AA MusicLab Productions

Voice Over in Latin American Spanish, English to Spanish translations, trans-creation, dubbing, localization and custom music.

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511 Walkerville RD RR1
Cleveland, Nova Scotia
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(902)625 1216

AA MusicLab Productions specializes in properly translating your message into Spanish, whether it is from Latin America, USA or Europe. We adapt your message to the local market and integrate it into the local culture.

Voice Over: Crisp, clear, professional quality audio promptly delivered to you in the format your require, when you require it. Premium voice over talents.

Translations: English - Spanish translation, trans-creation and copywriting. Your messag translated by a human, not a machine.

Custom Music & Audio Editing: Editing, Lipsync, ADR, Audio and Video Synchronization. Turnkey solutions for your audio projects.

Our clients include important companies like Ford, Bombardier, Basf, Honda, WMware, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, DQ and other important companies.