Looking To Plan Your L&D For 2022? Watch Out For These Trends!

Looking To Plan Your L&D For 2022? Watch Out For These Trends!
Summary: As we step into 2022, this is the right time to plan your L&D strategy for the coming year. Here are a few trends to watch out for before you begin.

L&D Trends For 2022

With 2022 just around the corner, it’s time to set your learning priorities for the coming year. It’s been almost two years since the pandemic struck, but the unprecedented changes continue. While 2020 was about high unemployment rates and layoffs, 2021 was about the Great Resignation and open job roles. Amidst all this, if there’s one vertical that has been majorly impacted by all these ups and downs, it has undoubtedly been L&D.

The 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report has clearly pointed out that L&D departments have managed to secure a higher place for themselves since the pandemic [1]. In fact, 33% of learning pros have said that they expect an increase in their 2022 training budget. So, as we step into 2022 with new hopes, new aspirations, and definitely a much more positive mindset, here are a few trends you need to watch out for as you plan your L&D strategy for the year.

Continued Focus On Learning For Hybrid Working

If 2021 taught us anything, it is that hybrid working is likely to be the future of the workplace for a long time to come. With the flexibility that hybrid—remote plus office—lends, it is fast becoming the preferred choice for many employees. A Gartner study has pointed out that 48% of employees will most probably work at least part of the time remotely after COVID-19, in contrast to the 30% of employees who did so before the pandemic [2].

This means that L&D will have to continue to focus on training programs for the hybrid workforce without trying to rush to the instructor-led, face-to-face classroom model of learning [3]. They will have to keep exploring ways to create learning for the hybrid workforce by picking an eclectic bouquet of options that leverage the strengths of each different mode, including mobile, multimedia, just-in-time, and so on, to boost engagement.

Learning In The Flow Of Work

With remote working becoming the norm and the lines between personal and professional lives blurring further, learning in the flow of work has brought about a paradigm shift in the L&D space. It focuses on making learning more relevant while embedding it in an individual’s day-to-day job. Learning in the workflow encourages employees to be more proactive, take ownership of their learning experiences, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

This is the learning that can happen within the work environment, through modes like microlearning that can take place even while the individual is performing a work-related task or taking a quick break from work. Learning can happen within the work setting, making the process more organic, and this trend will remain strong in 2022.

Personalized Learning

The pandemic brought in some much-needed changes in the learning experience, like replacing week-long mandatory training sessions with more personalized experiences that cater to an individual employee’s schedule and needs. The Brandon Hall Group’s 2021 State of Learning Practices Study has found that 93% of companies strongly agree that personalized learning helps improve organizational as well as individual performance.

The bottom line is, personalized learning is a great way to have people learn more often, retain the knowledge, and apply it faster. This, in turn, will help elevate business productivity, and the obvious result will be better performance and better profit in 2022 and beyond.

Robust LMS

The Great Resignation that’s in full force at the moment will most likely continue even in 2022, at least for some time. One way for companies to address the issue is to look at L&D departments and explore more opportunities to invest in employee learning and professional development.

It’s important to note whether employees are truly engaged with the learning experience you are giving them. Do you have a robust LMS to help them upskill/reskill in the flow of work? While companies have already been looking increasingly to their LMSs to support employee retention, in 2022, learning platforms will become even more vital as businesses navigate continuous changes.

Parting Thoughts

In 2022, your LMS will be the hero in ultimately bolstering higher employee retention rates and engagement. While these are a few trends to watch out for in 2022, here’s hoping the new year will bring in many more opportunities for learning to seminally influence businesses in a positive manner.


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