Change Management

June 30, 2021

Society’s Widening Digital Divide

The widening digital divide demands immediate action. The magnitude of ongoing disruptive change often triggered by new and emerging technology continues to change the skill requirements for today’s workers. That will only continue and likely intensify in the coming years.
by Kevin Coleman
June 18, 2021

The Gray Area Of Change

This gray area is an unusual, ill-defined situation, environment or field that does not conform to conventional thinking. It also goes against some of our existing rules-of-thumb and guidelines. Breakthroughs in science and technology coupled with the evolution of society changing jobs and skills!
by Kevin Coleman
May 9, 2021

Will You Be A Disruptor Or Get Disrupted?

The pending emerging technology revolution has far-reaching effects impacting individuals and organizations small and large. The creative deployment of these ground-breaking emerging technologies will unlock new value while triggering a value reduction in some past paradigms and models. Get ready!
by Kevin Coleman