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December 7, 2016

3 Apps That Will Rev Up Your Team

The importance of teams in the 21st century workplace is vital. Effective teams enhance efficiency through their ability to provide more input and more potential solutions to problems as they arise. Here are a few apps that will rev up your team.
by Roz Bahrami
August 31, 2016

Top 8 Mobile Apps For Text Analysis

Every day students deal with piles of papers and many-page documents, but don’t have much time to read them all. However, thanks to the rapid development of technologies, they can relish an array of solutions, among which are mobile apps able to analyze and summarize texts to the needed size. Here are 8 mobile apps for text analysis.
by Yana Yelina
August 23, 2016

eBook Release - eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready

Organizations that have experienced eLearning failures will tell you that in their hurry to implement eLearning, they overlooked small, yet vital components of eLearning execution. With timely and proper guidance, these failures could have been averted and transformed into successful learning experiences. If you are in the process of implementing eLearning in your organization or contemplating the move from classroom training to eLearning, you can benefit from the priceless information packed in the eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready eBook.
by Christopher Pappas
August 20, 2016

Scratch That Itch @ Scratch Conference 2016

The creators of Itch, Ucodemy, attended the Scratch conference 2016 at MIT in Cambridge, Boston this year. Creativity, inspiration, and ideas from other leading educators for kids in computer science abounded. You can get a peek into some of these unique ideas from our visit.
by Jason Rukman