by Christopher Pappas
June 1, 2014

5 Important Reasons To Use Free Plagiarism Checkers in eLearning

If you're still undecided about whether or not plagiarism checkers are really necessary in eLearning, then you've come to the right place. In this article, I will explore some convincing arguments for the importance of using free plagiarism checkers in eLearning. I will also share with you some tips for preventing plagiarism from happening in the first place.
by Christopher Pappas
January 29, 2014

The 5 Best Free Rubric Making Tools For Teachers

Rubrics are generally something that makes the life of an educator easier. Rather than adding an arbitrary grade to an assignment, with rubrics educators are able to determine exactly where a student’s work excelled beyond expectations and exactly where it lacked quality. Although they are highly valuable tools, creating rubrics can be a difficult and time consuming process. That is, it used to be a difficult and time consuming process until you found out about these 5 best free Rubric making tools for teachers.
by Christopher Pappas