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Make online learning fun with voiceover by Christian Stoner! Christian is an American Voice Actor with a youthful American accent. With a friendly & genuine approach, Christian helps you connect with your audience through artful voiceover.

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Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN
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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here, and can't wait to help you give your learners a meaningful educational experience through the power of voiceover!


Providing premium quality voiceovers using best-in-class equipment, giving my clients incredibly powerful and effective recordings that connect with their audiences is what I do.


All of my voiceovers are recorded in a professional studio that gives a beautiful end result.


Here’s a little bit of what I can offer you:


- A warm, friendly, welcoming tone that will resonate with your listeners;


- Professional recordings using state-of-the-art equipment (the quality is unbelievable!); and…


- …my full attention! This is my full-time job and I seriously love what I do, so you can rest assured you’ll always be getting my best work.


I understand it’s difficult to choose someone to work with who you don’t know; that’s why I let my 100% customer satisfaction guarantee speak for me! I’ve narrated for:




Johnson & Johnson


- and so many more amazing clients.


I book up fast, so let's get started on your project right now!