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Featured eLearning Authors

Photo of Patti Shank, PhD

Patti Shank, PhD

Patti Shank PhD is listed as one of the Top 10 Most Influential People in eLearning internationally. She has written numerous books and her articles are found all over the…
Photo of Charles Jennings

Charles Jennings

Charles is recognised as one of the world's leading experts on building and implementing 70:20:10 learning strategies. Charles has led learning & performance improvement projects for more than 35 years.
Photo of Will Thalheimer

Will Thalheimer

Will Thalheimer, PhD, is a consultant, research translator, speaker, author; providing learning audits, research benchmarking, workshops, and strategic guidance. Websites:,,
Photo of Karl Kapp

Karl Kapp

Helping people understand the convergence of learning, technology, games & Gamification through fun, laughter and insight (all based on a healthy dose of evidence-based practices).
Photo of Jos Arets

Jos Arets

> 70:20:10 Expert > Performance architect > Designing 70:20:10 solutions to support high performance > Passionate author of blogs, articles and many books > Living contemporary art, jazz and Avant…
Photo of Asha Pandey

Asha Pandey

Asha Pandey is the Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design. She brings her rich 16 years’ experience into play to help EI Design customers transform their learning and keep pace…
Photo of Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas is the Founder of The eLearning Industry’s Network, which is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning field. Christopher holds an MBA, and an MEd…
Photo of Allen Partridge

Allen Partridge

Dr. Partridge is an eLearning Evangelist for Adobe Systems. He has an extensive background in higher education and simulations, and has written several articles and books about eLearning, immersive learning,…
Photo of Srividya Kumar

Srividya Kumar

Learnnovators is a multiple-award winning organization that specializes in the design and development of innovative and effective e-learning solutions for the workplace.
Photo of Juliette Denny

Juliette Denny

Managing Director of Growth Engineering, an award-winning Learning Technologies company. Our mission is to make learning fun with gamification and engaging content. Our Academy LMS is ranked the #1 LMS…
Photo of Arun Pradhan

Arun Pradhan

With over 18 years experience in blended learning, Arun has designed performance solutions for some of Australia's largest telcos, insurers and banks. At the heart of his approach lies a…
Photo of Mike Rustici

Mike Rustici

As a software developer turned entrepreneur, Mike Rustici has been defining the e-learning industry for nearly 20 years. An expert in L&D analytics, he helped draft Tin Can API (xAPI)…
Photo of Ajay Pangarkar, CTDP, CPA, CMA

Ajay Pangarkar, CTDP, CPA, CMA

Ajay Pangarkar CTDP, CPA, CMA, an award-winning workplace author (The Trainer’s Balanced Scorecard), performance strategist, President of CentralKnowledge. Start a “Workplace Revolution” ( Twitter: @BizLearningDude
Photo of Melissa Milloway, MSIT

Melissa Milloway, MSIT

I love developing online learning and blogging about testing out new tech for that purpose. I specialize in designing and developing digital learning.
Photo of Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis is a freelance instructional designer for SweetRush ( and a variety of other companies and educational institutions.
Photo of Mike Alcock

Mike Alcock

As Managing Director of gomo learning, I am hugely excited to be leading another exciting, innovative and dynamic online software company. The authoring tool market has been waiting for a…
Photo of Kristin Garn

Kristin Garn

After creating dozens of award-winning mobile apps, Kristin Garn and her team launched Practi to help people learn better, smarter and faster. An author and researcher in Learning Sciences, she…
Photo of Alexander Salas, CPLP

Alexander Salas, CPLP

eLearning developer and L&D leader with extensive experience in healthcare and learning technologies over the last 10 years. He’s passionate about the integration of technology with learning theories for the…
Photo of Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold is Customer Success Director at Elucidat.
Photo of Tess Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP

Tess Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of Web Marketing - Jobs at eLearning Industry. Tess is the founder of HR Knows, a corporate content and coaching firm. 15 yr. corporate HR career, Benefits Software and…
Photo of Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison

Content Manager with Administrate - a complete training management solution.
Photo of Gourav Sinha

Gourav Sinha

Gourav is an energetic & self-driven global marketing professional with a strong background in sales and business development. He thinks outside-in and strives to add value to both the customer…
Photo of Nipun Sharma

Nipun Sharma

Senior Marketing Manager
Photo of Jayme Jenkins

Jayme Jenkins

Content Marketing Manager at Allen Communications, an award-winning training company with over 30 years experience delivering custom learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to starting her marketing career, she…
Photo of Keith Gibson

Keith Gibson

Director of Design Consulting at Allen Communication Learning Services
Photo of Blake Beus

Blake Beus

Blake Beus is a Director of Learning Solutions with extensive experience in healthcare and financial services. What Blake enjoys most about his role at AllenComm is helping organizations implement employee…
Photo of Tracy Scott

Tracy Scott

Tracy Scott is the VP of Marketing at Allen Communication and an adjunct professor of marketing for the MBA program at Westminster College. With over 20 years of marketing experience,…
Photo of Asma Zaineb

Asma Zaineb

Asma has over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. She is currently working for CommLab India, a global e-learning company that has been providing custom learning solutions to more…
Photo of Ayesha Habeeb Omer, Ph.D

Ayesha Habeeb Omer, Ph.D

Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of CommLab India, a custom learning solutions provider serving customers across the globe. Ayesha has 19 years of experience…
Photo of Paul Leavoy

Paul Leavoy

Writer, researcher and analyst specializing in LMS, EHS, sustainability, CSR, renewable energy, and compliance.
Photo of Jacopo Mauri

Jacopo Mauri

Natural born communicator. In love with everything related to writing & tech, with a huge expertise as freelance journalist (technologies and videogames-related topics). Experienced marketer, worked for big companies like…
Photo of Gordon Johnson

Gordon Johnson

Gordon has been a marketing leader in the L&D industry for over 20 years, with the last 10 years dedicated to learning systems and other learning technology. He has worked…
Photo of Holly Sheldon

Holly Sheldon

Holly uses her background as an LMS Super Admin to help Expertus’ customers improve their learning’s delivery and outcomes. She currently oversees the ExpertusONE LMS’ training program, conducts demos and…
Photo of Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong

With 20 years of software sales and HCM experience, Tim has a passion for the LMS space. Seeing the need for a standalone, next-gen LMS, Tim joined Expertus for its…
Photo of Ramesh Ramani

Ramesh Ramani

Ramesh sets the overall strategic direction for Expertus. A skilled entrepreneur, Ramesh has led many early-stage companies through successful growth. He’s adept at evaluating business opportunities and structuring companies to…
Photo of Mike Bradshaw

Mike Bradshaw

Mike has been in the HR/Learning community for over 17 years with roles in Account Management, Sales, Customer Success and Project Management. His primary objective is to provide customers with…
Photo of Arunima Majumdar

Arunima Majumdar

Arunima is an e-learning enthusiast. She loves exploring and blogging about innovations in training & learning for the new-age corporate sector.
Photo of Rahul Agarwal

Rahul Agarwal

Rahul is a passionate HR professional with 16 years of experience in the training and consulting field. At his core, he feels deeply about enabling peak performance in organizations and…
Photo of Sayan Guha

Sayan Guha

Sayan Guha is a Software Engineer and a specialist in LMS-based solutions. He is enthusiastic about exploring the newest in the field of technology and delve into the ways of…
Photo of Robert Velasquez

Robert Velasquez

Robert Velasquez works for Infopro Learning and focuses on creating impactful material. He has a passion for researching and sharing L&D topics, with a particular interest in videos, infographics and…
Photo of Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash is a seasoned learning specialist with more than 20 years of experience, and an expert in envisaging and implementing out-of-the-box training solutions, collaborative learning networks, and knowledge management…
Photo of Tom Curry

Tom Curry

Tom has over 30 years’ experience in the sourcing and procurement profession working for multinational organizations in the telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, utilities and media markets.
Photo of Sharbori Chakraborty

Sharbori Chakraborty

Sharbori Chakraborty has a Postgraduate degree in Mass Communication, PGDBA in HR, and eleven years of experience in E-learning/Instructional Design. She is an avid learner, observer, traveler, and art enthusiast…
Photo of Jim Yupangco

Jim Yupangco

VP, Customer Experience
Photo of Ravi Pratap Singh

Ravi Pratap Singh

Learnnovators is a multiple-award winning organization that specializes in the design and development of innovative and effective e-learning solutions for the workplace.
Photo of Stephen Victor

Stephen Victor

Steve designs and supports strategy and learning through technology recommendations, engaging learning interventions, solution design documents, and technical white papers. He holds a PhD in Instructional Design from Capella University.
Photo of Ashley Casey

Ashley Casey

Passionate about all things Marketing. Delving into the world of eLearning and Corporate Training. Global Marketing Executive with PulseLearning. Social Media Addict!
Photo of Fionnuala Courtney

Fionnuala Courtney

Director, Global Sales Operations @ PulseLearning
Photo of Ruby Spencer, CTDP

Ruby Spencer, CTDP

Director, Global Curriculum Development at PulseLearning. Passionate about all things training. Designed, developed, and implemented synchronous and asynchronous training for a number of national and international clients, including CA Technologies,…
Photo of Deb McMahon

Deb McMahon

Deb sets the strategic vision for Scitent’s eLearning business and technology services, applying nearly 25 years of experience in education to help organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) and…
Photo of Robert Sublett

Robert Sublett

As Director of Sales, Robert leads the Business Development and Strategic Account Management efforts at Scitent. With over 20 years of experience in the training and development industry, Robert brings…
Photo of Marije Nieuwenhuis

Marije Nieuwenhuis

Marije holds an MA in Business Communications from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She has lived and worked abroad for over 12 years, working within international teams and…
Photo of Lauren Granahan

Lauren Granahan

As a Solution Architect, Lauren follows her passions every day—applying her skills in instructional design, project management, process improvement, and leadership to help her clients develop their best asset: their…
Photo of Clare Dygert

Clare Dygert

Clare Dygert is a senior instructional designer at SweetRush. She uses research-based instructional design theory to create the finest instruction available. Clare holds a degree in education and an MBA,…
Photo of Tim Coffey

Tim Coffey

In his 10 years as an Instructional Designer, Tim has helped Fortune 50 companies and startups with learning assets they need to engage employees and delight customers. In his free…
Photo of John Laskaris

John Laskaris

E-learning specialist, instructional designer, Talent LMS evangelist
Photo of Nikos Andriotis

Nikos Andriotis

Nikos Andriotis has a degree in Informatics and close to two decades of professional experience in education, IT and eLearning. His writings have been published in numerous tech industry outlets.
Photo of Amit Garg

Amit Garg

Improving Business Performance Through Better Elearning. I help creating and delivering custom learning solutions that meet organization's business needs.
Photo of Amit Gautam

Amit Gautam

An eLearning professional with 16+ years of experience, Amit has played a key role in bringing an innovative approach to the traditional LMS and has been instrumental in putting UpsideLMS…
Photo of Sandhya R Johnson

Sandhya R Johnson

Dr. Sandhya Johnson is the Director, Learning Design at CommLab India. Her strength lies in visualizing learning solutions that address corporate training challenges. Her sound understanding of adult learning and…
Photo of Tarun Michael Johnson, MS EIT

Tarun Michael Johnson, MS EIT

Tarun is the Manager – Customer Experience (Americas) at Commlab India. He partners with customers and prospects in the Americas to understand their training challenges and offers viable technology-enabled solutions…
Photo of Chris Straley

Chris Straley

Chris worked in education for 15 years as a teacher, instructional designer, & learning manager for multiple Fortune 500s before starting his own company, Instructional Design Genius, which offers a…
Photo of Nina Uskova

Nina Uskova

I’m the content and marketing coordinator at iSpring Solutions. I love looking for the new approaches and trends in e-Learning, connect with industry experts and bring new technologies into hands…
Photo of Polina Firsova

Polina Firsova

Content Development Manager with iSpring Solutions — an e-Learning software company. She is enthusiastic about the newest e-Learning and tech trends and writes articles that help e-Learners streamline their workflow.
Photo of Christie Wroten

Christie Wroten

Christie Wroten writes for Trivantis's Everything eLearning Blog, sharing Lectora tips and researching the latest industry trends. Christie graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, where she studied English and Writing. When…
Photo of Stephanie Ivec

Stephanie Ivec

Stephanie Ivec is your source for e-Learning news & tips. You’ll spot her here, on the Lectora eLearning Blog, and LearningSolutionsMag. She believes in engaging learners and making enjoyable, effective…
Photo of Anand Timothy

Anand Timothy

I am co-founder and Director: Business Development at eNyota Learning. eNyota Learning is focused on delivering quality eLearning solutions to clients worldwide. We help clients create new eLearning courses or…
Photo of Peter Schroeder

Peter Schroeder

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci
Photo of Jon Graves

Jon Graves

Jon has a flare in commercial management, a salesman DNA and expertise in Internet & Direct marketing strategies. Working across both EMEA & the US, he consults SMEs, mentors eLearning…
Photo of Li Whybrow

Li Whybrow

Independent Learning and Development Consultant and Community Manager at Elucidat. My role is to coach our clients how to quickly author elearning that is inspiring, engaging and works on any…
Photo of Leticia Lafuente López

Leticia Lafuente López

Founder & CEO of Communication and eLearning Project Manager. +20 years of international experience. Bachelor’s Degree in Phychology. Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Master in Journalism and in HR Management.
Photo of Yann Teyssier

Yann Teyssier

ITycom is a Digital Learning agency with 3 brands : IDiLe (bespoke training solutions), ITyStudio (Serious Game authoring tool), ITyStore (off-the-shelf modules).
Photo of Steve Lowenthal

Steve Lowenthal

Steve is Kineo's U.S. CEO and is responsible for the overall management of Kineo US. Steve is passionate about learning design and understands that companies begin and end with the…
Photo of Marina Arshavskiy

Marina Arshavskiy

Marina Arshavskiy is the owner of Your eLearning World, an eLearning company committed to helping organizations become more effective by creating groundbreaking, result-oriented learning solutions. Marina has consulted extensively with…
Photo of Marek Hyla

Marek Hyla

Since 1999 I have been devoted to balanced and deliberate development of e-learning industry. I am an author of 3 books, many T&D solutions, trainer, speaker, project manager. My posts…
Photo of Alex Terego

Alex Terego

Photo of Mary Burns

Mary Burns

Mary Burns ([email protected]) is a senior technology specialist at Education Development Center. She develops educational technology plans and online learning strategies for schools, school districts, states, universities and ministries of…
Photo of Roz Bahrami

Roz Bahrami

A blogger for SkyPrep, an online training software for companies to train employees and measure results. I am a regular contributor to blog posts related to corporate training, L&D and…
Photo of Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper is the Marketing Manager for Online Learning Platform GO1. As a content marketing expert, Scott has the ability to think of new and innovative ways to promote brands…
Photo of Amber Johnson

Amber Johnson

Amber is the resident communications ambassador at ShareKnowledge. She brings over 13 years of marketing and communications experience, working with Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Columbia Sportswear, Intel and Nike.
Photo of Bill Ferster

Bill Ferster

I am a recovering serial entrepreneur, turned academic, turned technology consultant. In past lives, I founded a number of high-technology companies in the film and television industry.
Photo of Michael Treser

Michael Treser

E-Learning Consultant at Geenio, cloud-based course authoring tool, assessment engine and learning management system. E-Learning Specialist with over 8 years of experience as an instructional designer and knowledge manager in…
Photo of Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Sarah is a small business owner, and is currently learning about marketing, using the internet. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media, and read…
Photo of Gal Rimon

Gal Rimon

GamEffective, a leading workforce performance gamification company, helping companies engage employees for better motivation and learning. GamEffective is a Gartner 2016 Cool Vendor in Human Resource Management.
Photo of Adam Fort

Adam Fort

Education enthusiast, worked in Australian Education Science Center since 2005. Currently, Adam works as an education advisor at Ratatype - online typing tutor.
Photo of Aditya Pullagurla

Aditya Pullagurla

An e-learning specialist with core expertise in educational technologies. He received his Master’s degree in computer science from University of Western Australia.  Aditya Pullagurla also blogs on a broad range of…
Photo of Kasper Spiro

Kasper Spiro

Kasper Spiro has over 25 years of experience in the field of learning and user performance support. His learning experience ranges from teaching, authoring textbooks, designing and creating e-Learning, knowledge…
Photo of Anubha Goel

Anubha Goel

I am a Content Writer at G-Cube and love writing about new technologies in eLearning industry and exploring modern ideas for the new-age learners.
Photo of David James

David James

David James is Digital Learning Strategist with Looop and was Director of Talent, Learning & OD for The Walt Disney Company’s EMEA region until 2014. Now an authority in contemporary…
Photo of Kumar Venkatesiah

Kumar Venkatesiah

Kumar Venkateiah is an experienced interactive media developer specialized in web-based flash applications, web-site, handheld devices and UI/UX for the elearning industry.
Photo of Dr. Liz Hardy

Dr. Liz Hardy

Dr. Liz Hardy is the founder of She inspires & empowers online teachers – at work and on social media:
Photo of Marisa Keramida (M.Ed.)

Marisa Keramida (M.Ed.)

