Murf AI

An AI-based tool to generate ultra-realistic voiceovers across 130+ voices and 20+ languages Read more

Tom OToole Communications

Tom O'Toole is a nationally acclaimed voice talent who can deliver award-winning voice overs and narrations for your E-Learning or Corporate media project. Read more

Voices Over Easy Media Services

Voices Over Easy Media Services stands ready to provide long-form narration voice production for your e-learning or video projects, with a rapid turnaround time, responsive customer service, all at reasonable rates. Read more

Spirited USA

Spirited USA has served corporate media production since 1988. We have over a dozen Telly and other national awards in our clients showcases. We are focused keenly on quality, speed and the goals of our clients. We speak eLearning. Read more

Suzanne Lynn

Suzanne Lynn is an experience voice artist who has worked with national brands such as Dove Soap, Pottery Barn, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, The United State Department of Defense for training videos and many others. Read more

The Multi-Voiced-Millennial

A warm and insightful narrator for the wide diversity of your eLearning projects. Read more

Keith Michaels Voice Over LLC

Keith Michaels is a Voice Arts Award® nominated voice talent and casting director with over 25 Years of experience. Read more

Mark Ryes Voiceovers

Providing a trusted British voice to the e-learning industry - at very reasonable rates. Read more

Rich Garifo Voiceover

Confident and lively. An engaging grown-up voice. A voice, "...warm, textured, and mature... with an unexpected quirkiness." Imagine the guy next door who always makes you laugh but can finally get you to understand why your WiFi password sucks. Read more

Andy Field Voiceover, LLC

Authoritative, warm, genuine e-learning narrator Read more

VoicedByLynn LLC

Lynn Norris is a Voice Arts Award® winning narrator with a life-long love for learning. Lynn provides deliveries from the professorial to the casual and even animated or operatic for your eLearning, Explainer or other instructional projects. Read more

Wordbubble Studios

Wordbubble Studios is a professional recording studio in the NYC area, and home of Steve Zarro - Voice Actor. Wordbubble provides broadcast-ready audio at quick turnarounds, in addition to project consultation and close partnering with creators. Read more

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