Mark Nathan Willetts

My name is Mark Nathan Willetts, and I come from Nottingham, England. I am a very creative person, starting out as a designer/illustrator/animator before moving into educational pursuits later in my career. I realised quickly that methodologies I had studied from the likes of Kandinsky, and other forms of art with a basis in psychology, had really given me a strong platform for getting to grips with accelerated learning. I have been excitedly exploring the depths for the vast multidimensional nature of education for the past few years.

eLearning Articles by Mark Nathan Willetts

Motivation in Learning: Encouraging Active Engagement by avoiding the QFNS

Motivation in Learning: Encouraging Active Engagement by avoiding the QFNS

Monday, 3 March 2014 by Mark Nathan Willetts

This article explores the premise of what to consider for providing an active learning experience. Also, what pitfalls we must…


Educational Pinball - Comparing eLearning to a Game of Pinball

Monday, 18 March 2013 by Mark Nathan Willetts

Recently I had been trying to think of an effective way of visualising the e-learning process and the mechanics behind…


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