Marisa Keramidá (M.Ed) is an experienced Instructional Designer for eLearning. She has worked for several international companies as a Corporate Trainer, Training Content Developer and eLearning Specialist.
Photo of Mark Iafrate

Mark Iafrate

Accredible is the industry-leading digital credentialing platform. Securely issue, manage, track, and verify your credentials faster and more easily for a fraction of the cost.
Photo of Stamatia Volika

Stamatia Volika

Primary school Teacher with expertise in designing digital educational material for e-learning courses.
Photo of Edgar Wilson

Edgar Wilson

Edgar Wilson is an Oregon native writing on trends in health, education, and global affairs. He has worked in industries ranging from international marketing to broadcast journalism. He is currently…
Photo of Sharon Thomson

Sharon Thomson

Sharon is the marketing and business manager who writes on themes related to project management software. Through her writings, she guides people on how to use technology for improving their…
Photo of Kelsey Cochran

Kelsey Cochran

Kelsey writes about learning technology for Docebo, a leading online learning ecosystem for enterprise organizations in more than 80 countries.
Photo of Heera Edwin

Heera Edwin

Heera is a blogger and writer. She currently works as expert - eLearning content, with CommLab India
Photo of Ken Turner(LION)

Ken Turner(LION)

I am an explorer and innovator at heart who would like to see the continued advancement of virtual education for all ages. I would like to incorporate gaming theory and…
Photo of Maricel Rivera

Maricel Rivera

Maricel Rivera is a freelance content creator and strategist. Her work can be found on sites like, Business2Community, Tweak Your Biz, CustomerThink, and many more. She has helped several…
Photo of Meredith Henson

Meredith Henson

With over a decade of experience in Learning Management and ePortfolio Systems, Meredith has worked with both large and small organisations within a variety of sectors across New Zealand, Australia,…
Photo of Ridvan Aliu

Ridvan Aliu

Ridvan Aliu is the creator of the Kiwi, an online employee training solution for restaurants. Kiwi helps restaurant chains to create customized learning experiences, reduce their training costs, and shorten…
Photo of Michael Higley

Michael Higley

Michael Higley, Ed.D., has worked in the education system since 2001. Currently, he is the Director of Assessment and Data at a 6-12 Charter school for the Arts. He is…
Photo of Jeffrey Roth

Jeffrey Roth

Jeffrey A. Roth is the Vice President of Marketing for Interactyx, developer of TOPYX® LMS - Jeff contributes articles on learning trends, eLearning issues, and how learning management systems…
Photo of David Hill

David Hill

Helps education and training companies optimize their eCommerce infrastructure. Writes about eCommerce in Higher Education, corporate training and compliance training.
Photo of Rohan Thakare

Rohan Thakare

Founder at WisdmLabs
Photo of Mark Rose

Mark Rose

I am the Director and Founder of Creativedge Training and Development which was established in 2001, following a very successful career in the retail sector covering both operational management and…
Photo of Andrew Heikkila

Andrew Heikkila

Co Owner at Earthlings Entertainment
Photo of Elias Parlavantzas

Elias Parlavantzas

Elias has over 20 years of business experience in New Technology companies. With postgraduate studies in economics and management and a solid professional background with ICT multinational organizations, Elias is…
Photo of Vikas Rana

Vikas Rana

Vikas is an avid reader, writer and have a passion for technology in education industry, and digital marketing strategies. Being in education industry, he mostly writes on eLearning, technology in…
Photo of Adrienne Erin

Adrienne Erin

Adrienne Erin is a freelance designer and writer with an endless thirst for learning. Right now she is teaching herself Ruby on Rails. To read more of her work, visit…
Photo of John Eades

John Eades

John Eades is the President and CEO of LearnLoft and host of the "Follow My Lead" Podcast. He is passionate about the development of professionals. He writes and speaks about…
Photo of Steven Yee

Steven Yee

Steven Yee has innate startup expertise and assembles teams to deliver large-scale technology products. He serves as the COO for EDUonGo, the creator of Kiwi LMS focus on restaurant employee…
Photo of Melissa Dougherty

Melissa Dougherty

Instructional Designer for a financial services provider that has over 6000+ employees.
Photo of Kiren Kahlon

Kiren Kahlon

Digital Marketing Executive for Next-Generation Learning Platform Looop
Photo of Laura Overton, FCIPD, FLPI

Laura Overton, FCIPD, FLPI

Laura Overton is the MD of Towards Maturity; a non-profit benchmarking practice that publishes independent research to help businesses deliver improved performance through learning innovation. Her work stands on 25+…
Photo of Adam Gavarkovs

Adam Gavarkovs

Adam G. Gavarkovs is an eLearning designer and developer, and is currently studying Behavioral and Social Health Sciences at Brown University.
Photo of Vicki Kunkel

Vicki Kunkel

Vicki is an award-winning eLearning designer, educational entrepreneur, researcher and former broadcast journalist. For more than 17 years Vicki owned a digital training company that created employee and consumer eLearning…
Photo of Jason Silberman

Jason Silberman

Jason Silberman is Senior Marketing and Research Director at WalkMe - a training and performance support solution for business software. Jason is lead author and editor of Training Station, a…
Photo of Sergey Snegirev

Sergey Snegirev

CEO and founder at, an award-winning gamified platform for scenario-based training
Photo of Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander

Q: What are my geek posts really about? A: The challenge to technology enhanced learning in a world of unbounded upheaval and ominous dehumanization is thought to lie in the…
Photo of David Kasteler

David Kasteler

VP Marketing at inWhatLanguage & President at Talei Capital. inWhatLanguage is the best translation and localization company there is. Complete culturalization and localization for documents, websites, audio, packaging etc. We…
Photo of Steven Loomis

Steven Loomis

Steven Loomis has developed performance support tools and training solutions for the legal, banking and healthcare sectors.He is currently a Learning Technologies Manager for a large healthcare provider. He enjoys…
Photo of Annika Willers

Annika Willers

Annika Willers uses her background in behavioral science to improve learning processes for companies and users. At Coursepath, this means providing an easy and effective knowledge exchange. Her focus: international…
Photo of Bob Little

Bob Little

For over 20 years, Bob Little has specialized in writing about, and commentating on, corporate learning – especially e-learning – and technology-related subjects. His work has been published in the…
Photo of Dario De Angelis

Dario De Angelis

Dario De Angelis is Digital Marketing Manager at Docebo. With a background in engineering, Dario now specializes in digital marketing and is focused on: web marketing, social media communications, and…
Photo of Andrew Winner

Andrew Winner

Andrew Winner is an e-learning professional and occasional freelance sports journalist. He currently lives in New York City. 
Photo of Stephen Cornwell

Stephen Cornwell

Founder and CEO at SchoolKeep
Photo of Glen Vondrick

Glen Vondrick

Glen D. Vondrick is General Manager at CoSo Cloud, a trusted private cloud managed services provider for businesses and government agencies that need the highest reliability and security for their…
Photo of Greg Blackburn

Greg Blackburn

General Manager for IMC (UK) Learning Ltd. advising a range of national and international corporate clients on complex multi stakeholder cloud-based eLearning engagements. I am also an eLearning researcher and…
Photo of Joseph Kern

Joseph Kern

Joseph Kern works as an Instructional Designer at Emporia State University.  Prior to this, he taught high school chemistry, physics, and engineering for seven years.  His B.S. in Secondary Education…
Photo of Sandi Lin

Sandi Lin

Sandi Lin is the CEO and founder of Skilljar, the easiest way for businesses to deliver online training.
Photo of Brigitta Sandström

Brigitta Sandström

Brigitta is very experienced in the online marketing field and part of the mysimpleshow team. She focuses on helping the eLearning industry and business sectors enrich their online learning and…
Photo of Tim Buff

Tim Buff

Tim is CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at Agylia. He advises and helps organisations in the design and implementation of modern learning strategies - often pushing the technology boundaries to develop…
Photo of Paolo Leva

Paolo Leva

Paolo Leva. 15 years experience with speech technology, first as developer and then, since 2004, as Product Manager. Currently co-founder of a startup called, a cloud service converting presentations…
Photo of Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell works as a content manager and guest posting is his hobby. His life motto is “Write and be yourself”. Mark is fond of extreme sport and he believes…
Photo of Erin Boettge

Erin Boettge

Erin is a content marketer for BizLibrary, freelance writer and eLearning expert. At BizLibrary, Erin is responsible for all aspects of content development, including development of ebooks, how-to guides, infographics,…
Photo of Andy Petroski

Andy Petroski

Product & Program Management, Advanced ID & Curriculum Design, Serious Games, and Emerging Technologies Leader / Author
Photo of Ashleigh Hull

Ashleigh Hull

Writer & project manager at Transition Associates.
Photo of Soni Amit K

Soni Amit K

Amit has worked more than 10 years in Training Industry. He has remarkable experience in Learning Technologies which is very important for todays organization growth. He has also done freelance…
Photo of Thomas De Praetere

Thomas De Praetere

Founder & CEO of Dokeos. He is expert and passionate about elearning, LMS, and MOOC. Thomas got a PH.D from UCL. He was teaching at the university of Ottawa and…
Photo of Ben Butina, Ph.D.

Ben Butina, Ph.D.

For 15 years, I've gotten my hands dirty with everything from eLearning to leadership development to LMS implementation. I work as a Global Manager of Training and Development. I have…
Photo of Rambo Levin

Rambo Levin

A technology savvy and educator who always try to progress and excel. With master in eLearning methodology and engineering background, in addition to over 10 years as a qualified educator,…
Photo of Sam Maniar

Sam Maniar

With an experience of around 20 years in the web and IT sector, I have mastered the skill of being professionally competent and integrating. A Master’s degree in Information Technology…
Photo of Christiaan Henny

Christiaan Henny

Founder of, an online study tool for students to study their course materials. Chris himself had troubles with studying, until he turned to a study coach and learned the…
Photo of Surabhi Paliwal

Surabhi Paliwal

Hi! I am an entrepreneur, HR practitioner, and a management blogger. I am presently taking care of my manufacturing unit, but the love of writing keeps me equally occupied. I…
Photo of Alan Bourne

Alan Bourne

Alan leads a talented team of elearning developers at Sponge UK. He brings a wealth of experience to elearning projects and has a reputation for coming up with innovative technical…
Photo of Kirstie Greany

Kirstie Greany

Academy Director at Elucidat - helping clients maximise their learning success
Photo of Kristen Marshall

Kristen Marshall

Kristen Marshall is a Marketing Assistant at Trivantis Corporation. She actively writes blogs for as well as manages the social media sites for the brand. Kristen graduated from Bowling…
Photo of Jens Ischebeck, Africa and Middle East

Jens Ischebeck, Africa and Middle East

As an expert on edtech providers in Africa, both global and regional, my website,, is designed to assist students to easily source online courses, (MOOC), including e-learning, m-learning and…
Photo of Carol Leaman

Carol Leaman

Carol Leaman is the CEO of Axonify Inc., a next-generation eLearning company that combines game mechanics with brain science to drive knowledge retention in corporate enterprise. Prior to Axonify, Carol…
Photo of Navleen Kaur

Navleen Kaur

Navleen Kaur is Social Media Creativity Pioneer and Blogger for For more insightful articles, see Navleen’s blog at
Photo of Matthew Guyan

Matthew Guyan

I’m currently employed as an Solutions Developer at B Online Learning, creating eLearning modules using Articulate Storyline and teaching people how to use Articulate software. I have a keen interest…
Photo of Mehdi ZOUAOUI


Mehdi Zouaoui is an education expert with insightful knowledge on alternative teaching methods combining both policy and hands-on experience of the field.
Photo of Arkady Zilberman, Ph. D

Arkady Zilberman, Ph. D

After years of experiments during simultaneous interpretation and researching how adults learn languages, Arkady made a few discoveries described on the website and in his book Speak Fluent English…
Photo of Shauna LeBlanc Vaughan

Shauna LeBlanc Vaughan

Shauna Vaughan, a Lead Instructional Designer at SweetRush, is dedicated to being a learner advocate. She has designed training for a variety of industries and delivery modalities. With a background…
Photo of Steven Boller

Steven Boller

Steven Boller is the Marketing Director at Bottom-Line Performance Inc, a custom eLearning and game-based learning provider. He is the Editor of BLP’s Lessons on Learning Blog and Learning Game…
Photo of John O Brien

John O Brien

John is Digital Marketing Manager at Interactive Services, an award-winning developer of custom e-learning and blended solutions for global Fortune 500 companies. He has been working in sales and marketing…
Photo of Susan Bowles - Dir. of Client Strategies

Susan Bowles - Dir. of Client Strategies

Since 2000, she has helped hundreds of clients launch global initiatives effectively resulting in a native level of engagement. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. She can be found on Twitter: bowles_susan
Photo of Joel Copeland

Joel Copeland

My most exciting eLearning challenge is heading up operations for KMI Learning, an end-to-end online learning company with all the technology and services that virtually any organization needs to launch…
Photo of Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma

A Digital Strategist, Marketing Consultant, SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER, and Growth Hacker
Photo of Sarah Cordiner

Sarah Cordiner

Assisting Organisations and Government with online education set up & strategy
Photo of Akhil Mittal

Akhil Mittal

I am a Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, a Code project MVP, blogger, programmer by heart and currently working as a Sr. Analyst in Magic Software and have an experience…
Photo of Boaz Amidor

Boaz Amidor

Boaz Amidor is a frequent contributor to the Training Station blog, which focuses on issues related to employee learning and performance. He is also the head of corporate and marketing…
Photo of Ken Whitaker

Ken Whitaker

Ken Whitaker (Leading Software Maniacs) has 25 years of software dev experience. A book author, innovator in instructional design, workshop host, PM Chalkboard video creator, software VP, Better Software mag…
Photo of Sophia Harrris

Sophia Harrris

Sophia Harris is an education and marketing consultant at She writes about new insight, information on education, learning, and management tips
Photo of Eóghan Quigley

Eóghan Quigley

Eóghan is a Product Marketer @LearnUpon ( He likes long walks on the beach and eLearning.
Photo of Anna Sabramowicz

Anna Sabramowicz

Do your elearning courses get great reviews? Do people love taking them? Do they find them enjoyable? Useful? Engaging? I help organizations optimize the engagement of their elearning modules. Get…
Photo of Siddhant Jain

Siddhant Jain

Siddhant has worked with eLearning businesses across 6 continents to help them deliver videos to students in a smooth and secure manner. He has hands on experience with technologies involving…
Photo of Beth Wisch

Beth Wisch

eLearning Developer/Technologist at University of Utah Continuing Education.
Photo of Julian Davis

Julian Davis

Training Instructional Designer for Boeing. Passionate about Adult Learning and eLearning and how technology can improve the adult learning process, overcoming the fears of technology.
Photo of Vivek Bhide

Vivek Bhide

Executive Director of Emmersive Infotech. After working as a Quality Leader for more than a decade, Vivek possesses a vision to develop a high quality knowledge management solutions at Emmersive.
Photo of Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an eLearning Solutions Developer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. A recommended developer for LearnDash LMS, he supports businesses to effectively integrate eLearning. Chris has over 6…
Photo of Jonas Axelsson

Jonas Axelsson

Work for a New York based company providing cutting edge eLearning solutions and custom eLearning products to corporate customers and educational institutions.
Photo of Danai Nhando

Danai Nhando

Danai is an eLearning Consultant & Founder of Open Learning Tank, a platform that supports and builds knowledge around the use and reuse of open educational resources (OER) and open…
Photo of William T. Kendal

William T. Kendal

Educator, designer, and skeptic, with extensive experience working for the Library of Congress and MSU Denver. A love for critical thinking, education, design, and skepticism, and anything else that forces…
Photo of Jay Cross

Jay Cross

Jay Cross is a champion of informal learning. The Internet Time Alliance, which he chairs, helps corporations and governments use networks to accelerate performance.
Photo of Cindy McCabe

Cindy McCabe

Cindy McCabe brings a unique combination of high-level strategy, tactical hands-on development, and exceptional creativity to her dual roles as senior gamification/instructional designer and senior account/program manager for SweetRush. With…
Photo of Poonam Jaypuriya

Poonam Jaypuriya

Senior General Manager - Program Management (Innovation and Products) Harbinger Knowledge Products
Photo of Lorraine Minister

Lorraine Minister

I'm passionate about learning and development and enjoy making a difference both at the individual level through to the wider organizational level.
Photo of Brendan Noud

Brendan Noud

I am Cofounder & CEO at LearnUpon, a powerful cloud-based learning management system.
Photo of Anita Horsley

Anita Horsley

During Anita Horsley’s tenure as a firefighter, she initiated, developed, and managed the Health and Safety Program. At the Oregon State Fire Marshal, Anita founded the eLearning track, implemented and…
Photo of Christian Gainsbrugh

Christian Gainsbrugh

Christian Gainsbrugh is the President of Big Step Consulting Inc. ( and the lead architect of LearningCart ( He has worked as a consultant and developer on projects for a…
Photo of Abigail (Abbie) Martin

Abigail (Abbie) Martin

Ms. Martin has been in the instructional design and eLearning business for 24 years. With her given talent in corporate training, she has helped many Fortune 500 corporations increase revenue…
Photo of ophelia myall

ophelia myall

Ophelia Myall is a licensed registered nurse with over 10 years of experience in general nursing. She holds a master of science in nursing with specialization in education from the…
Photo of Zsolt Olah

Zsolt Olah

Zsolt Olah is a creative learning consultant at Kineo with over 15 years of L&D experience. Zsolt is a frequent speaker at learning conferences on the subject of engagement and…
Photo of Erica Lasola-Caramol

Erica Lasola-Caramol

Strategic Account Manager at Coggno
Photo of Priya Thakur

Priya Thakur

Priya Thakur is a technical writer, who has keen interest in software and technology. She has written on different technologies and tools. A postgraduate in environmental sciences, she loves to…
Photo of Tiffany Oakes

Tiffany Oakes

Staff Educator at Black River Memorial Hospital
Photo of Victoria Zambito

Victoria Zambito

Victoria Zambito is a learning development and educational software expert with over 17 years’ experience. She is currently SVP of Content and Communications with Vector Solutions, one of the world’s…
Photo of Angel Green

Angel Green

Angel Green is a learner advocate and is passionate about driving business results through innovative solutions in organizational design, performance management, and learning programs.
Photo of Ruth Kustoff

Ruth Kustoff

Ruth Kustoff provides learning needs analysis, strategic planning and implementation, program and curriculum design, and knowledge and talent management to corporations and not-for-profits.
Photo of Vaishnavi Agrawal

Vaishnavi Agrawal

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing. She currently writes for , a global training company that provides e-learning certification training. She has an experience of 5 years in…
Photo of Suresh Kochattil

Suresh Kochattil

A Visionary & eLearning technologies solutions expert. EVP Global business development at Impelsys.Over 30 years of experience in multiple domains.
Photo of Kate Pasterfield

Kate Pasterfield

Kate Pasterfield is Creative Director at Sponge UK, where she leads on overall course design and development. Kate’s main skill is interpreting the learning requirement and translating it into an…
Photo of Mohammad Hassam

Mohammad Hassam

Microlearner | Gamification Wizard | Consultant | Instructional Designer | eLearning Developer
Photo of Gilles Mattelin (Hiring)

Gilles Mattelin (Hiring)

HI, my name is Gilles and I'm one of the founders at Intuo. Intuo is the ideal learning platform for every organization that wants to build a valuable workforce. We…
Photo of Erin Krebs

Erin Krebs

As SweetRush’s Solution Architect, Erin Krebs is known for her ability to work with clients to capture both the big picture and the details, and to craft innovative solutions that work.…
Photo of Michael Baron

Michael Baron

Dr Michael Baron is founder and CEO of Baron Consulting - one of Australia's leading Business Consulting, Recruitment & Training Agencies.
Photo of Sriram S

Sriram S

S. Sriram is an education consultant with Creatrix Campus, cloud-based education ERP software. He focuses on helping higher education institutes with simpler, clearer & faster ways to automate the entire…
Photo of Don McIntosh

Don McIntosh

Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Syracuse University. Director of Teaching Support Services, University of Guelph. Manager, Design Group, BC Tel/TELUS. President, Trimeritus eLearning Solutions Inc.
Photo of Daphne Stanford

Daphne Stanford

Daphne Stanford writes poetry & nonfiction, and she believes in the power of art, education, and community radio to change the world. Since 2012, she’s been the host of The…
Photo of Tiziana Saponaro

Tiziana Saponaro

International certified teacher of English, Italian and Spanish (with 20- plus years of experience in public schools and international boarding schools in Switzerland, Italy and the United States). Teacher trainer,…
Photo of Stephanie Norman

Stephanie Norman

Stephanie Norman from Sydney has been a contributing blogger and professional writer for 4 years already. She writes creative and business content covering writing, online marketing, and inspirational issues as…
Photo of Emily Schaber

Emily Schaber

A constructivist on a mission to change what happens at work when employees love what they're learning. The happiest instructional designer you never met (yet).
Photo of Pam Jones

Pam Jones

Pam Jones is Director of Eight Interactive, a global elearning content creator for over 16 years and the UK's leading experts in animated videos for elearning. We've created over 3,200…
Photo of Garima Gupta

Garima Gupta

Garima run a boutique learning design company. She's at her best designing strategies to align organizational goals with innovative learning solutions. She uses technology as a tool to chisel ideas…
Photo of Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes

President of Designing Digitally, Inc. Professor at the University of Cincinnati ACICS Accreditation Evaluator Fortune 1000 Business Consultant Tech Camp Instructor
Photo of Paula McEnteggart

