The Voice of Ferlon LLC

Are your eLearning projects looking great, but suffering from robotic voices? Don't worry, The Voice of Ferlon has got your back! With Ferlon's conversational and natural tone, your learners will be engaged throughout your whole course.

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24931 Woodridge Drive, Apt 301
Farmington Hills, MI
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(757) 572-6280

The Voice of Ferlon LLC is a voiceover company that provides high-quality voiceovers with a quick and efficient turnaround time. Specializing in eLearning and explainer video narration, The Voice of Ferlon will keep your audience engaged to the end.

The voice talent behind the company is Ferlon Webster, Jr. Ferlon started his career as a local news camera man. He worked his way from being behind the scenes to eventually doing voiceovers for local news stories in multiple regions. After a while, Ferlon became an on-air talent where he began to thrive. His passion for voice acting became apparent to him later in his news career and he decided to become a full-time voice actor and start The Voice of Ferlon LLC in 2022.