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Make yourself stand out, increase your expertise, and influence other eLearning professionals.


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Share your top-notch insights with those who are looking to find educational material online.

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Ensure your content is pertinent to the eLearning audience.

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Bring in creative, credible, and inspiring content to build awareness, establish authority, and become a thought leader.

Reader-Friendly Articles

Looks do matter. Use our ​guide​ for eLearning Industry-friendly articles to guarantee consistency, and dazzle your readers.

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A Hard-Sell Approach

“Salesy” articles won’t be published. Feel free to visit our ​eShop​ instead, and explore the promotional opportunities we offer.

Biased Articles

Lists, vendor comparisons, product-specific articles, white papers, and business reports are not valuable to our eLearning community.

Poorly-Written Text

Run your article through a grammar/spelling checker before submitting it. Hard-to-read texts are not what the eLearning community asks for.

Outdated Topics

It’s not interesting to read something that has already been saturated. The eLearning audience expects to see valuable content that offers current knowledge.

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We make sure that your content is relevant to our audience and follows eLI's submission and image guidelines.


We edit and proofread your article for clarity, grammar, and syntax. If needed, we make small adjustments to make your article SEO- and reader-friendly.


After the article has been reviewed, we schedule for publication. This process might take a while, and we appreciate your patience.

The Evaluation process takes up to two (2) business days. Due to the number of submissions we receive, the Review and Publication process can take up to two (2) weeks. Keep in mind, we are continuously working on your article to help it rank high and achieve the best results.

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Our SEO experts will add value to your article and make it rank high on search engines.

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Use our Automated Import tool to republish your content from other websites/blogs.

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Keep track of your article performance at any time with valuable data, like the number of article views and the sources which drive traffic to your site.

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We crave for fresh new ideas, the latest eLearning trends, and opinions from a variety of perspectives.

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We are on the constant lookout for articles that engage the readers and initiate conversations in the field. Innovative topics are the go-to!

Engaging Content And In-Depth Research

Those who love valuable educational content strive to find new material online. eLearning Industry will reward all the authors who are a part of this “knowledge sharing” journey.

Clear And Simple Writing

Not all of our readers are eLearning or L&D professionals. Produce a comprehensive article that reflects knowledge stemming from personal experience.

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