Paula McEnteggart

Digital Marketing Assistant at LearnUpon
Photo of Robert Mening

Robert Mening

Robert Mening is passionate about education and is particularly concerned about using technology to make learning easier. Currently, he is founder and CEO of the Website Setup project.
Photo of Bhavya Aggarwal

Bhavya Aggarwal

I am founder of e-learning review and bug-tracking tool zipBoard. I have worked in product industry for past 10 years. I care about good design and user experience, whether it…
Photo of Urvi Bhagi

Urvi Bhagi

Urvi Bhagi works as an e-learning consultant with AssignmentHelpNet, an e-tutoring website for students all over the world. After completing a masters degree in Economics, Urvi worked with the e-learning…
Photo of Artur Dyro

Artur Dyro

Artur - YDP and Learnetic co-founder, CEO. Products used in over 30 countries. Involved in many national and international scale eLearning initiatives. Speeches at events such as eL. Africa, OEB,…
Photo of Ryan Tracey

Ryan Tracey

Ryan Tracey is an eLearning Manager in the financial services industry, and a Council Member for the Australian Institute of Training & Development. He blogs as the E-Learning Provocateur and…
Photo of Dorothy Kropf

Dorothy Kropf

Dorothy Kropf is a Ph.D. candidate of Education, specializing in Educational Technology, with over 6 years in higher education. She served as an Admissions Counselor, Assistant Director of Admissions, Matriculation Coordinator,…
Photo of Eran Gal

Eran Gal

Dr. Eran Gal is an e-learning expert with over 15 years of experience in applying cross-company technology-based learning solutions. Following 6 years as an e-learning manager for a leading mobile…
Photo of Jo Coulson

Jo Coulson

Jo Coulson brings more than 25 years of experience in learning and development, and a proven track record in building and leading organizations’ strategic business and human capital initiatives. She…
Photo of Heather MacCorkle Edick

Heather MacCorkle Edick

I am an English teacher, certified to teach English in grades 7-12 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I am also an instructional designer and team lead for corporate training for…
Photo of Adrian Hallberg

Adrian Hallberg

Digital Marketing Coordinator at inWhatLanguage
Photo of Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore is a Toronto-based learning consultant with Uncanny Owl. With 10 years of e-learning experience and a Master’s in Learning and Technology, Ryan helps businesses improve their capabilities and…
Photo of Anton Makarevich

Anton Makarevich

Anton Makarevich holds a bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics from Far Eastern Federal University (Russia), also certified as ITIL/ITSM expert. Responsible for the daily operations and IT at
Photo of Hemina Shah

Hemina Shah

Hemina Shah is an eLearning Specialist at Synotive. She creates engaging and interactive courses for her clients.She believes that if you understand your target audience well, you can create a…
Photo of Ethan Edwards

Ethan Edwards

I am passionate about the design of engaging interactive e-learning. My strength as a designer lie in crafting real-world challenges and actions into meaningful contextual frameworks.
Photo of Micah J. Griffo

Micah J. Griffo

Micah J. Griffo is the Marketing Strategist for Rochester, NY-based Ardent Learning. Micah has more than 6 years of consultation experience working with companies to improve their training processes.
Photo of Sahana Chattopadhyay

Sahana Chattopadhyay

Blogger, Traveler, Dreamer, Disruptor, Consultant, Facilitator, Coach
Photo of Partha Bhattacharya

Partha Bhattacharya

I run online bootcamps on starting eLearning website inside 8 weeks. Attendees get 4 hours 1-on-1 mentorship, unlimited live chat, plus ultra-secure ready-to-use websites for 100% guaranteed results.
Photo of Elena Masolova

Elena Masolova

Founder and CEO at – a corporate eLearning platform educating 100,000 employees at Coca-Cola, Efes, Heineken, Schneider Electric, etc.An entrepreneur and investor (20+ startups), Elena co-founded Darberry (Groupon Russia),…
Photo of Vinod Choudhary

Vinod Choudhary

An award-winning leader with over 14 years’ experience in sales performance management and HCM space, Vinod Choudhary and his team are responsible for creating messaging and positioning for Litmos by…
Photo of Jeremy O

Jeremy O'Toole

Instructional design professional focusing on Authentic Learning experiences and creations of learning technologies.
Photo of Lesley J. Vos

Lesley J. Vos

Lesley Vos is a private educator and online tutor for high school students. She is also a professional web writer contributing to many websites on education, student life, and college…
Photo of Chandan Singh Dev

Chandan Singh Dev

I am Chandan Singh Dev , a young and energetic Online Marketer. I write on various educational topics with an aim to unwind the benefits of e-tutoring to students.
Photo of Douglass Bourne

Douglass Bourne

Douglass Bourne teaches face-2-face and online at a university in Alaska. He tries to stay abreast of teaching and technology while also living the Thoreauvian ideal--in a cabin in the…
Photo of Fred Irving Williams

Fred Irving Williams

Freelance Writer, New Technology News Articles for the Washington Informer Newpaper. Blogist for: [email protected], [email protected], and the [email protected] Creator of the "Five Fold Writers, on Black Authors Showcase on,…
Photo of Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop, PhD, is virtualwirks’ Practice Leader for Workforce Performance. He harnesses the power of emerging technologies to launch global training programs that improve employee, organizational and industry-wide success. Prior…
Photo of Brother Shawn

Brother Shawn

I’m Shawn the co-founder of eLearning Brothers. Along with my brother, we create awesome eLearning stuff. Specializing in eLearning Templates, games, page layouts, cutout people pictures, interactions, quizzes and much…
Photo of Sandip Kar

Sandip Kar

A tech graduate by education, a digital marketing expert by profession, Sandip Kar is the Founder and Owner of, a website offering services for students and tutors across more…
Photo of Jessica Salinas

Jessica Salinas

Jessica Salinas is a Sr. Systems Analyst at Cloudera. Previously, she was global LMS administrator and intranet manager with Whole Foods Market. Jessica has also led an eCommerce web and…
Photo of Sameer Bhatia

Sameer Bhatia

Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of which is a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. Through its eLearning authoring tools, ProProfs offers…
Photo of Gene Levinson

Gene Levinson

Gene Levinson is a professional home tutor and cloud-based educational entrepreneur. He has worked as a biology teacher, Director of Communications, Biotechnology Researcher, and Clinical Genetics Lab Founder/Director. As a…
Photo of Leona Henryson

Leona Henryson

Leona Henryson is a professional graphic designer, web developer and blogger. Today she is freelancing, mastering diverse talents and skills, and moving into widely diverse career areas.
Photo of Sandra Rodgers

Sandra Rodgers

My name is Sandra Rodgers. I run the Cometdocs blog and post on it weekly. I love travel, photography, cooking foreign cuisine traditional meals and I’m a major tech enthusiast.
Photo of Didem Yesil

Didem Yesil

Didem is an e-learning & edtech professional. Previously worked as the education coordinator of an online education company in Turkey. She has a bachelor degree in language teaching and an…
Photo of Greg Gardner

Greg Gardner

Greg Gardner is Technical Director at ICF International. He leads the Online Learning Technical Team in the Center for Advanced Learning and Simulation group. His responsibilities include for evangelizing new…
Photo of Tim Tansley

Tim Tansley

EssentialSkillz is dedicated to providing best in class eLearning solutions for organizations that want to improve standards of compliance and safety. We offer a range of over 40 eLearning courses…
Photo of Katherine Brunt

Katherine Brunt

Katherine Brunt is an experienced writer preferably writes about technology, business and education. She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, where she studied English. She prefers to enjoy her guitar and…
Photo of Demetrios G. Sampson

Demetrios G. Sampson

Demetrios has been actively engaged in research and innovation in the field of Learning Technologies for the past 20 years, mainly in Europe. Currently he is a Professor at the…
Photo of Bronya Benvin

Bronya Benvin

Bronya is a Senior Learning Specialist at PulseLearning, with a decade of instructional design experience across Australia, NZ and the UK. Her forte is bespoke eLearning through which she delights…
Photo of Melanie Moffett

Melanie Moffett

Melanie is a digital marketing manager with a decade of marketing experience in a variety of industries, most recently with the leader in complete learning content management, Xyleme, Inc.
Photo of Bryan Austin

Bryan Austin

Talent Development professional focused on guiding organizations to new strategies that drive ALL forms of formal and informal earning, create a more "frictionless" learning experience, and enable career-driven learning.
Photo of Lubos Janoska

Lubos Janoska

Project analyst/Instructional Designer at Obsidian Edge
Photo of Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is co-founder and CEO of Pocket Prep, Inc. Peter has led the creation of more than 85 apps and positioned the company to become the global leader in…
Photo of Karolina Grochola

Karolina Grochola

Karolina is a product manager with near to a decade of professional experience in e-learning. She holds an MBA and has a master's degree in economics.
Photo of Tadej Stanic

Tadej Stanic

Tadej is co-founder and CEO at Edynco – a tool for creating interactive Learning Maps. He is an enthusiast of learning technology and ever changing learning methods inside virtual environments.…
Photo of Caitlin Nicholson

Caitlin Nicholson

Caitlin Nicholson is an Account Executive at LinguaLinx, Inc., a full service translation and global marketing agency. She is a graduate of the University at Albany with a bachelor’s degree…
Photo of Houston C Tucker

Houston C Tucker

His mission is to re-imagine virtual learning in order to help it fulfill its original promise, and he invites you to join him.
Photo of Jessica Millis

Jessica Millis

Jessica Millis, freelance writer, editor and online journalist. Works as professor assistant (writing classes) at JMU and freelance blog editor at
Photo of Sam Harris

Sam Harris

Sam Harris is part of the team at Learning Nexus. She's passionate about the eLearning industry, including helping customers find the right eLearning solution to allow them to achieve their…
Photo of Sophie Chaffe

Sophie Chaffe

Tugaru is a complete learning management system with the power, flexibility and security to easily deliver effective learning to employees, partners & customers. It is fully scalable and has been…
Photo of Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a professional freelance writer. He has helped small businesses achieve their goals by implementing a strong content strategy that emphasizes their unique selling points and promoting…
Photo of John Peebles

John Peebles

John Peebles is the CEO of Administrate, a SaaS training administration system built just for training providers. Administrate has helped hundreds of users around the world streamline their training administration…
Photo of Jovana Cenejac

Jovana Cenejac

Jovana Čenejac is a teacher of English who is currently involved in the edtech industry. She is interested in the ways available online resources are changing practices of teaching and…
Photo of Armin Hopp

Armin Hopp

Armin is Founder and President of Speexx, the world’s leading online language learning and business communication skills training service. He writes and occasionally speaks about learning languages online and the…
Photo of Kamy Anderson

Kamy Anderson

Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system…
Photo of Veronica Hunt

Veronica Hunt

I primarily focus on copywriting work, corporate blogging, website content, social media and other online content. I have vast writing experience in many business sectors, including: Tech, Marketing, small business,…
Photo of Bhaswati Bhattacharyya

Bhaswati Bhattacharyya

Bhaswati is a Product Specialist at Capabiliti, a mobile-first training and engagement solution for enterprises. She has a keen interest in start-ups, food and travel. In her ‘me time’ she…
Photo of Caryl Oliver

Caryl Oliver

Caryl is deeply committed to delivering engaging and entertaining learning to anyone, anytime on any device. There is an online solution to every learning style and no-one should feel that…
Photo of Sean Lee, MA, CPT

Sean Lee, MA, CPT

Improving employee and organizational performance by providing data-driven and innovative learning strategy and training, performance consulting, business process consulting, change impact management, and organization effectiveness consulting.
Photo of Jeevan Joshi

Jeevan Joshi

Experienced professional in developing business and delivering solutions in Asia Pac for technology enabling solutions in Human Capital, Learning, Risk & Compliance.
Photo of Danielle Vallee

Danielle Vallee

I will produce your eLearning content flawlessly according to your specs. I use many applications, as you can see on my short video.
Photo of Ruchi Tandon

Ruchi Tandon

Meeting Minds, Mapping Needs - Business Head, Co-founder at ID Mentors
Photo of Scott Winstead

Scott Winstead

Scott has been actively engaged in the universe of eLearning technology for over 15 years. Scott is a passionate blogger, an LMS expert and experienced web surfer who knows how…
Photo of Adela Belin

Adela Belin

Marketing and writing are my passions. In my spare time, I’m catching up on different languages, reading, and writing my first book. I work for Writers Per Hour. Feel free…
Photo of Lily Wilson

Lily Wilson

I am a homstay freelance academic writer and I have been working in the industry for almost 15 years. I also work as a guest writer at I am…
Photo of Roberta Gogos

Roberta Gogos

A strategic marketer with over 10 years of experience in the elearning/HR tech industry. She is also co-founder of Vieras (SaaS platform for hospitality) and contributes to a number of…
Photo of Curtis J. Morley

Curtis J. Morley

Curtis Morley is President of eLearning Brothers, the planet's largest and most interactive eLearning Template library. Curtis previously worked as the Head of Corporate and Global Marketing for FranklinCovey where…
Photo of Srilakshmi Janardanan

Srilakshmi Janardanan

A writer with interests in the arena of education, technology and the cloud. Currently associated with Adaptavant Technology as a content writer. A Periodic blogger and an avid reader.
Photo of Ashish Rangnekar

Ashish Rangnekar

Ashish Rangnekar is the CEO and Co-Founder of BenchPrep, a Chicago based education technology company. Under Ashish's leadership, BenchPrep has raised more than $8M in venture funding, employed more than…
Photo of Celeste Mulder

Celeste Mulder

I am an e-Content Specialist, responsible for all things ‘e’in Training. This ranges from the marketing of e-Learning to its deployment. I’ve officially been in this position for 2 yrs,…
Photo of Monique H

Monique H

Global E-Learning Design Professional at Innteractivs. Focusing on client relationships, innovation, engagement, and sustainability. Awarded for large-scale E-learning, Social, and Mobile learning programs in U.S., Italy, and Denmark.
Photo of Vishakha Naik

Vishakha Naik

Vishakha works with Exult Infosolutions as Instructional Design Manager. With her 12 years’ of experience in the eLearning field, she loves the ways her role allows being a learner all…
Photo of LuAnne Holder

LuAnne Holder

As an instructional designer for e-learning, I have led elearning solution projects in both corporate and academic environments. My experience with online learning comes from many perspectives. As an  online…
Photo of James Sheil

James Sheil

Head of LMS Product User Experience & Design at WBT Systems based in Dublin, Ireland with over ten years of experience as an eLearning consultant.
Photo of Oliver Hedgepeth

Oliver Hedgepeth

Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth is the program director for Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University (APU). He is the former program director of Reverse Logistics Management and Transportation and…
Photo of Nitika Anand

Nitika Anand

Is a marketing associate at LearnZippy with a degree in Psychology and a keen interest in e-learning, technology, and writing.
Photo of Mukul Agrawal

Mukul Agrawal

Mukul Agrawal is Co-Founder and CEO of Etutorworld, an exciting new venture in global online education started in 2008, in collaboration with eminent technologists and education professionals from US and…
Photo of Athanasios Papagelis

Athanasios Papagelis

Co-founder and Technical Director of Epignosis - the vendor behind, and
Photo of Akansha Arora

Akansha Arora

I am a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. A business graduate by profession, I love…
Photo of Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis - professional writer, passionate blogger and inspired traveler. Follow Julie's Twitter to find more. Julies favorite quote: "Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." -Isaac Asimov
Photo of Julia Bespala

Julia Bespala

VP of Marketing at
Photo of Linda Rening, PhD

Linda Rening, PhD

As Senior Instructional Designer at Allen Interactions, Linda works with her clients to identify performance-changing learning solutions to achieve business growth.
Photo of Juan Koss

Juan Koss

Juan Koss - professional writer and a teacher of Los Angeles High School. The syllabus of the college level seems to be very vast and wide in the current education…
Photo of Russ Elburn

Russ Elburn

I began a career in broadcasting working on radio stations in Maryland, Delaware and Iowa. At some point I began reading novels to occupy my down time and before I…
Photo of Mehdi Tounsi

Mehdi Tounsi

A highly self-motivated executive with over 15 years of expertise in the learning industry both from the content provider perspective and from the technical challenges linked to setting up and…
Photo of Alec Sears

Alec Sears

Digital Journalist
Photo of Shady Suroor

Shady Suroor

Co-Founder and CEO of an EdTech start-up. Project manager and marketeer
Photo of Livia Mihai

Livia Mihai

Livia is a Blog Writer at CYPHER LEARNING. She writes about education technology for K-12 and higher ed on the NEO Blog, as well as workplace learning and L&D strategies…
Photo of Victor Chow

Victor Chow

Victor is Head of Sales at EDUonGo, a cloud-based LMS that powers Kiwi, an online employee training solution for restaurants. He leads all sales disciplines, including business development and maintaining…
Photo of Daniel Adeboye

Daniel Adeboye

As I keep learning myself, I have a strong passion for impacting knowledge to others using IT and Technology skills. I'm presently learning and developing e-Learning skills to build great…
Photo of Cammy Bean

Cammy Bean

An eLearning veteran since the mid-90s, Cammy has worked in a wide range of industries, from financial services to retail and manufacturing. She has played the role of Instructional Designer,…
Photo of Mary Hetherington

Mary Hetherington

Mary Hetherington has over 10 years experience in technical training and eLearning development.  Her focus is on communicating with an audience in the most effective way possible, and delivering cost-effective…
Photo of Patrick Cole

Patrick Cole

Patrick Cole is an entrepreneur and freelancer. He is also a contributing blogger for several websites. Patrick loves self-education and rock music.
Photo of Ashutosh Thatte

Ashutosh Thatte

Ashutosh is an eLearning Business Development professional with extensive experience in product and service ideation and go-to-market strategies for new launches. He takes care of the cloud business at G-Cube…
Photo of Marianne Stenger

Marianne Stenger

Marianne Stenger is a writer with Open Colleges, one of Australia’s leading online education providers. She covers learning tips and the latest research in education.
Photo of Pamela Wirth

Pamela Wirth

I believe effective teaching comes from a combination of sound instructional design, understanding of learning theories, best practices in teaching and effective use of technology. I enjoy specializing in the…
Photo of Kate Kalamara

Kate Kalamara

Kate is an avid education marketer with an MSc in Applied communication science and broad professional experience in public and private educational organisations. Kate is interested in producing fulfilling learning…
Photo of Rebecca Haugh

Rebecca Haugh

Working globally from my recording studio since 2009, I deliver VO for Commercials, Corporate narration and eLearning, Radio promos, and Character voices... worldwide from my professional recording studio.
Photo of Josh Carlyle

Josh Carlyle

Josh Carlyle is a professional writer, blogger and education enthusiast. He is here to share his knowledge with Elearning community. Favourite quote: “nullius in verba” ("Take nobody's word for it").
Photo of Brian Oderkirk

Brian Oderkirk

Brian has been in the eLearning and training space for eighteen years and in the governance, risk and compliance space for seven years. He loves helping customers find the right…
Photo of T.Raven Meyers

T.Raven Meyers

Making her mark matter as an educational technologist and designer. Founder of Scrub Ninjas® exam review video game app for premed, nursing and high school AP, and Awaken the Muse®…
Photo of John Unger

John Unger

I'm a UK native, I write for my blog and contribute for different websites. I’m interested in business and innovations, so mostly cover these topics in my articles. Get in…
Photo of Tony Small

