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Why eLearning Professionals In Australia Earning More?

The 2013 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report by The eLearning Guild placed Australians earning annual income far more than overall average. Would you like to know why Australians getting a better eLearning salary? 

Why eLearning Professionals In Australia Earning More?

Current State-of-art

A recent publication by IBM & IBISWorld on Australia’s digital future for 2050, forecast that education will embrace new paradigms powered by super-fast broadband and virtual delivery. Australian ICT is currently progressing through Infotronics age of stage II (2007 - 2040) where utility is enhanced with ubiquitous high-speed broadband, learning systems and cognitive computing.

The learning systems in particularly have shifted from normal paradigms to more social constructionist. Home grown applications like Moodle have created ripples in delivering online education in whole world. Majority of tertiary education and work place training is already moved into virtual classroom environment.

Supply & Skill Shortage

The demand for online education and training is growing at unprecedented rate, which created severe skill shortage for eLearning experts. Most of the work is now outsourced or have lengthy timeline with project costs going exponential to the initial estimates. Organizations are now looking into agility and cost effective models. Specialists in LMS maintenance, migration and updates are fewer and are in high demand in Australia. The reasons for the shortage are linked with lack of education opportunities for learning professionals.

Education & Career Opportunities

The tertiary education providers are now offering courses in blended learning. Although it is regarded more as an educational degree than a technology degree. The Tertiary education is now switching its focus in developing courses which emphasis on leveraging full potential of educational technologies.

eLearning careers in Australia are growing very rapidly, however professionals who are already in the eLearning career have very fewer opportunities of professional development. There is no statuary regulations board or professional board to assess the skills of an eLearning expert. Most of the eLearning professionals have degrees ranging from education, technology, hospitality and even no education background.There is no professional industry representing and assessing the skills of eLearning experts. There might be a one in the future, for now the eLearning experts are progressing their career and professional development by attending workshops and seminars offered by international organizations such as ELearning Guild. The growing demand for eLearning experts have been identified by tertiary education and new course programs are being designed. Research in particular to leveraging Moodle for online education in university and school setting is well promoted by the council and local government authorities.

What does the eLearning future look like in Australia?

The eLearning Industry in Australia is growing tenfold. With new learning technologies being adopted quickly, professional with skills and expertise are highly valued. With the mining boom and growing economy, many corporates are willing to pay a staggering amount of 120-150k for LMS and LCMS experts. With predictions of education paradigms powered by super-fast broadband and increasing use of portable learning, the odds of getting a job is infinitely possible.

Finally if you are thinking of moving to this down under country with eLearning expertise, this is the best time to start and establish your eLearning career for big bucks!

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