5 Corporate Training Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

5 Corporate Training Trends To Watch Out For In 2022
Summary: From hybrid working to emerging skill gaps, L&D supported employees through another year of dynamic change. But what’s coming next? We talked to eLearning industry experts, leaders, and learners to discover what they want and need from L&D in 2022.

2022 Corporate Training Trends To Keep On Your Radar

With many people still working from home and face-to-face training largely impossible, digital learning continues to help employees keep pace with change. People are now used to self-directed learning. Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), webinars, and eLearning are familiar tools for training while working remotely.

The online learning transformation is here to stay. So, how can you avoid digital fatigue setting in and continue to deliver impact? We surveyed over 1000 L&D professionals and learners, as well as industry experts, to uncover the key training trends for 2022.

1. Microlearning That Is Truly Micro

25% of L&D professionals said microlearning was the approach that worked best in their organization. Bite-sized training content has also proved popular with busy employees who need to fit learning around their day. In fact, average learning session times are now just eight minutes!

But it isn’t just about reducing the length of learning material. “In 2022, we’ll see an increase in digital learning fatigue,” says David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway Group. “If organizations are going to combat this, they need more value-centered, human-focused learning.”

Faced with employee burnout, the need for shorter, sharper, and more relevant learning experiences is greater than ever. Microlearning needs to respect employees’ time with people-centered learning that really benefits them.

2. Flexible Blended Learning

The new work landscape continues to evolve, and hybrid ways of working are taking shape. Nick Shackleton-Jones, CEO at Shackleton Consulting, believes, “We’re going to see a swing back towards in-person events, but the proportion of learning delivered digitally will remain far higher than pre-pandemic levels.” 

30% of businesses are returning to face-to-face training but offering learners a choice of alternatives. Blended learning design is getting refreshed to suit the varied demands of the new learning landscape. This modern approach to blended learning offers people choice and flexibility and maximizes impact.

3. Video Powered Social Learning

Video comes up time and time again as a focus for L&D teams. And this year is no different. 41% of learning leaders are looking to push video learning. It’s not a new medium, but this learning trend isn’t always effective. So, how can you harness the power of video?

Faced with new isolated workplace setups, video has proved critical to people’s continued collaboration and relationship building. Encouraged by this peer learning, L&D leaders are focusing on “social media-inspired,” “short and emotional videos” covering everything from “case studies” to “SMEs and thought leaders” interviews. 

4. AI Personalized Learning Experiences

Most organizations have plenty of learning content. The issue is finding the right content at the right time. 15% of L&D teams are exploring how they can use artificial intelligence (AI) for personalizing learning.

AI tools leverage data to deliver adaptive learning paths. This can then be plugged into employees’ work at the point of need. “Responsive campaigns and nudge learning have been around in various forms for years,” says Lori Niles Hofmann, Learning Strategist at NilesNolan. “But we’ve not maximized its potential.”

At its core, this trend is about data. Even without all the tech, you can still gather data to find out what works and create personalized learning experiences.

5. Wellbeing As A Priority

Rapid change and increased global uncertainty have caused many employees to struggle. On-the-job collaborative learning is more difficult, and the pressure is on to self-learn. So, it’s not surprising that our survey highlighted employee wellbeing and mental health as a focus for learning leaders in the new year.

“I’d like to see a sharper focus on employee health and wellness,” says Brandon Carson, Vice President, Learning and Leadership Partner at Walmart. “I’m most excited about the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our employees.”

Training Trends 2022 Conclusion

As our ways of working continue to evolve in 2022, L&D needs to keep pace. We’ve identified 5 training trends that will help you create value for your business and employees in the coming year. Whether you focus on microlearning, flexible blends, user-generated video, data personalized learning paths, or wellbeing, the key to success in the coming year is putting your people at the center of L&D. You can also check out Elucidat’s full Training Trends Report 2022.

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