Tony Small

Tony is Sales Director at where managers can find, try & buy eLearning from over 1,400 courses. He advises with the LPI & has been a guest lecturer at…
Photo of Shweta Iyer

Shweta Iyer

An avid writer, reader, yoga practitioner and traveller, Shweta currently writes for KnowledgeHut, a global technology training provider. She has been in the content writing field for more than 5…
Photo of Timothy Maher

Timothy Maher

Tim is a Learning Specialist for legal, engineering and medical projects.
Photo of Kate Morrison

Kate Morrison

I’m an eLearning content developer and a freelance writer. I’ve joined eLearning Industry to share my knowledge and passion for education, both traditional and online, and receive useful feedback from…
Photo of Misha Milshtein

Misha Milshtein

Misha Milshtein, SweetRush’s Director of Engineering, brings organization, guidance, and vision to his technical team and the solutions SweetRush create for clients. With calm consideration and highly developed skills in…
Photo of Nancy Lin

Nancy Lin

Content Marketer and Content Creator at Freelance
Photo of Jasmine Renner

Jasmine Renner

Higher education professional with a strong cross-cultural leadership, legal and international background. eLearning and mLearning (mobile learning) expert and consultant for North America, Asia and Africa. Proven experience on eLearning…
Photo of Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob

My name is Lisa Jacob, and I am working as a Product Manager at IQVIS. Over the last 7 years, I have been involved in developing personal and organizational expertise…
Photo of Travis Thurston

Travis Thurston

Travis is an Instructional Designer in the Center for Innovative Design & Instruction (CIDI) at Utah State University. He began his career teaching high school history and pe courses, but…
Photo of Emil Reisser-Weston

Emil Reisser-Weston

Emil Reisser-Weston has been active in the field of computer based training and e-learning since 1993, during which time he has been head of design for both e-learning development and…
Photo of Sarah Bock

Sarah Bock

Sarah is an award-winning educational resource developer with over 15 years of experience in managing and delivering custom elearning solutions for a large range of clients.
Photo of Stephen Baer

Stephen Baer

Head of Creative Strategy & Innovation at The Game Agency
Photo of Abdulla Hisham

Abdulla Hisham

Abdulla Hisham is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Foradian Technologies, a Bangalore-based company that builds innovative web applications for education domain. Fedena, the flagship product of Foradian is an…
Photo of Juste Semetaite

Juste Semetaite

Juste is a serious life passionista with a flair for learning new things. She’s an author of hundreds of unfinished works and a lover of all things curious. Juste works…
Photo of Alastair Simpson

Alastair Simpson

I’m a resource developer for Futura Group, using my background in Psychology and instructional design to improve eLearning and online training.
Photo of Emily Connor

Emily Connor

I am Emily Connor, an old psychology student, and a content contributor. My interests range from productivity, inspiration to reading anything motivational over the internet. I love dogs over cats…
Photo of Matt Hart

Matt Hart

Hi, my name is Matt Hart.  I work in sales and marketing for Open Learn, an online learning solutions company out of Quincy Massachusetts.   At Open Learn, we believe…
Photo of Utkarsh Talwar

Utkarsh Talwar

eLearning enthusiast who enjoys doodling, playing guitar, writing and watching anime.
Photo of Syed Muhammad Wasif

Syed Muhammad Wasif

Creatively and critically analyzing new approaches to existing stigmas and problems
Photo of Mihut Naomi

Mihut Naomi

Naomi Mihut is Copywriter at Mindomo, a highly effective tool for brainstorming and collaborative work.Naomi's professional experience has been centered on project management as well as on writing.  Her current…
Photo of Adilson Pinto

Adilson Pinto

English teacher : ( teaching for poor children). English teacher (children with personal difficulties of learning.) English teacher at FISK school. Portuguese teacher for foreigners. Speaker. Journalist . Writer.
Photo of Elena Tikhomirova

Elena Tikhomirova

eLearning Instructional design professional. With a master degree in Education and Training Systems Design from University of Twente in Netherlands Elena is in love with e-learning and believes that it…
Photo of Diana Beyer

Diana Beyer

Diana Beyer is an experienced and self-driven creative director who is passionate about writing. Her purpose is to share some value among interested people. She is always seeking to discover…
Photo of Rose Scott

Rose Scott

Rose Scott is a literature teacher from Omaha. Since writing has always been her passion, she decided to create her own educational world online - Born to Teach. Also, Rose…
Photo of Guy Boulet

Guy Boulet

Guy Boulet is a Learning Specialist for the Department of National Defence. For over 25 years he served as instructor, training manager and instructional designer. His fields of interest are…
Photo of Kydon Holdings

Kydon Holdings

Kydon is an industry leader in transforming the learning landscape in the region to develop a thriving and globalized citizenship for the 21st century.MissionTo harness the power of learning technologies…
Photo of Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava , Assistant Manager Content at (a part of Infoedge). She is an MBA, a career counselor and a writer by choice, with over 5 years of experience…
Photo of Karen Fields

Karen Fields

Karen Fields is an experienced training professional. She's always on the lookout for new approaches to make courses more interesting―and specializes in merging technology, humor, and creativity to keep learners…
Photo of Sylvia Guinan

Sylvia Guinan

Sylvia Guinan is an online English teacher, writer and blogger who facilitates professional development online.She uses brain-friendly techniques to help students and teachers around the world She blogs and runs…
Photo of Grant Williams

Grant Williams

I have been working in the learning technologies industry since 2008. I have helped successfully launch a number of learning platforms & services. I work with organisations to help them…
Photo of Isha G

Isha G

I believe, we must focus on improving overall lives of our employees. Interventions that can impact skills and performance, should also reflect on the social, emotional, and financial content of…
Photo of Mason Martin

Mason Martin

Graduate from Wright State University with a degree in Marketing. Learning the ins and outs of online training one day at a time and working to increase Designing Digitally, Inc.'s…
Photo of Caterina Mastroianni

Caterina Mastroianni

I work in the Australian tertiary education field as a learning designer supporting teachers with using eLearning platforms and developing online resources. I'm keen to keep on learning about how…
Photo of Ann Nemesh

Ann Nemesh

Ann Nemesh, CPLP is a learning and development consultant. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the field, working in a variety of roles including trainer, instructional designer and…
Photo of James Robert Finder

James Robert Finder

Leaving the United States to come to Korea to pursue my passion for education absolutely changed my life. I am currently an English as a Second Language Instructor. My responsibilities…
Photo of Aristotle Domingo, CTDP, LSSGB

Aristotle Domingo, CTDP, LSSGB

Aristotle is a Certified Training and Development Professional, a designation awarded by the Canadian Society of Training and Development for his expertise in the field of education, corporate learning, and…
Photo of Justin Mills

Justin Mills

Owner of Mills Solutions LLC Computer Repair and Consulting / Adjunct Instructor
Photo of Jason Dexter

Jason Dexter

I work with Adelphi to help promote e learning localisation
Photo of Stephen Walsh

Stephen Walsh

20+ years in learning and technology. Co-founder of Kineo. Passionate about learning, design, technology, content, and helping people stay smart. Co-founder of Anders Pink, a content curation tool that enables…
Photo of Fausto Puppo

Fausto Puppo

Fausto Puppo is an experienced EFL teacher and teacher trainer and holds a Master’s Degree in Education with specialization in Instructional Technology and Higher Education. He heads the Virtual Academic…
Photo of Vinayak Khadye

Vinayak Khadye

Co-founder of Navitus Education, a company providing eLearning solutions & services.An experienced IT & Process Management professional with more than 20 years of experience. Recipient of Celent's Model Insurer Award…
Photo of Gavin Cooney

Gavin Cooney

Co-founder and CEO of Learnosity, a leading assessment technology employing over 80 people across offices in Dublin, LA, New York, and Sydney.
Photo of Sanjukta Mukherji

Sanjukta Mukherji

Sanjukta Mukherji is a Creative Writer at Foradian Technologies, Bangalore, India - world’s leading provider of enterprise software solutions for education institutions. She is a graduate in English Literature from…
Photo of Laura Iancu

Laura Iancu

Laura Iancu is currently part of the 123ContactForm team, an online form and survey builder accessible for educators all around the world. Laura’s dedication to volunteerism has crossed borders, she…
Photo of Richard Linville

Richard Linville

Richard Linville graduated from California State University San Jose with a California Lifetime Teaching Credential and has a background in Education and Technology. Since 1968, he's enjoyed teaching all subjects…
Photo of Micah White

Micah White

Director, Research & Development
Photo of Aleksandra Arsik

Aleksandra Arsik
Photo of Snehal .

Snehal .

Instructional Designer at Harbinger Group
Photo of Philip Piletic

Philip Piletic

I'm closely following the impact of technology on education, and its evolution from traditional to modern methods that include e-learning, courses, gamification, and others. I helped Sydney-based IT & Business…
Photo of Sushrut Gaikwad

Sushrut Gaikwad

Inside Sales Manager at LearnBee
Photo of Michael Goeden

Michael Goeden

Currently the Head of Group Strategy and Development at the Digital Marketing Institute, Michael is a career education and training professional with over 15 years experience.
Photo of Galina Yavorska

Galina Yavorska

Work as a Marketing Manager at MyOwnConference project since 2013.
Photo of Manchun Pandit

Manchun Pandit

Passionate about education, teaching and knowledge sharing. Spreading awareness about the need to continuously upskill/re-skill to be relevant in today’s changing world.
Photo of Faizulla Shaik

Faizulla Shaik

Experienced LMS technologist and Software Architect, having spearheaded a number of LMS implementations for Academic, Corporate and Online Learning requirements.
Photo of Sharjeel Ahmad

Sharjeel Ahmad

Sharjeel Ahmad is an MBA with concentration in Information Technology. Sharjeel has the credit of an affluent professional experience spanning more than 14 years in instructional design, custom and end-to-end…
Photo of Elizabeth Goodhue

Elizabeth Goodhue

Elizabeth Goodhue is a freelance writer. Currently, she is working as a writer for Learning Port an e-learning company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Photo of Kyle Hauptfleisch

Kyle Hauptfleisch

Kyle is passionate about education. He has over a decade of management experience, has grown numerous award-winning technology sites and sat on the Publisher Council of South Africa. He loves…
Photo of Michele B Medved

Michele B Medved

Michele B. Medved is the principal owner of MBM Training Services, which develops customized and targeted learning solutions to meet key business outcomes. During her career as a Technical Writer,…
Photo of Patrick Walther

Patrick Walther

Digital Learning Consultant | PMP® at Walther Learning Solutions
Photo of Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton

Teacher, owner and content creator of an online business English vocabulary website. I would like to understand more about the world and hopefully pass this knowledge on to others.
Photo of Michelle Schoen

Michelle Schoen

Co-owner of where I have taught hundreds of students how to use Camtasia Studio for E-learning tutorials and courses. Ten years as an Instructional Technologist and Project Manager of…
Photo of Dr. James W. Brown

Dr. James W. Brown

Dr. Brown is an award-winning pioneer in online course delivery especially in science, health sciences, nursing and public health. He has recently been designated one of the Top 40 Innovators…
Photo of Ron Leunissen

Ron Leunissen

Ron Leunissen, MSc med. BSc psych. works as a senior policy advisor in an university medical center in The Netherlands. He has got over 20 years experience with developing medical…
Photo of Dale Olsen

Dale Olsen

Dr. Dale E. Olsen is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of SIMmersion LLC, a Columbia, MD based training company. Dr. Olsen leads the business development team as well…
Photo of Maria Manolopoulou

Maria Manolopoulou

Maria is an eLearning Developer with special interest in producing new media for educational and training purposes. She studied Applied Informatics in The University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece) and specialised…
Photo of Sheryl McDaniel-Burrell

Sheryl McDaniel-Burrell

Ideaon offers a range of rapid e-Learning development solutions aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their learning divisions to enhance employee productivity, enabling them to optimize their training dollars.…
Photo of Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin is the Chief Marketing Officer of TheTalkList. As versatile professional with more than 20 years of experience and expertise, he has led international and domestic teams of high…
Photo of Aakriti Singh

Aakriti Singh

Marketing Content Specialist at eNyota Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Photo of Ruth Chen

Ruth Chen

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein
Photo of Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Accomplishments at RWL Tech, LLC
Photo of Chris Karel

Chris Karel

As an Instructional Designer at Cinecraft Productions, I am a storyteller, video producer and Master teacher-- I tell stories digitally. Choosing the best way to teach something is at my…
Photo of Arun Muthukumar

Arun Muthukumar

CoFounder & CEO of Linkstreet Learning. Previously worked at Cisco and Bell Labs
Photo of Livia Susan

Livia Susan

Livia is a passionate writer on education and technology related articles. She is the co-founder of, a company that helps college students learn essay writing skills.
Photo of Payton Sherry

Payton Sherry

A marketing specialist at Viddler, Payton establishes creative marketing strategies with the use of excellent research skills, a willingness/ability to learn new technologies and marketing tools, and in depth knowledge…
Photo of Harman Singh

Harman Singh

Recognized as a visionary e-learning innovator, Harman Singh is the Founder & CEO of WizIQ, world’s largest cloud-based education platform. With WizIQ, Harman has successfully leveraged technology to empower both…
Photo of Krish Kupathil

Krish Kupathil

A CEO with over 25 years of technology, and international business experience, Krish Kupathil is putting Mobiliya Technologies on the international mobility-engineering map.
Photo of Zia Marshall

Zia Marshall

Professional Experience - I am an Instructional Designer and Communication Specialist involved in creating context-sensitive, solution oriented e-learning, blended learning and mobile learning programs for large and small businesses.
Photo of Jason Rukman

Jason Rukman

I have been involved in software for over 20 years. It has been a passion of mine as soon as I discovered computers at high school. I founded and sold…
Photo of Scott Ragin

Scott Ragin

Scott is a literacy specialist by day and a perspective content writer by night. Worked on countless projects in education, business and other niches of content writing.
Photo of Charles Wiles

Charles Wiles

Charles is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zzish, one of Europe's leading new education technology ventures. Zzish enables anyone to create state-of-the-art education apps that have a real impact on…
Photo of Georgi Todorov

Georgi Todorov

Georgi Todorov is a digital marketer. He recently started his NGO DigitalNovas. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment. Georgi is also a Marketing…
Photo of Elham Arabi

Elham Arabi

Elham is a teaching and learning expert with extensive experience in instructional design, course development, project management, and technology training for professional development. She works with subject matter experts to…
Photo of Anne Knowles

Anne Knowles

Anne Knowles has a core expertise of seeing the big picture, absorbing complex information, developing strategies to overcome challenges, and attending to details in following through to success. She has…
Photo of Amit Sarkar

Amit Sarkar

I head Instructional Design and Content Solutions at Aims Digital. With a cumulative experience of more than 19 years in content, I am well-versed with various forms of content and…
Photo of Francesca Catalano

Francesca Catalano

Francesca Catalano has taught general education science for over 14 years. She is a professor of science and faculty director at American Public University. She holds a doctorate in molecular…
Photo of Dorothy Hunter

Dorothy Hunter

Dorothy Hunter is a writer for Best Essay and a full-time blogger. She kills time by blogging and reading sci-fi novels. She's a freelance writer and hopes to establish her…
Photo of William J. Ryan

William J. Ryan

William J. Ryan, Ph.D. consults on topics related to the implementation and application of performance learning in the training and development field serving corporate, industrial and educational organizations.  Currently VP…
Photo of Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell

Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell

Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell is the President/CEO of 4MAT 4Business®, a global learning and leadership development company.  She is recognized as one of the Top 40 trainers, consultants and learning designers in…
Photo of Tomasz Wiśniewski

Tomasz Wiśniewski

Tomasz Wisniewski, 10 years dealing with e-learning. I was a consultant in international technological projects of e-learning. Last heavily involved in the creation of e-learning Authoring Tool, under its own…
Photo of Isha Sood

Isha Sood

Sr. Manager - Marketing, at Harbinger Group
Photo of David Winograd

David Winograd

Previously taught Instructional Design and e-Learning on a University Level. Have been involved in online communication since 1978.
Photo of Sharon Nagata (LION)

Sharon Nagata (LION)

Sharon Nagata works as a Technical Account Manager in a software development company named TatvaSoft Australia based in Melbourne. Phone Nu: +61 3 9674 0440 Business id: [email protected]
Photo of Mukta Mahashabde

Mukta Mahashabde

Instructional Designer at Exult Corporation - Formerly CrediPoint Solutions
Photo of Nadina Lupu

Nadina Lupu

Nadina Lupu is a Creative Copywriter at Mindomo, a software that sets free great ideas and turns them into action. Nadina has been a wordsmith for project and event management organizations.…
Photo of David Demyan

David Demyan

Rapid e-learning specialist with broad expertise in knowledge transfer of technical subject matter. Instructional design and development with expertise in Articulate Storyline, Camtasia Studio, and Adobe Creative Suite.
Photo of Varda Epstein

Varda Epstein

Varda Epstein is a parenting expert and writer at Kars4kids, a Guidestar gold medal charity. She serves as Editor in Chief at the Kars4Kids educational blog for parents.
Photo of Adriana Blum

Adriana Blum

Adriana Blum is a Senior Technology Architect at Iflexion, has over 12 years of experience in managing and delivering custom eLearning solutions. She helps organizations automate processes and find new…
Photo of Brenda Berg

Brenda Berg

Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years experience in business management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. Self motivated results driven individual who…
Photo of Devlin Peck

Devlin Peck

Learning Experience Designer | Storyline 3 Developer
Photo of Scott Hewitt

Scott Hewitt

Scott is an experienced e-learning director, designer, project manager and consultant. He has an interest in game based learning and has been involved in the creation of many game based…
Photo of Brenda Allen

Brenda Allen

I'm a teacher with a writing passion. I can't say that I'm a too original person - I'm just a happy curious girl. So I can share it with everyone.…
Photo of Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips

As Unicorn CEO, my role is to communicate the Unicorn values, drive innovation and growth, and help to make Unicorn a fun place to work. Check Unicorn's LinkedIn page.
Photo of Dan Keckan

Dan Keckan

As VP of eLearning and Instructional Design for Cinecraft Productions, Dan Keckan, helps organizations get as close to the skill or behavior to be learned with eLearning, video and serious…
Photo of Elaina Meiser

Elaina Meiser

Elaina Meiser is a graduate student and an enthusiastic blogger. She started blogging 5+ years ago as a hobby and she is eager to keep on writing. Elaina loves creative…
Photo of Melvin Wong

Melvin Wong

I'm on a mission to discover the next world champion from online sports training. I was the founder of FanXT (acquired) and currently a mentor at AngelHack and South Bay…
Photo of Helen Routledge

Helen Routledge

Helen is an Instructional Games Designer and specialises in the design and development of engaging Gamification and Serious Games. With over 15 years experience of applying behavioural and cognitive theories…
Photo of Haitham Khedr

Haitham Khedr

Over 13 years of professional experience as a result of solid engineering studies in the field of computer and network systems; I have built my focused yet diversified career path…
Photo of Alyce Fabel

Alyce Fabel

Alyce Fabel is an inspired blogger and writer working as a private tutor. She writes about educational issues and shares her writing experience. She loves writing and enjoys helping students to become…
Photo of Sergey Valuy

Sergey Valuy

I’m technical expert with more than 10 years of experience in Java Enterprise and mobile development. For the last 4 years, I’m leading the experienced team called Smartum Pro.
Photo of Aleksandr Peterson

