4 Steps To Becoming A Learning Organization

4 Steps To Becoming A Learning Organization

Date April 11 2019
Duration 60 Minutes
The webinar 4 Steps To Becoming A Learning Organization is sponsored by eLearning Industry and presented by Amanda Rollins, US Marketing Evangelist at 360Learning. In this webinar, you will discover the crucial role of the Learning and Development team in building your Learning Organization.
4 Steps To Becoming A Learning Organization
Speaker Amanda Rollins
US Marketing Evangelist, Amanda Rollins has spent over 8 years across the US helping HR professionals in their digital transformation. She has been creating meaningful content and research on Learning and Development.
by 4 Steps To Becoming A Learning Organization Presented by 4 Steps To Becoming A Learning Organization

4 Steps To Becoming a Learning Organization

Understanding how to adapt and reinvent in today's changing business environment is paramount to stay competitive, which leads us to the emergence of the Learning Organization.

In this new organizational model, the role of the L&D team is crucial: it is the driving force that will lead the transformation and set up a system of tools and methods that will structure this new knowledge sharing environment.

Learn how you can become a Learning Organization in 4 actionable steps!

  1. How to revolutionize transfer of knowledge within your Organization by capitalizing on your internal experts.
  2. Why you should capitalize on the knowledge you already have internally.
  3. How you can develop your workforce's skills with a continuously updated catalog.
  4. The best way to spread this new approach to training across all layers of the organizations.
By becoming a Learning Organization, you can leverage the wealth of knowledge that already exists within your company. Decentralize course creation thanks to your internal experts and give them a stage to shine by documenting and sharing their experience throughout the company.
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