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Dr. Gerald Zandstra

Chief Strategy Officer, Inno-Versity LLC
Dr. Zandstra is the Chief Strategy Officer of Inno-Versity and holds two Master's degrees and two Doctorates. He has taught economics at the MBA level for 10+ years, been a director at a think-tank on economics and public policy, and has been part of the leadership team of Inno-Versity since its inception in 2011.
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January 11, 2021 | Sponsored

When To Use Microlearning: 6 Microlearning Examples And Learning Modalities To Leverage Your Learning

Microlearning isn’t a silver bullet. Although a popular method and a strong instructional strategy, it’s not always the best solution. This article clarifies some circumstances in which microlearning may be the ideal option. Equally important, it considers some situations in which microlearning may not be the best choice. It contains general guidelines for when microlearning might be just the solution you’re looking for.
December 28, 2020 | Sponsored

What Is Microlearning? Critical Characteristics And Benefits That Can’t Go Unnoticed

Microlearning isn’t limited to one specific setting. There are potentially thousands of microlearning opportunities in one-on-one training, the classroom or training room, and dozens of other settings. This article’s focus is on microlearning in the digital setting, where it can be delivered in a myriad of ways: animations, videos, more-traditional eLearning modules, interactive pdfs, infographics, podcasts, and more.