Aleksandr Peterson

Aleksandr Peterson is a technology analyst at TechnologyAdvice. He covers gamification, CRMs, project management, and other emerging business technology. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
Photo of Alfredo Leone

Alfredo Leone

I am CEO of Izzui/QuickLessons. I seat on several Boards including Advisory Boards of Ascentify and CollectMyThoughts, and the BOD of nonprofit LINGOs. Prior, I was Director of Global Alliances…
Photo of Mitchell Causey

Mitchell Causey

Mitch Causey is the Director of Marketing at, the easy learning software. helps companies like Lyft, Angie’s List, and ModCloth improve their employee learning programs by allowing them…
Photo of Clive Shepherd

Clive Shepherd

I am a learning technologist with more than 30 years of experience. Through The More Than Blended Learning Company, I provide consultancy support to learning professionals around the world.
Photo of Stephen Page Morse

Stephen Page Morse

Stephen Morse brings a range of experience to his current role as marketing and communications director for easyDITA, a fast-growing software start-up in Rochester, NY. He has previously worked as…
Photo of Huzefa Johar

Huzefa Johar

Huzefa specializes in creating learning solutions for corporate training and customer experience enhancement.
Photo of Priyanka Saxena Malhotra

Priyanka Saxena Malhotra

Learning Consultant, Instructional Designer, and Trainer for the past 18 years. Live by the motto of ‘Forever a learner!’ Keen interest in the evolving trends in learning solution design and…
Photo of Eleanor Leydon

Eleanor Leydon

Head of Content at Chatterbite
Photo of Kim Caise

Kim Caise

Kim has been an educator and technology specialist for over 20 years after graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary…
Photo of Nahla Anwer Aly

Nahla Anwer Aly

Nahla is an instructional designer and project manager with 6+ yeas of experience in Learning & Development, 3+ years of project management experience, and an Instructional Design Certificate from the…
Photo of Ron Spreeuwenberg

Ron Spreeuwenberg

I strive to build businesses that will make a difference in people’s lives. As an engineer by study and at heart I love designing and creating things. As a business…
Photo of Toddi Norum

Toddi Norum

Toddi is an instructional technologist with extensive experience implementing adult learning. She spent three years as the lead trainer for U.S. Army SUGV robots for iRobot, and she also spent…
Photo of Samual Roy

Samual Roy

With 7+ years of working experience in education landscape, I have learned, how fast education sector is growing and moving towards digitalization. I am also a passionate writer, write about…
Photo of Saroj Kumar

Saroj Kumar

I'm a digital marketer and blogger. I helped many enterprises to increase their website's visibility in major search engines and increasing leads and sales.I am working with Root Info Solutions,…
Photo of Joy Church Millard

Joy Church Millard

Currently as the Sr. Editor for Expertus, Joy has more than 20 years of experience covering key and trending issues within the software and technology industries.
Photo of Andrew Fayad

Andrew Fayad

Andrew Fayad is the CEO and managing partner of eLearning Mind, an e-learning design and development agency that helps companies transform their existing learning materials into memorable and engaging e-learning…
Photo of Pratik Kanada

Pratik Kanada

Pratik Kanada is the founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading Mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development…
Photo of Mark Nathan Willetts

Mark Nathan Willetts

My name is Mark Nathan Willetts, and I come from Nottingham, England. I am a very creative person, starting out as a designer/illustrator/animator before moving into educational pursuits later in…
Photo of Sarah Pike

Sarah Pike

Sarah is a Utah-based freelancer and college writing and communication instructor. You can find her on Twitter @sarahzpike.
Photo of Jack Makhlouf

Jack Makhlouf

Founder / Chief Learning Architect at ELM
Photo of Supriya Kaur

Supriya Kaur

Consultant to Startups & SSE
Photo of Ravinder Tulsiani

Ravinder Tulsiani

Ravinder Tulsiani is a Leadership Expert and #1 Bestselling Author of 'Your Leadership Edge' a management training guide. See
Photo of Kateryna Reshetilo

Kateryna Reshetilo

Head of Marketing and Business Development at Greenice, web development agency. I explore business opportunities, develop and execute marketing strategies. I also write articles about ways businesses can leverage technology,…
Photo of Jordan Barrish

Jordan Barrish

Jordan Barrish is a Market Analyst for Capterra. She researches and writes about trends in a variety of software verticals, with a particular focus on learning management software. You can…
Photo of Max Yoder

Max Yoder

I'm the co-founder and CEO of, the easy learning software, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. At our team's mission is to make team training as easy as possible, so…
Photo of Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

Pooja, the chief learning geek at LearninGeeks, leads the design and delivery of eLearning & training solutions. In her previous roles, she worked as a teacher trainer, ID, & eLearning…
Photo of Chris Gaudreau

Chris Gaudreau

The Learning Technologist at Bay Path University, I help to make EdTech more accessible to both on ground and online classrooms and am currently pursuing my M.Ed. in Learning, Media,…
Photo of Tim Monson

Tim Monson

Freelance Writer
Photo of Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin

Bio: Chris Baldwin is an elearning consultant and founder of eLearning Path ( – a global elearning consultancy company specialising in LMS and content development.
Photo of Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy

Nick currently works as a marketing associate for a global leader in e-learning, Kineo.  Loves uncovering and understanding the needs of organizations looking to implement e-learning and development and writing…
Photo of Mark Rollins

Mark Rollins

Owner MJR Learning Consultancy Ltd, founded in 2007, provider of affordable, e-learning portal creation for small businesses and individuals. Specializing in Moodle, Wordpress .
Photo of Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes

Chris is the Business Development Manager at Can Studios, an award-winning team of developers, designers and producers with over 15 years experience of developing bespoke elearning systems and content.Specialising in…
Photo of George Joeckel

George Joeckel

I am an Instructional Designer at the Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching (FACT) at Utah State University. I am a co-creator of the OAR model. I have created several open…
Photo of Diane Valenti

Diane Valenti

Diane Valenti, founder of Applied Performance Solutions, Inc., uses her instructional design ninja skills to help companies design and develop blended learning solutions that get results. Her specialties include gamification,…
Photo of Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina Taylor, PhD in Curriculum & Instruction, is an Instructional Designer at Regis College. She teaches instructional design for technology & conducts faculty training in: Elearning, Mobile, Flipped, Accessibility &…
Photo of Samiran Ghosh

Samiran Ghosh

APAC Tech Leader @DnBUS. Accidental Technologist. #CIO. #Digital Evangelist. Movie Buff. Love Comics & Social Media. Guest Speaker. Blogger. All views personal
Photo of Samantha Vanderpal

Samantha Vanderpal

Our passion is providing a totally immersive learning experience. We are proud to partner with the largest brands and businesses to deliver a product that is on brand, within budget,…
Photo of Kevin J. Browne

Kevin J. Browne

Kevin was an assistant professor of philosophy at Jefferson Community and Technical College. He taughts courses online as well as in-person including introductory philosophy, logic, business ethics, and bioethics..
Photo of OEB News Team

OEB News Team

Through its conferences, web portal and news service, OEB aspires to promote ICT-enhanced learning – wherever technology tools are practicable and offer real benefits over other educational instruments. The ultimate…
Photo of Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Richard Jones lives and works as an eLearning Consultant in New Zealand. He has been using Moodle since 2004 and has developed Moodle plugins, online courses, SCORM content and workshops…
Photo of Irawati Pandit

Irawati Pandit

Believes that being in the learner’s shoes is the best way to approach a design. Enjoys working closely with clients and exploring the trends in eLearning.
Photo of Cristina-Maria Bălgărădean

Cristina-Maria Bălgărădean

Cristina Bălgărădean is a marketing PhD student, focused on emotional marketing. She is in her first years of writing online publications and strives to share and gain knowledge from any…
Photo of Ehsan Gorji

Ehsan Gorji

Ehsan Gorji is an Iranian teacher, teacher trainer and teacher educator. He also designs strategic plans, devises study syllabuses, runs quality-check observations, and develops materials and tests for different language…
Photo of Fae Cheska Marie Esperas

Fae Cheska Marie Esperas

Information Management Assistant at Community and Family Services International
Photo of Sarah Green

Sarah Green

Technology researcher who explores how the emerging on-demand solutions affect the education sector.
Photo of Jiyo Mathew Johnson

Jiyo Mathew Johnson

Decisive, tenacious and accomplished Learning and Development Solution Consultant / eLearning Designer with an experience of 8.2 years within global IT and other business/functional areas; result oriented leader with unique…
Photo of Mario Buljan

Mario Buljan

After more than 20 years of experience from various industries, at 2009. Mario founded a training & development company. He had a privilege to develop content & train employees starting…
Photo of Allan Michael

Allan Michael

Digitano Media is your team of top video editors. We create videos that move, engage and educate. We help you take your video projects to the highest level, grow your…
Photo of Rishabh Saxena

Rishabh Saxena

Rishabh works as a digital marketeer. He is interested in design, front end technologies and all things vintage.
Photo of Andrew Scivally

Andrew Scivally

Andrew Scivally is a CEO and co-founder of eLearning Brothers. eLearning Brothers helps companies create eLearning awesomeness. Andrew holds a B.A. degree in communications from Southern Utah University and an…
Photo of Ben Nesvig

Ben Nesvig

Ben Nesvig is a learning enthusiast and content strategist for Lumi, where he creates resources that educate organizations on how they can harness the power of mobile for learning.
Photo of Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by the world's leading organizations, such as the University of Michigan, Digital Marketer, WPEngine, and Infusionsoft.
Photo of Colin Christensen

Colin Christensen

Colin Christensen is a student, who likes to write, to read and research on various topics. He is currently collaborating with service. Colin is always ready to self-improvement and…
Photo of Sally Ann Moore

Sally Ann Moore

Sally-Ann is the Managing Director and founder for the iLearning Forum series of conferences. BSC Honors Graduate from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and MBA Finance at…
Photo of Alexandru Capatina

Alexandru Capatina

I am a big fan of ed-tech. I'm permanently looking to embed innovative e-learning platforms in my lectures.
Photo of Mahati Vanka

Mahati Vanka

Inside Sales Manager at LearnBee
Photo of Tracey M. Flynn

Tracey M. Flynn

Tracey M. Flynn is the principal of Performetrics, the author of two books on certification and a blogger on the topic of certification. She has twenty years experience in the…
Photo of Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd is Director of eLearning for Marton House (a UK subsidiary of GP Strategies Ltd), specialising in the creation of dynamic and effective learning experiences. He created his Learning…
Photo of John Michael Scott

John Michael Scott

John Scott is a teacher, technologist, and artist working on his PhD at UC Berkeley in Education and New Media. John has been serving as an instructional designer, product developer,…
Photo of Yvonne Soh

Yvonne Soh

Yvonne is responsible for the digital platform production and content transformation at Jam Factory. She has been in the information technology sector for over 20 years. She has had the…
Photo of Akshay Sainath Iyer

Akshay Sainath Iyer

Akshay Sainath Iyer is an Instructional Design Manager in CA Technologies. He leads the Partner Education team and they develop offerings to help CA Partners sell, implement, and support CA…
Photo of Carolyn White

Carolyn White

Carolyn White is a Knowledge Manager at law firm King & Wood Mallesons. Carolyn works in the firm’s Sydney office, and has responsibility for the development and delivery of legal…
Photo of Jasmini V

Jasmini V

Imarticus Learning, an award winning professional education firm, provides industry-endorsed learning programs in Financial Services, Business Analysis and Business Analytics via online or classroom modes. Know more visit
Photo of Karolina Roziewicz

Karolina Roziewicz

Karolina Roziewicz is an avid educator and language expert with 8 years experience in the e-learning industry. She's an author of various language learning materials and e-learning courses for English…
Photo of Heather Pope

Heather Pope

Heather is a Learning Manager at Interactive Services, an award-winning developer of custom e-learning and blended solutions for global Fortune 500 companies. She has extensive experience working and managing teams…
Photo of Paul Moss

Paul Moss

Paul Moss has a Masters Degree in Education specializing in integrating technology into the curriculum, and student motivation, and has spent 10 years teaching across the world in Australia, Spain,…
Photo of Martha Gold

Martha Gold

Martha Gold works in educational technology, instructional design and instructor support at a small liberal arts college in upstate New York. She brings nearly a decade of work in education…
Photo of Ansgar Frankenberg

Ansgar Frankenberg

Ansgar Frankenberg has several years of working experience from TV and radio stations as well as newspapers and magazines in several different countries. He writes both in German and English.…
Photo of Scott Rapp

Scott Rapp

Scott Rapp is co-founder of the adaptive language learning platform, Instreamia, and edtech enthusiast. He is also teaching Spanish to thousands in the adaptive SpanishMOOC.
Photo of Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is a small business consultant who is passionate about elearning and the impact technology is having on the education industry.
Photo of Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson

Amy Wilson is a freelance writer, her passion is to write on the topics related to student life. She is interested in how technology allows to lead efficient lifestyles and…
Photo of David Mallette

David Mallette

It's about competency, nothing else. Whether the subject matter is the Punic Wars or forklift, competency must be defined with exacting precision, it must be achieved with maximum efficiency, and…
Photo of Joe Peters

Joe Peters

Joe Peters is an independent marketing consultant, freelance writer and an ultimate tech enthusiast. In his free time, he enjoys reading about latest apps and gadgets and binge-watching his favorite…
Photo of Eric Kean

Eric Kean

Eric is the Founder of, an online training platform. For over 15 years, he has also taught Mathematics, as well as the Viola (separately!) at a variety of Universities,…
Photo of L . Michelle Baker, PhD

L. Michelle Baker, PhD

Michelle Baker holds a PhD in English Language and Literature from the Catholic University of America. She is the founder of Corporate Writing Pro, a training company where the writer…
Photo of Sheila Shanker

Sheila Shanker

Sheila Shanker CPA and MBA has extensive experience with online education. She has received the "Honored/ Honorary" designation as online instructor for the University of Liverpool- U.K. (AACSB accredited) She…
Photo of Kerri Simmons

Kerri Simmons

With a master’s degree in instructional design, Kerri brings a strong background in adult learning, solution design and development, learning management systems, project management, vendor relations, performance management, learning programs,…
Photo of Nicholas Crowe

Nicholas Crowe

Education and e-learning professional dedicated to building high-quality e-learning solutions that allow corporations and institutions to provide meaningful learning for today’s global workforce and student population. We take a pedagogical…
Photo of Dmytro Spilka

Dmytro Spilka

Dmytro is a Head Wizard at Solvid, a creative inbound marketing & software development agency in London, UK. His work has been featured and mentioned in a wide range of…
Photo of Leia Dolphy

Leia Dolphy

I am a dedicated, compassionate educator with a commitment to the learner. I recently completed my master's degree with a concentration in online learning and teaching. I specialized in designing…
Photo of E. Alana James, Ed.D.

E. Alana James, Ed.D.

A veteran of online instruction and technology enhanced learning, I am fascinated by instructional design that truly gives the user/student complete control of where they are going and in no…
Photo of Gireesh Sharma

Gireesh Sharma

Gireesh works with G-Cube as AVP Marketing. His interests includes employees training, workplace learning, organizational development & performance development. He is author of three books.
Photo of Simon Greany

Simon Greany

A creative and versatile learning design professional with over 13 years experience in the industry. Simon is passionate about working with organisations to open up the vast potential of online…
Photo of Kyle O

Kyle O'Brien

Kyle O’Brien is the Marketing Technologist for ej4, a performance improvement company dedicated to helping change employee behaviors through custom eLearning, off-the-shelf courses and other tools ready to raise engagement…
Photo of Ilona Hetsevich

Ilona Hetsevich

Ilona works for a project, devoted to eLearning software development, and writes based on company’s experience in the eLearning field. More information about available LMS features can be found at…
Photo of Dennis Lamberti

Dennis Lamberti

I develop interactive training programmes for illiterate adults in South Africa and the rest of the continent.
Photo of Samiksha Kaintura

Samiksha Kaintura

Samiksha Kaintura is presently a content writer at She has an insatiable thirst for reading and travelling. She, especially, has a keen interest in British classic literature and is…
Photo of David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is a researcher who has several years of experience in the field of teaching, project management and training. Currently, he is pursuing research in effectiveness of project management…
Photo of Dr. Dovi Weiss

Dr. Dovi Weiss

Dr. Dovi Weiss is the Pedagogical Founder and Chief Scientist at Time To Know, ( an Ed-Tech company that transforms your training into business results. Dr. Weiss is also Head…
Photo of Gabriele Dovis

Gabriele Dovis

I am in the elearning industry since 2007 and since then I've been very passionate about e-learning. I started as a developer and then I managed several elearning projects for…
Photo of Linda Craig

Linda Craig

Linda Craig is an editor at dissertation services. She is also pursuing a scientific career and currently writing a dissertation on problems of post-graduate transition to career life.
Photo of Laura Jonson

Laura Jonson

Laura Jonson is an e-learning specialist. Most her knowledge she got online. Now she is working on creation her own online course dedicated to digital marketing strategies and brand creation.
Photo of Kali Blunt

Kali Blunt

An education & technology specialist who has previously worked with the Australian Department of Education & in freelance capacities as an Education Consultant, Marketing & Content Manager and Published Author.
Photo of Vadim Rebro

Vadim Rebro

• Senior lecturer at Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Russia (2000-2005). • Defended PhD dissertation (2004). • Associate professor of education (2005-2015). • Deputy director of center on distant learning technology…
Photo of Viren Kapadia

Viren Kapadia

Since 1987, organizations around the globe have trusted Gyrus to provide innovative Learning Management Systems that help organizations align learning initiatives with performance.
Photo of Chris Davies

Chris Davies

Course Developer at Open Study College
Photo of Houra Amin

Houra Amin

Instructional Designer
Photo of Samantha McClintock

Samantha McClintock

Samantha McClintock is the Marketing Manager for Roundtable Learning, a full-service eLearning and LMS company located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. She conducts market research and promotes Roundtable’s presence in the…
Photo of Ruben Daniel

Ruben Daniel

Ruben Ugarte is the co-founder at Edukaans, a learning platform that allows organizations to easily deliver and sell educational video content online. He is also one of the main writers…
Photo of Nick Ramsay

Nick Ramsay

Nick provides learning expertise and guidance at Junction-18, an ambitious digital learning company based out of Glasgow, UK.
Photo of Vanessa Collister

Vanessa Collister

Vanessa Collister is an aspiring digital marketer, at Assignmentkingdom . She’s also a keen blogger who loves to pencil down creative write-ups on elearning tech,education, arts and more. When not…
Photo of Ashley Sanford

Ashley Sanford

Writer at Peak Dissertation
Photo of Leon William

Leon William

Digital Marketing Specialist at MAP Systems, among the leading service providers in India offering premium quality services in graphic designing and digital conversion includes flash to html5 conversion for various…
Photo of Birbahadur Singh Kathayat

Birbahadur Singh Kathayat

Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is the consultant for, an online marketer and entrepreneur and he has helped hundreds of online businesses boost online sales and strengthen their online brand reputation.
Photo of Sandhya Lakhanpal

Sandhya Lakhanpal

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer at OptumRx - UnitedHealth Group
Photo of Kurtis Brase

Kurtis Brase

We are a Student-Writer Platform that aids students with fulfilling their educational tasks. Our service helps students formulate and fix academic assignments by matching them with professionals that are well-versed…
Photo of Sujit Senapati

