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We are interested in eLearning articles around the following topics
  • eLearning and Instructional Design best practices
  • eLearning demos (from eLearning products or eLearning solutions you have built)
  • eLearning problems and how you solved them
  • personal experience with eLearning software (LMS, authoring tools, etc)
  • eLearning software reviews
  • eLearning trends and news
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What we publish

  • Articles written by eLearning professionals, Instructional Designers, and educational technologists.
  • Articles that are non-promotional.
  • All the article submissions are unpaid and include links to the eLearning author's profile!
You are free to publish/upload your article on your website or blog 10 days after we publish it! We will very much appreciate if you mention that it was 1st published at eLearning Industry along with a hyperlink to your article!
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What we don't publish

  • Any content unsuitable for the eLearning audience.
  • Posts copy-pasted from other blogs, websites.
  • Articles that have already been published on your site or blog!
  • Any sales content that solely serves promotional purposes.
  • Promotional posts.
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eLearning Title A title of no more than 75 characters.
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Images Include at least a main image (dimensions 820*460px) for your article. If necessary, indicate the source of the image for credits purposes.
Content Use headings, paragraphs, bullet and number lists, as well as bold and italics for emphasis. Provide external links related to your content. Remember: Irrelevant/promotional links will prevent us for publishing your article. The ideal article length is 700 to 1500 words.
References Provide references, if so applicable.
Copyright You must be the copyright owner of the submitted eLearning article. Any eLearning author caught plagiarizing content will be banned and reported.
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Please note: Submitting an eLearning article does not guarantee that the eLearning article will be published. Should your eLearning article not be published, please review the above information for opportunities to correct and resubmit, and review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also, we reserve the right to edit your article to fit our audience. We do not guarantee that we will be able to honor requests from contributors to edit or delete posts after they are published. If you would like to publish an eLearning article in French, please do so at eLearning Industry France.