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Dr. Gerald Zandstra

Chief Strategy Officer, Inno-Versity LLC
Dr. Zandstra is the Chief Strategy Officer of Inno-Versity and holds two Master's degrees and two Doctorates. He has taught economics at the MBA level for 10+ years, been a director at a think-tank on economics and public policy, and has been part of the leadership team of Inno-Versity since its inception in 2011.
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February 15, 2021 | Sponsored

An In-Depth Interview On How Learning Leaders Use MicroLearning Everyday

Inno-Versity has not only done serious research into the learning science behind the effectiveness of microlearning, but it has also helped map, create, deliver, and market microlearning assets to corporations, nonprofits and higher education around the globe. The following interviews were conducted with some of the deep thinkers and practical experts at Inno-Versity who are engaged with microlearning daily.
February 9, 2021 | Sponsored

Retail Training: How A Retail Giant Put Microlearning Into Practice

A global retail company was looking for a partner to help increase participation and implementation of their new team operational principles: creating project charters, meeting principles, continuous improvement tools, and more. They had materials that were too abstract and didn’t convey the right information. This is the story of how MicroLearning solved their participation and implementation needs.
February 1, 2021 | Sponsored

How A Global Manufacturing Company Has Made MicroLearning The Core Of Its Learning Program

The purchasing division of a global manufacturing company was frustrated. They’d spent time and budget creating eLearning to help their acquisitions department learn and apply an entirely new purchasing process. But early indicators showed poor buy-in and a low level of application. They determined that the processes’ complexity and lack of extension materials ensured that their learners didn’t understand the process and couldn’t easily access materials when they needed a just-in-time refresher. MicroLearning was the solution they needed.