Sujit Senapati

A digital marketing expert with interests in writing about various technologies and trends. Since online learning has evolved over years, it has been my interest to explore more about the…
Photo of Arijit Lahiri

Arijit Lahiri

Co-founder, QuoDeck - Create game based learning platforms
Photo of Jimena Austria

Jimena Austria

Award Winning LMS Implementation Expert | Instructional Designer/Developer Digital Drawing Above Created in Photoshop
Photo of Darren Humber

Darren Humber

Darren Humber is Managing Director of UK based learning platform provider In2itive and in addition to the past ten years spent in the e-learning and Internet industry, Darren has over…
Photo of Jason Wright

Jason Wright

Jason heads up the SolidProfessor Content Development team, which creates the videos and learning experiences that have helped hundreds of thousands of engineers, students, and teams improve their skills. With…
Photo of Chloe Britton

Chloe Britton

Wranx is a technology-based employee development platform that uses the simple scientific idea of spaced repetition to deliver effective, ongoing learning.
Photo of Ann Iverson

Ann Iverson

Ann Iverson has a strong background in sales, management, and training leadership. She has been designing performance-based custom learning solutions for over 20 years.
Photo of Sally Baldwin

Sally Baldwin

I am an EDTECH doctoral candidate at Boise State University. My research focuses on improving the quality of online courses through instructional design. I teach kinesiology classes at Napa Valley…
Photo of Mario Buljan

Mario Buljan

CEO at eWyse - Digital Learning Agency
Photo of Aymeric Gaurat Apelli

Aymeric Gaurat Apelli

Founder of the online weekly planner
Photo of Kate Sheren

Kate Sheren

Kate Sheren is an experienced WordPress developer by profession, associated with Stellen Infotech. She is a passionate, creative and technical writer as well and always lookout for learning something new.…
Photo of Monica Gragg

Monica Gragg

I took the exciting leap from higher education to global education! 7 months ago, I became an ed tech entrepreneur and built my first online learning platform that connects consumers…
Photo of LGW Irvine

LGW Irvine

LGW Irvine is a secondary school teacher specializing in history, performing arts and languages. With a keen interest in writing, she has published Teacher Planners and an AFL Teacher Handbook.…
Photo of megan weber

megan weber

Student at Saint Leo University
Photo of Dan Almour

Dan Almour

I have five years in the library and publishing world, and have a very deep knowledge of how people research for their learning. Am building services to facilitate how people…
Photo of Greg Wasylik

Greg Wasylik

I have been in the eLearning industry since 2001 when I started with KMI as a Web Application Developer. Since then I have helped with almost every aspect of the…
Photo of Lyon Eddington

Lyon Eddington

The author who works in the sphere of scientific research at Courseworks and is professional at chemistry, physics and astronomy. I have the modern approach to the traditional art of…
Photo of Vladislav Pshenychka

Vladislav Pshenychka

I'm a marketing specialist at Artjoker. Artjoker Software is a full-cycle web&mobile app development company, specialized in startup launching with HQ in USA
Photo of Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis

Auxano global Service is mobile app development company having more than 8 years of experience.We provide iphone,android,cross platform app developement.We delivered best solution to our client.We completed 250+ project.We working…
Photo of Harish Agrawal

Harish Agrawal

Business Leader | Product Management | Strategy | Growth
Photo of Allaa Muhammad

Allaa Muhammad

Content writer and Social Media Specialist with experience in writing educational blogs for the companies to add value to their brand.
Photo of Emily White

Emily White

CSSChopper is the prominant web development company in India, offers high-quality services for CMS website development, JavaScript, e-commerce website development, Front-end website development and PHP website development services. Contact us…
Photo of Taha Khan

Taha Khan

Seo Team Coordinator
Photo of Nick Howe

Nick Howe

CLO, customer advocate and evangelist at Area9. Driving a revolution in eLearning via micro-adaptive learning. Ex-CLO at Hitachi Data Systems.
Photo of Marko Jelavic

Marko Jelavic

Sports, startups and eLearning enthusiast. Currently working with Athlete Builder to build an elearning platform for sports. Studied Kinesiology at Mcgill University and received his MBA from HEC Paris.
Photo of Joey Lehrman

Joey Lehrman

Joey Lehrman is the founder of the first fully online adult education program in Louisiana and is the Distance Learning Coordinator in Adult Education at Delgado CC. Joey holds a…
Photo of Mary Kleim

Mary Kleim

I started from great passion to English literature learning. Then I continued to teach other people . Now I'm working on development of English literature online-courses.
Photo of Wesley Atkinson

Wesley Atkinson

Evolve was launched in 2014 under the simple premise of making it really easy for corporate, educational institutions and eLearning providers to create stylish, responsive HTML5 eLearning content that works…
Photo of Susan Scarre BA (Hons) QTS

Susan Scarre BA (Hons) QTS

After 20 years in primary education, I pursued my love of creative writing and became a freelance content writer in 2014. I write content for websites, including landing page optimisation.
Photo of Srinivas Vedantam

Srinivas Vedantam

Technology in education has been my bread and butter for quite some time now. I am particularly interested in using technology to personalize every online experience - be it educational,…
Photo of Margarita Hakobyan

Margarita Hakobyan

Margarita Hakobyan is an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two armed with an MBA from the University of Utah in International Studies and International Business. As an owner of several…
Photo of Emiliano De Laurentiis

Emiliano De Laurentiis

A cognitive scientist and educational psychologist by training, Emiliano has pioneered and influenced the convergence of technology and education. He founded three successful education and technology companies focusing on adaptive…
Photo of Axel Schmidt

Axel Schmidt

PR Manager bei TeamViewer
Photo of Mykola Chornyi

Mykola Chornyi

Mykola Chornyi is a Software Engineer. He has been working in IT industry since 2009. Has a good experience in a software development. Has a strong knowledge in C++. He…
Photo of Daniel Graham

Daniel Graham

Dan Graham is the Founder & Creative Director of EzLearnin’, a custom eLearning development company which specializes in Articulate Storyline development. If I can be of assistance on your next…
Photo of Bojana Zvijerac

Bojana Zvijerac

My Master's degree in English Language and Literature and Art History has proven to be an excellent foundation for the development of creativity, discipline, and consistency required for the web…
Photo of Tridib Roy Chowdhury

Tridib Roy Chowdhury

G.M. & Sr. Director Of Products at Adobe
Photo of Savaram Ravindra

Savaram Ravindra

I am an M.Tech graduate with specialisation in Nanotechnology. I am presently working as a Content Writer at Appmajix Technologies.
Photo of Eric Rowland, M.Ed

Eric Rowland, M.Ed

Secondary school teacher turned instructional designer; I have a passion for all things learning and technology related. I currently work as an eLearning Specialist and I love it! While I…
Photo of Dimitris Vlachos

Dimitris Vlachos

Dimitris works as a Full Stack Marketer at Movinhand/Enrollhand. Enrollhand boosts your student enrollment without a big budget leveraging digital advertising methods.
Photo of Jessica Barden

Jessica Barden

Jessica works as an elearning consultant for . Her experiences in the field led him to become an elearning blogger and give tips on the subject.
Photo of Thaleia Deniozou

Thaleia Deniozou

Thaleia is a digital designer and a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Her research areas include mobile learning, game-based learning and mobile game design. For her…
Photo of Mario Herger

Mario Herger

MARIO HERGER is CEO, founder and partner of Enterprise Gamification Consultancy LLC, a strategic consulting group focused on gamification, innovation, social business, and intrapreneurship in the enterprise. He had been…
Photo of Mary Norton

Mary Norton

I hold M.A.s in anthropology and education as well as Sloan Certificate in Online Teaching. Fieldwork includes the Kumeyaay/Diegueno Indians of California and the Luiseno/Cahuilla Indians of Mexico, focusing on…
Photo of Stefan Wisbauer

Stefan Wisbauer

Managing Director at Lecturio GmbH
Photo of Nadia Mykhalevych

Nadia Mykhalevych

Co-founder of Center for Innovative Education
Photo of Jeff Morgenroth

Jeff Morgenroth

Training and Instructional Design
Photo of Gagan Singh Shekhawat

Gagan Singh Shekhawat

Gagan Singh Shekhawat is a Digital Marketing Expert at Konstant Infosolutions, world's leading web and mobile application development company.
Photo of Carolyn Andreason

Carolyn Andreason

Growth Consultant at Broadband Search
Photo of Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta

Photo of Eugene Mustfinn

Eugene Mustfinn

Founder at Time.Graphics
Photo of Manisha Chopde-Tandale

Manisha Chopde-Tandale

Sr. Instructional Designer at Exult Corporation
Photo of Katy Lilley

Katy Lilley

I have worked within education and the E-Learning industry for over 10 years in various roles including Interactive Designer, ICT teacher and E-Learning Developer. I have also recently completed my…
Photo of Andrea Leyden

Andrea Leyden

Andrea Leyden is an Online Marketing Executive for, a free online learning platform designed to transform learning into an ‘active’ process. Andrea helps spread the word about ExamTime’s free…
Photo of Rupen Sharma

Rupen Sharma

Rupen Sharma has over 15 years of experience; Have enjoyed providing value to many global organizations, such as Atrenta Inc., Harrah's Entertainment, NIIT, Cognitive Arts, Sapient Corp, Office Depot, Novell,…
Photo of Pascal Balancier

Pascal Balancier

Since 2007, I've been in charge of the promotion of the use of ICT in learning process (both in companies and schools) in the French speaking part of Belgium (Wallonia…
Photo of Chassie Lee

Chassie Lee

As the Online Marketing Manager of eReflect, I am responsible mostly of the overall online performance of the company's products - from SEO to Internet Marketing. I handle all of…
Photo of Diego Lainez Jamieson

Diego Lainez Jamieson

Photo of Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths

Mark is a Client Partner at Newleaf Training & Development and heads up the East Coast Office in Orlando, Florida. Mark has personally gained over 15 years experience in the…
Photo of Bilal Muqeet

Bilal Muqeet

Bilal Muqeet is a Tech Reporter with an eager interest in cyber security, internet privacy and the mysteries of the internet world. He has expertise in blogging, web development and…
Photo of Anna Klimenko

Anna Klimenko

Technical Writer at
Photo of Phil Pauley

Phil Pauley

Phil is an internationally recognized conceptual designer and futurologist. As a thought-leader, his innovative designs and blue-sky projects have been featured by high-profile media around the globe. PAULEY creates next…
Photo of Robin Juel Johansen

Robin Juel Johansen

Robin Juel Johansen is a serial entrepreneur and journalist with a passion for educational and media startups. Robin works with born global startups and is the CEO of Developing Stories…
Photo of John Helmer

John Helmer

John Helmer is a writer and blogger on technology innovation in learning and education. He leads programmes bringing together thought leaders and practitioners for knowledge sharing and debate, and has…
Photo of Travis Henry

Travis Henry

Travis Henry is the Chief Product & Content Officer, Co-founder at Unleesh, a mobile-first learning and training platform. He is a leader in launching content platforms, building web and mobile…
Photo of Tristan Hart

Tristan Hart

Director & Founder of The Crucial Team Australia Pty Ltd
Photo of Andy Alferovs

Andy Alferovs

Managing Director of Kortext, a leading digital textbook and learning platform provider and one of the fastest growing edtech businesses in UK. He has worked on sales and business strategy…
Photo of Twinkle Kapoor

Twinkle Kapoor

Though from a techie background, her interest in writing on plethora of topics has made her today an experienced writer. She has written articles, blogs and web page content for…
Photo of Dr. David Chandross

Dr. David Chandross

David Chandross currently teaches at Ryerson University and is the lead game designer/researcher at Game and Train. David also works closely with Sim-ONE, Canada's healthcare simulation network. He is proud…
Photo of Ron Arnold, Ed.D.

Ron Arnold, Ed.D.

Ron Arnold, Ed.D. – Ron is a Detroit-based training manager with over 25 years of experience in instructional design and creating learning products of all descriptions.
Photo of Aubryn E.A. Smith Educator, Instructional Designer, J.P

Aubryn E.A. Smith Educator, Instructional Designer, J.P

Since September 2008, I am also an Online Lecturer/ E-Tutor/Online Facilitator/Course Coordinator/Instruction Designer with the University of the West Indies Open Campus Bachelor of Education [online] programme. I have taught…
Photo of Isabel Wiliams

Isabel Wiliams

Isabel Wiliams is a Content Marketing Specialist at She combines a deep background in Internet Science with intense expertise in New Technologies. She is a seasoned educator lecturing about…
Photo of Simone Fojgiel

Simone Fojgiel

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and currently living in Tampa, FL, Simone is the Director of E-Spano, the first Voice Agency dedicated to Spanish Voice Over Talents with special experience narrating…
Photo of Annica Schjott Voneche, PhD

Annica Schjott Voneche, PhD

As a Scholar, College Lecturer, Adult Educator, K-12 teacher, and a Learning Designer I'm devoted to designing and implementing engaging, student-centered learning environments to meet the demands of 21st century…
Photo of Karen Wondergem

Karen Wondergem

Director of Instructional Design at West Coast University/American Career College
Photo of Giannis Melissourgakis

Giannis Melissourgakis

I’m a learning experience designer focused on educational learning environments. Our most exciting work to date was that I connected learning through interactive virtual activities. Currently, I am writing my…
Photo of Roni Floman

Roni Floman

Author, VP Marketing
Photo of Sammy Ekaran

Sammy Ekaran

Ekaran is a passionate Tech Writer with expertise in writing content on tools used in the classroom, 3D printing in the classroom and many more categories.
Photo of Mike O

Mike O'Brien

Mike O’Brien started SmarterMedium in 2004 with the premise that the learning value could be continually enhanced by customizing solutions to the enterprise and innovating the delivery medium. We create…
Photo of Jorge Yinat, Ph.D. (Dr. Y)

Jorge Yinat, Ph.D. (Dr. Y)

Business, eLearning, and Management Consultant at James | Williams | York & Co, a corporate e-Learning management developer of OpusUS [email protected]® "Integrating Workplace Learning". Integrating business and e-learning solutions for…
Photo of Regina Blakely

Regina Blakely

Business Development, TraCorp and The GMarie Group
Photo of Pam Boiros

Pam Boiros

Pam Boiros is a marketing leader with a great history of success in corporate training, education technology and HR software. She loves helping start-up and early stage growth companies with…
Photo of Kerrie Dunn

Kerrie Dunn

Kerrie is a Design Lead at Allen Communication and has over 10 years of experience in teaching, training, and curriculum development. Kerrie prides herself on being a life-long student, and…
Photo of Robert Lucas

Robert Lucas

Robert is a freelance writer from Louisville, Kentucky. Over the past few years he has written content for multiple blogs and websites in the fields of education and recreation. In…
Photo of William Jenkins

William Jenkins

I have a passion for Education and Technology and am fascinated with the way that technology & social media is providing educators and students new ways of connecting and accessing…
Photo of Rebecca Doctrow

Rebecca Doctrow

Current Marketing Intern at Aspiring sports events and marketing professional.
Photo of Caroline March-Long

Caroline March-Long

VP of Sales and Marketing at Scitent eLearning Solutions
Photo of jaswinder singh

jaswinder singh

Jaswinder Singh is the author of "How to use Moodle 2.7" book. Bringing his rich experience of 7 years with Moodle, he is passionate about improving Indian education system by…
Photo of Laura Callisen

Laura Callisen

Laura Callisen is a professional writer and educator. Working as a freelance blogger, she tries to find creative ways of fostering people’s motivation to learn and develop higher faculties.
Photo of David MacHale

David MacHale

David MacHale is global marketing director at Olive Group, responsible for developing client content strategy and new learning technology platforms.
Photo of Cecil Archbold Jr.

Cecil Archbold Jr.

Cecil Archbold is a full-time voice actor. He provides voiceovers for corporate narration and eLearning (including content with complex medical & technical terminology).
Photo of Yann Lescurat

Yann Lescurat

Solunea company specializing in distance learning, authoring tool.
Photo of Bobby Handzhiev

Bobby Handzhiev

Founder at Kiboko Labs
Photo of Lucy Benton

Lucy Benton

Lucy Benton is a writing coach, an editor who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger, and currently works at Awriter. She is constantly looking for the…
Photo of Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas

A 25 year veteran of the voiceover industry who has delivered thousands of projects for clients in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Other professional experience includes training employees…
Photo of Alice Robinson

Alice Robinson

Inbound Marketing Manager at Six & Flow
Photo of Paulo Cegala

Paulo Cegala

Passionate Learning and Development professional eager to spread education throughout the business world!
Photo of Jessica Peresta

Jessica Peresta

Music teacher and music education blogger who helps parents and teachers by providing online music education lessons for kids.
Photo of Celisa Steele

Celisa Steele

Helping organizations maximize the reach, revenue, and impact of their knowledge and learning assets.
Photo of Chanakya IAS Academy Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow

Chanakya IAS Academy Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow

Chanakya IAS Academy was founded in 1993 by Mr. AK Mishra, Founder & Chairman. With 24 years of excellence, academy has given 3000+ Civil Servants to the nation. The academy…
Photo of Lucie Lawrence, Ph.D.

Lucie Lawrence, Ph.D.

