How to Assess the ROI of Learning Programs

How To Assess The ROI Of Training Programs

Date April 16 2020
Duration 60 Minutes
Congrats! You launched a super-engaging training program and everyone seems happy. So, are you successful? You can't really tell if you don't measure the ROI of your training programs! Join Arun Prakash and Nolan Hout of Infopro Learning in this webinar and learn everything about training ROI. The event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.
How to Assess the ROI of Learning Programs
Speaker Arun Prakash & Nolan Hout
Arun Prakash: As the Chief Learning Strategist at Infopro Learning, Arun is responsible for creating innovative learning solutions to solve the biggest challenges facing the training industry. He was also a pioneer in connecting learning outcomes to business results, made famous with his simple motto of "flipping the Kirkpatrick model on its head." Arun has over three decades in the corporate training space and is a recognized thought leader. Nolan Hout: Nolan Hout started the marketing organization for Infopro Learning. Using his experience in engaging L&D professionals, Nolan works with numerous organizations to strategize the delivery of blended learning programs. Specifically, his focus is on helping L&D leaders understand the importance of internal marketing for their training programs and how it has the greatest potentials to increase ROI and shrink the cost per learner.
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How To Assess The ROI Of Training Programs

There’s no denying that employee training has a direct impact on organizational success. However, training isn’t cheap. Organizations need to invest in their programs wisely by monitoring the Return On Investment. Sounds challenging? Maybe. On the other hand, advancements in learning strategy and technology have gotten us closer to solving this challenge than ever before.

In fact, you can find practical solutions for measuring the ROI of your training programs effectively. But, which one suits best your organization? If you want to get your answer, then we invite you to join this webinar! Your hosts, Arun Prakash, Chief Learning Strategist at Infopro Learning, and Nolan Hout, Vice President at Infopro Learning, will provide a step-by-step guide, along with insights into what has worked well for other successful L&D organizations.

This interactive webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights into:

  • How to define the right training metrics
  • Ways to measure your training data
  • Techniques to extract data for the ROI of training analysis
  • How to be aligned with business leaders
Is learning without results even learning?
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