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The Future Of Work Report 2022: Culture Trends And What Employees Want


The Future Of Work Report 2022: Culture Trends And What Employees Want

by eLearning Industry / Published: Nov 17 2022

What it's about

Company culture is a significant determinant of business success, as a great culture improves employee engagement, boosts productivity, and creates healthy relationships between every level of the organization. But, creating a great company culture in a post-pandemic world requires very different priorities than a few years ago. To better understand workplace culture today and learn how employers can prepare for the future, eLearning Industry, the world’s largest community and knowledge-sharing platform for L&D and HR professionals, surveyed 1,200 workers across five industries. The Future of Work report explores the dynamics between leadership and employees when it comes to company culture. It also delves into what employees value today and how they feel employers are doing when it comes to designing a great workplace.

Key chapters

  • Post-Pandemic Revelations: Shocking Leader-Employee Relationship Findings

  • Which Perks Are Popular Among Employees In The New Normal?

  • How Do Employees Perceive Their Company's Culture?

  • Which Aspects Of Company Culture Do Employees Value?

  • How Do Employees Feel About Growth And Advancement Opportunities?

  • What Does The Future Hold For Workforce Development And Culture-Building?

  • Quick Tips For Employers To Cultivate A Culture Of Empowerment

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