Photo of Ken Taggart

Ken Taggart

Ken Taggart is a successful Internet entrepreneur, Crowd Sourcing advocate & EduTech trailblazer. Following the sale of his first business in 2007 Ken now runs Chatty Kidz (an innovative EduTech…
Photo of David Hilton

David Hilton

David Hilton is an instructional designer with a fascination for what makes learning work. He is completing a PhD in education with research interests in cognitive constructivism, elearning, history curriculum and curriculum…
Photo of Jamie Snitker

Jamie Snitker

Jamie Snitker is an educational technology professional that specializes in curriculum and instructional design and delivery for classroom, blended, and elearning environments. Jamie has combined her love of teaching, learning,…
Photo of Pushpa Siddhanti

Pushpa Siddhanti

Pushpa heads the Project Management team and also personally manages one of our largest customers, working closely with 80-90 stakeholders spread across the globe.
Photo of Vandit Goyal

Vandit Goyal

Vandit has spent over 13 years in the learning industry across various functions. He has co-founded DelphianLogic, and, is credited with adding some of the leading names from the Fortune…
Photo of Rory Cameron

Rory Cameron

Rory Cameron has over 15 years of experience in business development, sales, and sales operations across a range of technology sectors. At CallidusCloud, Rory runs the platforms group which consists…
Photo of Judy Thompson

Judy Thompson

Judy Thompson is a professional blogger who writes about education, modern techniques of learning and teaching. After getting the Master of Science in Information Management she decided to devote her…
Photo of Lorna Barnes

Lorna Barnes

Lorna is an experienced professional services marketer. As Head of Marketing for eCom Scotland she is responsible for communicating the benefits of digital learning technologies for organisations.
Photo of Steve Gottlieb

Steve Gottlieb

American entrepreneur, music industry pioneer, and new media executive. He is founder and CEO of Shindig, a platform for large scale online video chat events. Prior to Shindig, Gottlieb founded…
Photo of Janhavi Padture

Janhavi Padture

Janhavi works closely with Raptivity customers to bring their voice into the company, helping the product and business strategy to evolve. Janhavi operates from San Francisco Bay area.
Photo of Don Weobong

Don Weobong

Don built eLeaP, a global eLearning platform helping professionals and orgs expand and reach their full potential. As an ATD Board member in KY, he enjoys working with eLearning professionals…
Photo of Kalliroi Kiouri

Kalliroi Kiouri

I had the chance to work in several industries which made me realize that training employees is the foundation upon companies are built.Now, I'm training customers on using Elorus -…
Photo of Damian Wolf

Damian Wolf

Damian is an entrepreneur, writer and tech enthusiast. He loves to write about technology, online education, ways to go green and business trends. When he’s not working, Damian loves to…
Photo of Shina Neo

Shina Neo

Shina Neo has worked as a content marketing manager and web editor in the learning and development industry for several years. Previously Shina worked as a news reporter and has…
Photo of Lori Wade

Lori Wade

Lori Wade is a freelance content writer for Thriving Writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an…
Photo of Susan Saurel

Susan Saurel

Susan Saurel is a teacher and writer from Houston, TX. Susan is full of ideas on how to improve the process of teaching using technologies.
Photo of Veronika Tondon

Veronika Tondon

Marketing Manager at Invoicera
Photo of David Holder

David Holder

As a professional analyst focused on modeling business and system processes and data, David has more than 25 years experience in facilitating, managing, mentoring, and training others to execute state-of-the-art…
Photo of Carolyn McIntyre

Carolyn McIntyre

CEO at – The new MOOC Community Website & Discussion Board for consumers and providers of MOOCs and online learning to give & gain knowledge, share experiences, discuss &…
Photo of Allyson Hart Benavides

Allyson Hart Benavides

As Immersive Learning Leader at Cinecraft Productions, I provide instructional design support and immersive learning thought leadership and insight to all eLearning projects using storytelling and digital media.
Photo of Joel Gardner, PhD

Joel Gardner, PhD

Dr. Joel Gardner currently serves as the Program Chair of the Instructional Design and Performance Technology Master’s Degree at Franklin University. He began his career as a corporate trainer for…
Photo of Nicholas Filler

Nicholas Filler

Nicholas Filler lives in Idaho, US, and has an interest in technology, education, and medicine. He studied English with an emphasis in writing at Boise State University. Currently working on…
Photo of Sucheta Phadke

Sucheta Phadke

Learning Strategist, 24 years of experience, with a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from University of Pune and a Chevening Scholar. Learning strategy; training teams; solution design of online /…
Photo of Mohana Radhakrishnan

Mohana Radhakrishnan

As Expertus’ COO, Mohana is instrumental in setting the strategy, driving execution and creating best practices for the company’s services and technology. She also serves as Expertus’ chief consulting strategist,…
Photo of Marguerite Duparc

Marguerite Duparc

Thanks to a strong experience and expertise in Digital Learning as Instructional Designer (designing 200+ resources and blended courses) and as Product Manager for the LMS, I help companies create…
Photo of Johannes Ott

Johannes Ott

Hello and thanks for checking out my bio. Let me start with who I am. I am a father, I lived in the States(Wynoming), drove around the US on my…
Photo of Montoute Rosanna

Montoute Rosanna

Rosanna Montoute Learning Specialist – Educational TechnologistMy primary objective is to utilize my passion for learning, education and technology to assist an organization meet its strategic objectives.Concordia University graduate of…
Photo of Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer is a Sr. Solution Consultant with Kineo. He specializes in the strategy and design of learning, professional development, and learning management.  As a director, policy advisor, professor, and consultant,…
Photo of Matthew Alpaugh

Matthew Alpaugh

Matthew Alpaugh is Director of Advancement, curator of all things digital, media, publications, & Director of Technology at Morris Catholic High School.  I have been working for the past 7…
Photo of Steffen Brauers

Steffen Brauers

Steffen Brauers is Direct Marketing and Global eLearning Manager at KROHNE. The KROHNE Academy Online is aimed both at staff in practical roles, who come into contact with a wide…
Photo of Michael Schmitz

Michael Schmitz

I believe passionately in the advantages of online education. In my role as a lecturer in the areas of Classics and Ancient History and as Convener of Classics and Ancient…
Photo of Carrie Zens

Carrie Zens

Carrie Zens leads the marketing communications and delivery of Allen Interactions' custom learning services and training and outreach offerings. Carrie holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and double…
Photo of Arthur Schneider

Arthu Schneider

Mr. Schneider has over 40+ years experience with providing educational technology to Higher Educational Institutions.
Photo of Debjani Chakraborty

Debjani Chakraborty

Freelance Writer at The telegraph
Photo of Milan Roncevic

Milan Roncevic

Bachelor of Economics in field of International Marketing. Devoted to spreading the word about advantages of elearning technologies and improving my own knowledge in technology in general.
Photo of Jose Antonio Omedes

Jose Antonio Omedes

Working on eLearning analytics and adaptive learning solutions to improve students' experience, maximize their learning performance, and provide institutions and companies with the right analytical tools to get the most…
Photo of Stephen Meyer

Stephen Meyer

Stephen J. Meyer is CEO of the Rapid Learning Institute, which provides bite-size e-learning to companies, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies. In 2007, he developed the model for RLI’s…
Photo of Robert Farrell

Robert Farrell

An experienced Digital Marketing & education professional with a track record of supporting clients in an educational and consulting capacity. Well connected in industry and a judge with several awards…
Photo of Andrew Welsh

Andrew Welsh

I lead the E-learning Recruitment team at Instinct. We operate UK wide, providing both permanent and contract recruitment solutions across the breadth of Learning Technology.
Photo of Lourdes Guardia

Lourdes Guardia

PhD in Educational Sciences from the Basc Country University). She’s full time professor at Psychology and Educational Sciences Department. She’s is currently the director of the Master in Education and…
Photo of Wayne Field

Wayne Field

Wayne is the International Training Coordinator for a global not-for-profit. He works with a team of cross-cultural training professionals to support people who want to increase the value of their…
Photo of Angelos Rodafinos

Angelos Rodafinos

I help others change their reality or manage their perceptions of reality, while they are having fun in the process! [and, no ... I am not a drug dealer!] I…
Photo of Janice Kersh

Janice Kersh

Writer at Essay Writer
Photo of Siddharth Bharath

Siddharth Bharath

Sid is an online course creator and VP of Growth at Thinkific, the all-in-one online course platform.
Photo of Danielle Tomlinson

Danielle Tomlinson

Danielle has spent the last 20 plus years working in Education Services at high tech software companies. At Plex, she drives all aspects of the education services business including P&L…
Photo of Samantha Gartner

Samantha Gartner

Samantha Gartner is a Marketing and Outreach Officer for Moodle. With over 5 years of experience in the field of Marketing Communications, ranging from tourism, photography and mining services and…
Photo of Jeffrey Slapp

Jeffrey Slapp

Jeffrey Slapp has over 30 years experience in law enforcement and 20 years with training and education. He provides training solutions for law enforcement agencies and other companies. Jeffrey holds…
Photo of Moussa Traoré,PMP

Moussa Traoré,PMP

Moussa Traore makes stuff that helps people learn. He is a senior learning technologies specialist at SOFAD, and a frequent speaker and writer about learning design and technology.
Photo of Heidi Scott PhD

Heidi Scott PhD

As President and Chief Learning Architect of Learning Pursuits Consulting, Dr. Scott focuses on helping people and organizations improve their performance. Her PHD in Leadership helps her equip leaders to…
Photo of Ankur Rimjhim

Ankur Rimjhim

Director of Sales at Sify eLearning
Photo of Niranjan K

Niranjan K

Founder & CEO at CorpConsult
Photo of Anuja Khaire

Anuja Khaire

Team Lead Instructional Design at Persistent Systems
Photo of Anthony Clemons

Anthony Clemons

Anthony C. Clemons is a Curriculum Development Manager and a contributing reviewer for a number of journals. He holds an Ed.M. and an M.A. from Columbia University. His most recent…
Photo of Brian Casey

Brian Casey

Provides strategy, support, and execution of inbound marketing and sales programs for Ironpaper and clients.
Photo of Devi Prasanthi

Devi Prasanthi

Prasanthi Korada, a Post Graduate in Computer Science from Andhra University was born and raised in Kakinada. She is currently working as a Content Contributor at She can be…
Photo of Megan Bowe

Megan Bowe

Megan Bowe is a designer and strategist with a history of working with learning-technology startups. Championing data-driven design, Megan focuses on projects that require a systems thinking perspective to bring…
Photo of Eric J. Hagan

Eric J. Hagan

Eric J. Hagan has over 12 years’ experience in online higher education at a nationally ranked research university. Dr. Hagan’s experience with adult and online students arises out of his…
Photo of Howard Stafford

Howard Stafford

I'm a big picture person and a futurist. I am an early adopter and an innovator. I build relationships and networks quickly.
Photo of Anup Tapadia

Anup Tapadia

Founder at TouchMagix Media Pvt. Ltd
Photo of Elsie Walker

Elsie Walker

Elsie Walker has been involved in the online learning field for 13 years as both a course designer and instructor. Currently, she is a full time faculty member at the…
Photo of Filip Dimitrijević

Filip Dimitrijević

An e-learning enthusiast, always stubbornly aspiring to make the world a better place, bit by bit. Worked on creation of several e-learning systems and did research with experts in the…
Photo of Violet Sun

Violet Sun

Violet Sun is an Education Consultant. She is currently involved in promotion of Australian Postgraduate Online Courses in China.
Photo of Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes

Professor at the University of Cincinnati & President of Designing Digitally, Inc.
Photo of Pragya Sinha Chowdhury

Pragya Sinha Chowdhury

Delivery Head- Palmleaf
Photo of Jolita Kiznyte

Jolita Kiznyte

Co-creator of online course for project management “The Junior PM”. Co-founder of startup “blendlee”.  Researcher and blogger on project management, instructional design, startup development. Project Manager and Certified SCRUM master.
Photo of Mungara Chirantan

Mungara Chirantan

I am an open-minded, communicative and independent person, who is very interested in new challenges. I work in acommitted, responsible and determined manner to fulfill any given task and to…
Photo of Deborah McCallum

Deborah McCallum

Educator; Teacher-Librarian Specialist; AQ Instructor; MA Grad student OISE; Writer. Inquiring into impact of education practices on student learning. We live in complex knowledge building environments with increasing global connections.…
Photo of James Degenhardt

James Degenhardt

James is the Student Services Manager for Didasko Institute of Technology, and oversees student engagement and enrichment for the company’s two online private training providers. Working closely with students, James’…
Photo of ashley gwinn

ashley gwinn

I work as an School and Program Operations Support Specialist for Pearson Online and Blended Learning.
Photo of Nikita Patel

Nikita Patel

Concetto Labs provides high quality mobile application development as well as competitive website development through the use of latest technologies. We provide a one stop solution for all IT related…
Photo of Subhodip D

Subhodip D

Subhodip Das is a proficient copywriter who creates contents adhering to precise SEO standards. With years of experience under his belt, he looks to share his knowledge with a view…
Photo of Sukumari P

Sukumari P

I am an instructional designer who has close to 13 plus years in this industry and nearly 5 years in copywriting
Photo of


Harikumar, Managing Director and CEO of Origin Learning has over 28 years of extensive experience in the training, education, eLearning and publishing industry across North American, UK and Indian markets.…
Photo of Luke Hickey

Luke Hickey

As CEO of dominKnow Learning Systems, Luke has overseen the development of several learning and development software initiatives over the past 10 years — including Claro, dominKnow’s award winning elearning…
Photo of Jack de Golia

Jack de Golia

Want depth? Warmth? Want a voice talent who's easy and fast to work with? Jack will give you winning, ahead-of-schedule reads for all your eLearning projects.
Photo of paul lewis

paul lewis

73 years old. Just created my first web site. in a start up business with my daughter, Kirsty. This is a business creating whiteboard videos.For those new to this concept,…
Photo of Ant Pugh

Ant Pugh

Ant helps businesses get started with their digital learning strategy. He has worked as Head of Elearning for several global brands and spent several years running an elearning design agency.…
Photo of Darren Beauchamp

Darren Beauchamp

Darren is a digital creator from Minnesota. He teaches graphic design and is passionate about technology.
Photo of Yulia Poltavets

Yulia Poltavets

I am a marketer and blogger. I've got my Master's in Foreign Languages.
Photo of Kyle Albert

Kyle Albert

Kyle Albert, always interested in tablets, latest trends, startup businesses, fashion and design. He is also a keen social media user. Inclined to share and write about technology and how…
Photo of Claude Martel Ph.D.

Claude Martel Ph.D.

Claude holds a Ph. D. in Educational Technology and has over 25 years experience in the field of education, training, communication, media production, public relations and in the implementation of…
Photo of Anuj Kapoor

Anuj Kapoor

I have an experience of 13 years in the IT industry with over 11 years in the learning domain. I have been working as an Instructional Designer, learning developer, and…
Photo of Wendy Winnard

Wendy Winnard

teacher at priestley college
Photo of John Keller

John Keller

John Keller, PhD, Instructional Systems Technology & Organizational Behavior, Indiana University. Author: Motivational Design for Learning and Performance: The ARCS Model Approach (2010). Coauthor: Principles of Instructional Design, 5th Ed.…
Photo of Patricia Quinn

Patricia Quinn

I have 20 years’ experience of e-learning in adult and community education including: planning and co-ordinating programmes.
Photo of Sanjay Nasta

Sanjay Nasta

Sanjay Nasta founded Microassist, a learning development and delivery company, in 1988 and serves as its CEO.
Photo of Alex Galinos

Alex Galinos

Copywriter | Content Writer | Editor
Photo of Douglas Gastich

Douglas Gastich

As President and General Manager of BlueVolt (a leading LMS provider for service and manufacturing businesses), Douglas is responsible for leading the company forward as well as managing the day-to-day…
Photo of Jason Gaya

Jason Gaya

Hi this is Jason Gaya; I love to share my passion for all things News and PR to around the world. Promotion and Marketing of Medical Transcription and emPower -…
Photo of Melanie Nathan

Melanie Nathan

Melanie Nathan is a senior Digital Marketing specialist at the biggest marketing agency in Edmonton, Canada. She has over 12 years of experience in online marketing, SEO and authority building…
Photo of Amy Hankins

Amy Hankins

Amy Hankins has worked in education for ten years. Currently she is working as a full-time instructor for an online university.
Photo of Erin Pavane, MBA

Erin Pavane, MBA

Erin has 10+ years of experience working with public, private and non-profit sectors. Her focus is working with companies to implement technology solutions that solve critical business issues and help…
Photo of Meeankshi Krishnan

Meeankshi Krishnan

Meenakshi Krishnan is a Content Consultant at OpenXcell, a pioneering Mobile App Development Company in India and USA. Technology inspires her. She is currently working on global mobile app technologies…
Photo of Emily McLaughlin

Emily McLaughlin

Content Marketing Manager
Photo of John J. Park

John J. Park

John is a Senior Learning Technologist at Qualcomm and a graduate of San Diego State’s Educational Technology program. He is passionate about figuring out how technology can be utilized to…
Photo of Christoph Spiessens

Christoph Spiessens

Christoph Spiessens offers results-driven coaching and training solutions for the winning workplace. His passion is to support sales people emotionally so they will reap the results financially. Christoph’s popular 1-day…
Photo of Piotr Peszko

Piotr Peszko

Learning Manager at Motorola Solutions, Certified Instructional Designer and awarded eLearning Developer. Founder of first eLearning studies in Poland and co-founder of EduCamp conference that loves to blog.
Photo of Sreeram Sreenivasan

Sreeram Sreenivasan

Sreeram Sreenivasan is the Founder of Ubiq BI & Fedingo. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies in the areas of BI, Training & Marketing strategy. He’s passionate about Entrepreneurship,…
Photo of Dina Indelicato

Dina Indelicato

Dina Indelicato is a blogger enthusiast and freelance writer. She is always open to research about new topics and gain new experiences to share with her readers . Currently she…
Photo of Emma Whiteside

Emma Whiteside

Interim Head of Marketing at Learning Pool
Photo of Nicki Nelson

Nicki Nelson

Nicki has been with Monarch Media for ten years, managing eLearning, multimedia and educational game projects for a variety of clients, including the University of Texas, Stanford University, the American…
Photo of Caroline Greener

Caroline Greener

Caroline Greener is an Audience Engagement Specialist who for the past 8 years has supported a range of organizations in understanding, reaching, engaging and retaining audiences. Indigo Multimedia is an…
Photo of Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith is an organizational development manager at WalkMe, and editor of the blog Change, which looks at the issues and ideas relating to change management, performance management, and organizational…
Photo of Rebecca Ogrady-Marshall

Rebecca Ogrady-Marshall

Hi there, I have been involved in education and curriculum design for over seven years. This includes research, writing, facilitating and spending a lot of time playing with different on…
Photo of Shamair Cyriac

Shamair Cyriac

Shamair is the social media executive and a writer at WizIQ. He is a hard core bassist, a foodie, dog-lover and a certified weirdo!
Photo of Nader Jarmooz

Nader Jarmooz

Lecturer in engineering and e-leaning coordinator and tutor for online PDA in Project Management accredited by CMI.
Photo of Monica Kraft

Monica Kraft

Monica Kraft is a seasoned product marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience with Cloud-based technology platforms for online retail and learning. She is the Director of Product…
Photo of Juan Carlos Sánchez Aparicio

Juan Carlos Sánchez Aparicio

Chief Learning Officer in Snackson, a company that brings microlearning to the corporate sector via mobile phone. Learning designer and great defender of lifelong learning. I've devoted my career to…
Photo of Aliesha Fisher

Aliesha Fisher

Aliesha Fisher BAppSc(Psych) is the Operations Manager of Training Resource Solutions (Australia), and coordinates instructional design and development of all TRS training resources.
Photo of bill zimmerman

bill zimmerman

Bill Zimmerman is the creator of, a free comic generator web site that is used throughout the world to encourage literacy and teach the English language.
Photo of Rob Sanderson

Rob Sanderson

Rob is an Instructional Designer with ICOM Productions, based out of Canada. His passion for change and making the world a better place feeds into everything he says, is, and…
Photo of Gerfried Reis

Gerfried Reis

Gerfried has managed large eLearning teams, LMS customization and the creation of over 200 learning modules for 10 000 learners. A background in IT helps him select the best technology…
Photo of John Porter

John Porter

I’m a Southampton-based freelance writer and a tech head, so I enjoy writing about anything related to modern technology and I have a special interest in all types of productivity…
Photo of William Hall

William Hall

Bill Hall is VP of Learning & Development at Simulation Studios He specializes in creating business simulation based training to Fortune 500 companies. Bill spent 10+yrs at Apple and…
Photo of Arina Katrycheva

Arina Katrycheva

Arina is a Marketing Manager for actiTIME, software helping thousands of companies track time and manage projects efficiently. She is passionate about providing tips and practical advice on digital marketing,…
Photo of Daryl Meissner

Daryl Meissner

After more than ten years as a classroom facilitator and speaker within the technology sector, Daryl embraced distance learning modalities and began facilitating as many as 5 one-hour training modules…
Photo of Alex Samuel Vélez

Alex Samuel Vélez

Spanish professor and Instructional Designer at the Defense Language Institute (DLIFLC) in California. Earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a teaching credential in Secondary Education from the Pontifical Catholic University of…
Photo of Matt Cavanaugh

Matt Cavanaugh

I'm passionate about design, code, and their intersection. I love experimenting with the web, and I'm lucky enough to work at a company that lets me stay on the edge.
Photo of Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb is a published author, successful entrepreneur, and recognized expert in the exploding global market for lifelong learning. As a speaker, writer, and strategic advisor, he helps organizations maximize…
Photo of Damien Troy

