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How to Post and Manage a Job Listing

This guide is going to show you how to publish your Job listing, find candidates and manage applicants.
If you fancy the idea of posting your job online and getting in front of the highest quality and most relevant job candidates, read this guide and follow the steps described below.

Create your Job Listing

Navigate to the Jobs Management Page.

Click Add New in the upper-right corner of the jobs list to create a new job listing.


In the popup window, enter a name (1) and click on Add Job (2). Don't worry too much about the name, you can change it later on.


You will then be redirected to the job editor.

Now it’s time to create the job listing. Although not required, displayed below is the recommended order to fill it out.

1. Name (75 char. max)
2. Company Name (75 char. max)
3. Company Logo (min 360x200px)
4. Summary (1000 char. max)
5. Job Information
6. Responsibilities (2000 char. max)
7. Qualifications (2000 char. max)
8. Candidate's profile (optional, 2000 char. max)
9. Company Information
10. Job Function and Industry
11. If your company is already listed in our directory, you can associate your job listing with the directory listing.


To make changes, click on the pencil icon edit-icon next to the section you want to modify. This will open the section's editor, which will differ depending on the section. For example, this is what the "Responsibilities" section editor will look like:


When you're done editing, click SAVE to save your changes or CANCEL to discard them.

The completion meter will be your guide to job completion. You can click on "See what is missing" at any time to see the sections that are still not complete.


When your job listing is 100% complete, you will be given the option to submit it for review by clicking on the corresponding button under the completion meter.


Once we publish your job listing, you will be informed by email which will include your listing's url and a curated list of candidates who could be a great fit for your hiring needs.

Anyone searching for eLearning Jobs can then see your listing. Your job will be open for applications for 30 days starting on the day it was published. You will receive an email notification whenever someone applies for a job you've posted as long as that job has not expired (ie, it has not been published more than 30 days ago).

Search for Resumes

Use eLearning Industry's resume search tool to search for candidates. Search by location, work experience, education and more. eLearning Industry's advanced matching technology delivers the most relevant candidates based on your criteria.

Manage your Job listings

You can view your Jobs and their statuses at the Jobs Management Page.

When a Job listing is expired, it can no longer accept applications but is still included in search results. You can remove your job listing at any time by clicking on Archive. Note that this action cannot be reversed; if you archive your job listing, it will no longer be visible.

Learn how to view your Stats here.

Review Job Applicants

In the Jobs Management Page on the right side of each job, click "Applicants" link. This will take you to the Applicants Management page where you can see the applications you received for the titled job. Click on "Approve" or "Reject" to organize your applicants.

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