How To Launch A Skills-Forward Talent Strategy

by Cornerstone OnDemand

Developing a skills-forward talent strategy can help you unite people growth with business success. This guide outlines four key steps involved in this strategy. Let’s dive in.

Key Chapters

  1. Turn skills into your organization’s new growth language

    Developing a skills-forward talent strategy can help you unite people growth with business success.

  2. Four steps organizations must take

    People want to do meaningful work and understand their career opportunities. Organizations must help employees feel capable, secure, and connected to their careers and to the company’s mission and goals.

  3. Step 1: Embed learning and development into your culture

    Learning must be part of who you are as an organization. That means encouraging the behaviors that lead to success.

  4. Step 2: Help employees identify new skills—and how they apply to your organization and industry

    Employees need to understand how new skills are applied to the present and future of their organization and the broader aspects of how it impacts their industry.

  5. Step 3: Let AI do some of the heavy lifting

    AI gives organizations the ability to make predictive and intelligent decisions and recommendations.

  6. Step 4: Demonstrate organizational impact

    Organizations should consider adjusting their approach to skill development to reduce barriers and improve outcomes across the future ready workforce.

  7. Employees and companies must work together in the reskilling revolution

    The world of work has changed forever, and your employees are painfully aware of the effects.

It’s been said that 2020 brought about three years of digital transformation in three months. The initial phases of that transformation centered on adapting to the dramatic and sudden changes thrust upon us, such as enabling remote and distributed workforces to simply work, communicate, and collaborate.

The insights and actionable tips you'll find in this guide can help you create a skill-building program that's personalized and purpose-driven. It also features proven strategies to cultivate your talent and evaluate training effectiveness.

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