Damien Troy

Freelance Blogger at Self Employed
Photo of Urvish Macwan

Urvish Macwan

Urvish Macwan is a Digital Marketing Expert at Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company. He has the big appetite to read and write that helps to motivate many startups…
Photo of Sandesh PV

Sandesh PV

Im Sandesh, have started my profession with FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd. FuGenX is the world fastest mobile apps development company Mumbai and Bangalore, India.
Photo of Christopher Zook

Christopher Zook

Christopher Zook is the content marketing manager for Applied Educational Systems. He's an avid SEO advocate, content marketing fanatic, and corgi celebrant. For news on digital curriculum and modern teaching…
Photo of Carolin Petterson

Carolin Petterson

Contributing Writer at Freelan Marketing
Photo of Jason Bacaj

Jason Bacaj

Content Creator at Wisetail
Photo of Jeff Paterson

Jeff Paterson

Customer Loyalty Manager at ResumeWritingService.Biz
Photo of Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of leading education technology company, Tutor Pace, a leading global entity in online tutoring, has come a long way while providing students around the…
Photo of Tanya K

Tanya K

copywriter - ArtWrite
Photo of Charles Jordan

Charles Jordan

Student at Texas A&M University-Texarkana
Photo of Persephone (Maalika) Rizvi

Persephone (Maalika) Rizvi

Producer | Presenter | Writer
Photo of Karlis Sprogis

Karlis Sprogis

11 years in e-learning with FasterCourse and Novitus. Experience with running several startups in IT industry located in UK, Denmark, Latvia and Estonia. Passionate about travelling, judo and good beer.
Photo of Michael Bollinger

Michael Bollinger

Michael is Cardkiwi's co-founder and Student at LSE,University of London.
Photo of Magnus Vik Magnussen

Magnus Vik Magnussen

I started working with e-learning as a university student in 2004, creating math animations in Flash for fellow students. The feedback from the student community was great, so we continued…
Photo of Marie Faulkner

Marie Faulkner

Genuine, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced e-Learning/Learning Technologies recruitment specialist with many years recruitment experience within the Training sector. Supporting organisations and individuals across the UK, my main passion being to…
Photo of Isaac Tolpin

Isaac Tolpin

Isaac is an entrepreneur and innovative leader in the eLearning industry. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Red Jacket West, a pioneering eLearning company created for thought leaders.
Photo of Henry Fagg

Henry Fagg

Henry is the founder of, an award-winning hub for the private tuition industry. It includes articles on private tuition topics, a directory of tutors, and reports such as an…
Photo of Enoch Kimmel

Enoch Kimmel

Co-founder of Sebale LLC ( and Intelliboard, Inc ( which provides powerful LMS analytic and report tools to support their learners. A learner's academic journey to success is more important…
Photo of Amanda Costa

Amanda Costa

Instructional Designer with a background in technical writing and editing, international experience (20 years living and working in France), and a strong desire to avoid boring learners to tears.
Photo of Susan Wines

Susan Wines

Experienced in all phases of creating e-learning courses, I find authors (subject matter experts), apply instructional design principles to course content, improve course-making processes, train internal teams worldwide in authoring…
Photo of Sam Test Cauthen

Sam Test Cauthen

As COO of Poll Everywhere, Sam works to attract, engage, and develop the highest caliber talent. Previously, Sam was a consultant with McKinsey & Company where she gained deep expertise…
Photo of Isabelle Clover

Isabelle Clover

Isabelle Clover, physiologist, writer, speaker, business owner, and health consultant. As mentor and spokeswoman for professional and charitable organizations, Isabelle Clover engages audiences on the importance of mind, body, spirit…
Photo of David Wakefield

David Wakefield

David is Co-founder at Sibme and a proponent of educating the "whole child," as well as inquiry and project-based learning when executed well. He started a Future Business Leaders of America…
Photo of Parvathi Devi Karnati

Parvathi Devi Karnati

Parvathi is the Director of translation & localization at CommLab India. she works closely with multiple translation companies and audio narration professionals across the globe.
Photo of Carrie Bailey

Carrie Bailey

Carrie Bailey is a member of the Teaching and Learning Center at Oregon Health and Science University. Her forte is combining traditional humanities content with educational technology in a future-forward…
Photo of Rebecca Kerr

Rebecca Kerr

Rebecca is the Communications and Training Editor at Poll Everywhere. She loves finding new ways to make the same-old, same-old decidedly unboring.
Photo of Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is an inspired and devoted ESL teacher from Davenport, Iowa. Throughout her teaching way she has been into writing for as her second calling. She is ready…
Photo of Steve Sieberts

Steve Sieberts

Steve Sieberts is an Instructional Developer / Videographer at the Kentucky Department for Public Health, and has over 12 years of experience as the Lead Technologist / Project Manager. Steve…
Photo of Liz Burton

Liz Burton

Liz Burton is a Content Author for High Speed Training ( a UK-based online learning provider that offer various e-learning courses. Liz also writes articles for their Blog – the…
Photo of Wasi Khan

Wasi Khan

Wasi is the founder of, which makes writing and analytics tools for higher-education. The goal of Slate is to personalize learning and assessment through the use of analytics.
Photo of Amanda Wilks

Amanda Wilks

Amanda Wilks knows the price - both material and psychological - of higher education. She's pleading for a substantial change, especially with the current political wave.
Photo of Elisabeth Arellano

Elisabeth Arellano

Elisabeth Arellano is the Marketing Communications Manager at Allen Communication. She has a bachelor’s degree in both Marketing and International Business from Utah State University.
Photo of Ignacio Gros

Ignacio Gros

Full stack developer with a specific focus on the front-end side: User experience, accessibility, web standards. Now part of the eXeLearning developer team.
Photo of Jurica Picak

Jurica Picak

Gamification expert with more than 10 000 hours invested in gaming. He started his eLearning journey with Mellon - an eLearning platform for eSports professionals. Along with his copywriting experience,…
Photo of Nick Koretsky

Nick Koretsky

project head – IGN systems
Photo of Aditya Johari

Aditya Johari

In training to be next Superman
Photo of Irfan Ahmed Khan

Irfan Ahmed Khan

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Nanosoft Technologies
Photo of Vidyuth Singh

Vidyuth Singh

Instructional Designer
Photo of James Grills

James Grills

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor -…
Photo of Jasmin Ali

Jasmin Ali

Co-founder of Course Suggest - One of the leading education reviews and comparison platform worldwide. Website:
Photo of Basharat Khadim

Basharat Khadim

A freelance content writer and corporate blogger.
Photo of Eric Skilling

Eric Skilling

Eric Skilling likes to make stuff. He's been doing so as long as he can remember -- which happens to be the 1990s when he was spending his extra time…
Photo of Stephen Ira

Stephen Ira

Stephen Ira worked as an inventor for a small manufacturing company where he developed several patents that included Velcro® brand products which led to his founding of Hook and Loop…
Photo of Neelima Menon

Neelima Menon

Overall experience of 5 years as an Instructional Designer.
Photo of Bhavin Mehta

Bhavin Mehta

Bhavin brings along a total work experience of 14 years in the field of Information Technology with 9 years in the eLearning solution designing and deployment. Currently he works as…
Photo of Samantha Fam

Samantha Fam

Samantha is content Lead at Epiphany Education (We provide e-learning consulting services). I am interested in Instructional Design and poetry. 
Photo of Sonia Bhattacharyya

Sonia Bhattacharyya

Senior Learning Project Manager at ERM: Environmental Resources Management
Photo of Nicole Hall

Nicole Hall

Nicole Hall is a freelance writer and content marketer for an educational project. She is a learning addict and online learning enthusiast, has successfully launched 3 corporate learning courses and…
Photo of Lisa Bodell

Lisa Bodell

Lisa Bodell is a best-selling author and global expert on change and innovation; CEO at futurethink; Advisor/World Economic Forum.
Photo of Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

Adam is professional writer. He is passionate about acquiring the latest developments in the education sector. Currently, He is serving ‘Assignment Prime’, an online writing service provider.
Photo of Yana Yelina

Yana Yelina

Yana Yelina is a Technology Writer at Oxagile, a leading provider of web and mobile development services specializing in online video streaming platforms, RTC, eLearning, AdTech, Big Data, and business…
Photo of Brenda Savoie

Brenda Savoie

Brenda Savoie is a grammar tutor and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romantic novel. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.
Photo of Parker Grant

Parker Grant

Parker is President & CEO of Learning Connects, LLC and an award-winning learning specialist with 25 years of creating adult learning solutions for corporate, non-profit, and higher ed institutions. He…
Photo of Satish Bisla, PMP®

Satish Bisla, PMP®

In my professional capacity as a Program Manager with Magic Software ,I am responsible for Delivery, Account management, Business Development & Digital Strategy. I encourage you to visit our website…
Photo of Laura Payne

Laura Payne

I am a writer with KMI Learning. I have a degree in English and Creative Writing from Ohio State University. My interests include creative and professional writing, education, and blogging.
Photo of Arun Goyal

Arun Goyal

Arun Goyal is Founder at Octal IT Solution. Technology innovation and trends insight come easy to Arun with his thorough knowledge in the domain. A leader in his own rights,…
Photo of Phillip Bock

Phillip Bock

I am Instructional System Designer with 20 years experience in revolutionizing training that delivers efficient, measurable, learner centric content and applications. My primary software in eLearning is Adobe CC, Captivate…
Photo of Kathleen Lowe

Kathleen Lowe

Award-winning communications professional who has experience working in North America and Africa.
Photo of Yuzhou Zhang

Yuzhou Zhang

Program Manager - Acadsoc Limited
Photo of Beatrice McGraw

Beatrice McGraw

Beatrice McGraw is a Digital Marketing Manager at - A Business to Business Marketplace. A writer by day and a reader by night; she is striving to make the…
Photo of Audrey Zack

Audrey Zack

I am Audrey Zack. I have a very strong background in technology and development with a passion for creating innovative design and developing simple solutions to challenging problems. I believe…
Photo of Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson

Poet, writer, blogger
Photo of Jesse Jacoby

Jesse Jacoby

As the founder of Emergent (, my team and I provide strategic change and business transformation consulting to Fortune 500 and midmarket companies. As strategists, planners, and implementers, we are…
Photo of Jeff Fernandez

Jeff Fernandez

Jeff Fernandez is the CEO and Cofounder of Grovo, the quickest, simplest training platform for digital and professional skills. The venture-backed learning technology company is based in New York City…
Photo of Khalid Siddiqui

Khalid Siddiqui

Presently working at Magic Software Pvt. Ltd as a Product Manager for SmartFrame, an Authoring platform which enables creation of ‘smart content’ in a ‘technology-safe’ fashion. MBA, BTech, CSM, CSPO.…
Photo of Merel Roos van Zelderen

Merel Roos van Zelderen

Business Community Development at EDACY
Photo of Danny Paulmeyer

Danny Paulmeyer

Account Coordinator at C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. (CB&A)
Photo of Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh

Blogger | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Coach
Photo of James Herrick

James Herrick

James is the Community Manager for HT2 Labs
Photo of Chris Carro

Chris Carro

Instructional Designer / Developer
Photo of Madhuri Dubey

Madhuri Dubey

Dr. Madhuri Dubey has been working in the field of e-learning for 15 years. She has managed several e-learning projects and handled various aspects of content design, development and delivery.…
Photo of Jessica Martello

Jessica Martello

Jessica Martello is an e-learning design and development enthusiast. She blogs and researches e-learning trends in the soft glow of her laptop screen. She also moonlights as an e-learning quality…
Photo of Mohamed Souidi

Mohamed Souidi

Mohamed is finishing his last year at the University of Strasbourg of Master’s degree in e-commerce. Besides that, he is working at Connect-I, an IT Development Company specialized in web…
Photo of Nikolay Filevskiy

Nikolay Filevskiy

Nikolay is a teacher of English and Russian. After graduation from Kaliningrad University (English department) in 1981 worked as a teacher, interpreter and translator. Since 2009 I've been teaching by…
Photo of Meredith Cicerchia

Meredith Cicerchia

Meredith is an applied linguist who has spent the last seven years working across the language learning industry in various roles from teaching to curriculum development and teacher-training. Previously, she…
Photo of Tim Stafford, MS MA

Tim Stafford, MS MA

T M Stafford is an Instructional Design scholar, media producer and project manager for development and launching of creative and innovative educational solutions, including all aspects of establishing and driving…
Photo of Daniela McVicker

Daniela McVicker

Daniela McVicker is a young and ambitious writer with a passion for traveling and self-developing. She knows that writing is a way to change people's thoughts and, together, we can…
Photo of Dov Friedman

Dov Friedman

A people-oriented professional and Entrepreneur , with experience in sales, marketing, management, and teaching. I enjoy the ability to utilise todays amazing technology to connect, sell globally, and help the…
Photo of Rob Strulowitz

Rob Strulowitz

Since 1999, Rob Strulowitz has provided executive leadership for global e-Learning companies and product lines in compliance training (NAVEX Global and LRN) as well as K-12 learning. Visit his e-learning…
Photo of Martin Knowles

Martin Knowles

I have worked in learning and management development for 20 years, grown up with e-learning technologies, and been obsessed with improving effectiveness and efficiency of learning to maximise individual’s personal…
Photo of Treion Muller

Treion Muller

As TwentyEighty's Chief Product Officer, Treion assists 5 L&D companies with their product roadmaps & strategies. He has worked as FranklinCovey’s Chief eLearning Architect and Director of Digital Dev., launching…
Photo of Emma Perry

Emma Perry

Emma Perry is a tutor and freelance writer, who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She also loves inspiring and motivating people and has spent the last…
Photo of Adam Maunder

Adam Maunder

Adam Maunder is the Head of Learning at Ed Mobile LMS. Adam has worked with industry giants in a number of verticals including Pandora, MARS and Commbank. Adam has been…
Photo of Sue Ellen Johnson

Sue Ellen Johnson

Sue set out to be an English teacher and poet. After some time in marketing and corporate training, she was intrigued with in the workplace and obtained diverse certifications in…
Photo of Tarun Aarya

Tarun Aarya

Tarun is a Digital Marketing enthusiast who loves to write about all things digital, tech, life and marketing.
Photo of Richard Pinner

Richard Pinner

Richard Pinner is an assistant professor at Sophia University in Tokyo. He is also the founder of Uniliterate, which provides teacher training and eLearning consultancy for language learning.
Photo of Sarah Mateljan

Sarah Mateljan

Sarah Mateljan is the Co-Founder and CEO of CourseGenius, the world's simplest eLearning platform. CourseGenius is an all-in-one platform that empowers small to medium businesses to easily create and deliver…
Photo of Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain

WordPress enthusiast working with WisdmLabs. We work towards making the Internet a better place with quality open-source web developments and WordPress customizations, specializing in elearning and ecommerce solutions.
Photo of Andrew Downes

Andrew Downes

With Watershed LRS, Andrew helps organizations to develop learning strategies based on evidence and evaluation. Andrew is one of the authors of the xAPI specification and of the Learning Evaluation…
Photo of Benedict Brychta

Benedict Brychta

Benedict Brychta is a student and a passionate blogger from San Jose. He is a fan of a healthy lifestyle and he loves to share his opinion on different things…
Photo of Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw

Adam is a freelance writer specializing in the K-12 and higher education markets. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to visit him online at The Shaw Spot (
Photo of Anna Sharkstone

Anna Sharkstone

I am a passionate writer and content manager. My main interests are college life, student assignments, and freelancer lifestyle. Feel free to contact me.
Photo of Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart

Online-safety Specialist and Blogger at Freeance; Motivational Speaker
Photo of Johan Lindström

Johan Lindström

Assistant Principal in secondary school in Stockholm. APD-certified Consultant. Assistant coach for Sollentuna volleyball in the Elitseries. Blogging about schooldevelopment & ICT at
Photo of Lynn Usrey

Lynn Usrey

Lynn Usrey. She graduated from University of Florida at 2013 and from that time she has been working as a freelance editor and proofreader. Also Lynn runs a writing course…
Photo of Yogesh Pandey

Yogesh Pandey

Creating Digital Learning Experiences and Transformations for Enterprises, Universities, and Governments. I am passionate about social learning architecture and customer success and experience management.
Photo of Thierry Wieder

Thierry Wieder

For three decades, Thierry has been managing innumerable translations and recordings in more than 50 languages for museum audio Guides, eLearning, corporate movies, interactive games, IVR, GPS and more. In…
Photo of Brandon Marsala

Brandon Marsala

Creative Collaborator
Photo of Douglas Seifert, PhD

Douglas Seifert, PhD

Doug leads a team at Syandus that combines cognitive science with virtual game technology to create rapid skill acquisition. The company has won several awards from the National Science Foundation’s…
Photo of Sammy Ekaran

Sammy Ekaran

3D design Teacher
Photo of Steve Clark

Steve Clark

I'm the copywriter for accessplanit, the training software house that develops course management solutions helping training companies automate their processes and increase sales.
Photo of Jon-Erik Oleyar-Reynolds

Jon-Erik Oleyar-Reynolds

Engineering design instructor at Broward County high school with an interest in developing new methods of preparing students for the field of engineering.
Photo of Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith designs and develops virtual learning experiences that engage audiences and improves their knowledge, builds their skills, and shifts their attitudes. With over 20 years of experience, her credits…
Photo of Meghan Young

Meghan Young

Highly skilled professional with over 20 years as a corporate consultant and service provider. Meghan has a broad range of client solutions for leadership development including corporate and academic institutions,…
Photo of Tiha Baker

Tiha Baker

Tiha Baker is a creative and resourceful instructional design professional with over 10 years of e-learning experience and a Master’s in Educational Technology.  Her diverse background includes instructional design, graphic…
Photo of Rodney Beach

Rodney Beach

Over 15 years experience in the eLearning industry - director of Liberate eLearning, one of Australia's leading online and blended courseware providers, delivering hundreds of successful projects to clients all…
Photo of Dimitris Kaplanis

Dimitris Kaplanis

With a degree in Finance, a love for learning and an even bigger fascination for enabling education in the world, Dimitris is authoring the blog of TalentLMS with a creative…
Photo of Ken Hubbell

Ken Hubbell

Ken Hubbellis a 27 year veteran in learning solutions, animation, 2D/3D entertainment, business games and simulations. Speaker at Adobe User Conventions, DevLearn 2012, SIEGE 2012 and East Coast Games Conferences;…
Photo of Sergey Menshikov

Sergey Menshikov

Founder & CEO Simformer - Unique business simulations platform for training and education.
Photo of Aman Vohra

Aman Vohra

Hi, My Name is Aman Vohra, I am a multimedia designer/developer and currently working with CreativTechnologies, a corporate e-Learning company. I’m very passionate about my work and eager to learn…
Photo of Johnny Hamilton

Johnny Hamilton

I’m a certified, credentialed, and award winning eLearning expert with extensive experience developing systemized processes, product branding, eLearning content (courses, videos, infographics), and workshop sessions at top eLearning conferences.
Photo of garima kaushik

garima kaushik

Garima Kaushik is an education expert. She has been helping students to Improve their soft skills and interpersonal skills. She also provides career guidance to students with her acquired knowledge.
Photo of Леся Ковтун

Леся Ковтун

SEO specialist, SMM-manager – Online Solutions