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A rare organized/creative, I'm here to help you deliver engaging eLearning content through excellent audio and exceptional customer service. Quick turnaround, professional home studio, quality results.

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Nicholasville, KY
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A voice for business, a mind for details, and a joy to work with.

Catherine's voice is a combination of pure joy and tempered maturity - adding up to an authentic, friendly, relaxed, and relatable read.

Her company exists to help you deliver more engaging online training through professional, dynamic voiceovers and excellent customer service resulting in improved learner retention  With a professional double-walled, acoustically-treated, technically-certified home recording studio, she delivers quality audio quickly and efficiently.

Catherine is the epitome of an organized-creative. Her extensive training (including a master of fine arts in acting/directing) helps her hone in on exactly what a director or producer needs from the script. Meanwhile, her left-brain is captivated by a beautifully color-coded Excel spreadsheet.

Where precision and passion are required, Catherine is your voice.  She will bring your words to life, while also making the process an absolute delight.

"Catherine has keen eye for people, process and procedure. Her attention to detail, passion for serving her constituents and phenomenal sense of humor made her a pleasure to work with."  --Mark Oppenlander [Director, Center for Applied Learning at Seattle Pacific University]