BishopSonics LLC

Voice Over and Audio Post Production services Read more

Kim Handysides Voiceover

Top quality eLearning narrator, voiceover on close to 2 dozen Communicator Awards, excellent medical and pharmaceutical vocabulary, quick turn around times, competitive rates. Read more

J. Lasky Voices

Specializing in Audiobooks and eLearning development and sound production, JLV is your complete VO and VA package, from raw to mastered! Read more

Stephanie Cannon Voiceovers

A smooth, engaging and layered US voice that makes you want to keep listening. Read more

WellSaid Labs, Inc.

Voiceover for eLearning worth listening to. Read more

1 African American Voice Over - Christian Stoner

E-Learning doesn't have to be boring! For a new generation of learners, an older generation, & everyone in between, Christian Stoner is the go-to for a refreshingly youthful, conversational, & welcoming E-Learning voiceover. Read more

1 American - Christian Stoner Voiceover

Make online learning fun with voiceover by Christian Stoner! Christian is an American Voice Actor with a youthful American accent. With a friendly & genuine approach, Christian helps you connect with your audience through artful voiceover. Read more

1 British - Galena's Voices

British, General American, African-American Voices.. Boys, Girls, Teen, Young Adult Specializing in every aspect of eLearning, Narration, TV Narration, Explainer Videos, Marketing Videos. I can alleviate stress and bring you success! Read more

1020 Productions

Producing e-Learning, narration, commercial and more! Read more

1st in Class Voice Productions

We are standing by to provide 1st-rate voiceovers, fast turnaround times & quick-response customer service for your long-form and micro e-learning projects with reasonable rates. Oh, and we SING! Read more

42nd Street Productions

Connie Terwilliger is a full-time American Accented female voice actor with global credits working out of her professional studio in San Diego CA. You’ve heard her on radio, TV, the Internet, in your office or car and in stores across the country and around the world. Hear her in the Mob Museum in Las Vegas! Read more

888 VoxInSoX 888

Voicing for the E-learning industry Read more

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