Amazing Voice

Founded in 2003, Amazing Voice owns and operates a professional recording studios with state-of-the-art equipment and employs professional audio engineers to master and produce the finest quality voice-overs that are technologically possible.

Amy Andrews VO

Amy is a New York City-based voice actor specializing in educational materials for children. Her warm, perky and youthful voice brings fun and energy to scripts, and she is a positive and productive collaborator.

Amy Dubose Voice Actor

Welcome! 👋 I am an experienced voice actor and for most projects offer a 24 hour turnaround. • I work in a sound-treated studio and can accommodate directed sessions. • I work with eLearning companies, advertising agencies, and corporate producers.

Amy Fisher Voiceovers

Professional Voiceover Narration for your eLearning modules and scripts delivered with talent, insight and intellect.

Andrew Lander | Business Casual Voice Overs

Andrew Lander is an award-winning professional voice actor based just outside Atlanta. Andrew's voice has been described as authentic, conversational, inviting, engaging, friendly, educated, and relatable.

Andy Coffman

Upbeat Authentic Rich Warm Friendly Voiceovers. Helping brands stand out for more than 20 years. Available now for any type of voiceover project.

Andy Field

With a masters in education, a minor in math, and decades in the classroom, Andy can explain anything to anyone. Don't rule out how cool you'll be when you hire a voice actor from a popular video game!

Angelic Voice Overs

Every company needs a voice to train employees, educate the public, put minds at rest about hard decisions. Angelic Voice Overs can be that voice for you. Professional, natural, and caring. In all the right ways that count for your clients.

Anne Ganguzza Voice Productions

An award-winning full-time voiceover talent with a fully equipped professional studio offering phone patch, Skype, Source Connect and ipDTL services.

Annemarie Rosano - Voice Actor

Annemarie has appeared in countless commercials, industrials, and trainings for a wide range of industries.

Anthony Gettig - Third Hour Media, LLC

Third Hour Media, LLC is Anthony Gettig and his team of professionals specializing in narration for business. From employee onboarding to compliance training, Anthony can breathe life into your e-learning content.

April Watkins Voiceover & Vocals ~Voices by April

April is multidimensional: creating impressions, personas, narratives, and promotions that evoke imagery and emotion. Trustworthy, Convincing, Experienced, Authoritative, Rich, Relatable, Natural, Personal, Versatile, Inviting, Reassuring.

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