Virtual Reality Outsourcing: Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Immersive Learning Partner

by eLearning Industry

Telecommuting and new safety mandates are just a few of the ways the pandemic has impacted the corporate world. So, how do you prep staffers for emerging challenges and safeguard their emotional and physical wellbeing? This guide can help you pick the right virtual reality training outsourcing partner for your remote workforce.



Key Chapters

  1. 6 VR Training Myths (Debunked)

  2. 8 Qualifications To Consider For Your Next VR Training Outsourcing Partner

  3. 8 Insider Secrets To Draft A Top-Notch RFP For VR Training Companies

  4. Things to Look for in VR Training Vendor Landing Pages, Portfolios, and Listings

Virtual reality is no longer the stuff of sci-fi films. In fact, it’s a valuable training tool that EVERY business can benefit from.

Organizations must be able to rely on VR training vendors to achieve the objectives and stick to the timeline. This eBook can help you choose the right partner for your L&D programs. 

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.