How to Publish an eLearning Article

This guide is going to show you a step-by-step approach on how to publish your eLearning article. If you fancy the idea of becoming a top eLearning Industry author, the articles of whom are going to be read by eLearning professionals all around the world, read this guide and follow the steps described below.

Navigate to the Articles Management Page.

Click Add New in the upper-right corner of the articles list to create a new article.

In the popup window, enter a title, select a category and click on Add Article. Don't worry too much about the title; you can change it later on.

You will then be redirected to the article editor.

To make changes, click on the pencil icon edit-icon next to the section you want to modify. This will open the section's editor, which will differ depending on the section. For example, this is what the content section editor will look like:

When you're done editing, click SAVE to save your changes or CANCEL to discard them.

Follow the on-screen guidelines for each section and add a title, summary, main image, image credits (where required) and content to your article. When you're done, make sure you verify that you own the copyright to the content and that it is the first time that it is being published, by editing the corresponding sections to the right.

The completion meter will be your guide to article completion. You can click on "What is missing" at any time to see the sections that are still not complete.


When your article is 100% done, you will be given the option to submit it for review by clicking on the corresponding button under the completion meter.


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