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Amit Gautam

Director - UpsideLMS and Co-Founder - Upside Learning
An eLearning professional with 20+ years of experience, Amit has played a key role in bringing an innovative approach to the traditional LMS and has been instrumental in putting UpsideLMS on the global map. He leads the Technology Solutions team, orchestrates the Sales & Marketing operations while acting as a consultant to clients, enabling them to make the LMS initiative a success.
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LMS And The Impact Of Social Learning

LMS And The Impact Of Social Learning

Top organizations are increasingly leveraging an LMS with social learning capabilities to make their training programs more attractive and engaging. An LMS that seamlessly engages the learners through social learning enhances the learning experience as well as promotes further participation.
6 Marketing Skills For Learning And Development

6 Marketing Skills For Learning And Development

Although Learning and Development (L&D) and Marketing may have different types of teams, the core aim of both departments is to communicate in a way that focuses on changing the behavior of people. It’s only in the best interest of an organization to have the two share learnings since their fields of expertise overlap.