10 Important Educational Mobile App Features That Boost The Learning Process

10 Important Educational Mobile App Features That Boost Learning Process
Summary: The successful educational mobile app features formula is the one where the more you facilitate the learners, the more prosperous business path you choose.

The Educational Mobile App Features That Boost The Learning Process

The educational system around the global arena has gone through a sea change over the last decade. Undoubtedly, the online learning or the digital education is the order of the day. And, to be precise, one of the key players that has brought about this revolutionary transformation is the educational mobile app which assists the learners in their learning process.

One really feels blessed as we don’t have to attend those monotonous lectures and follow the age old conventional method of learning Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics. Studies never seemed to be that simpler; all thanks to the useful educational mobile apps. But do you think that all educational mobile apps have equivalent potential to give you an extra edge over your competitors in the examination? Nope.

Most mobile applications claim to offer their optimum features, but in reality only a handful educational mobile app features are able to supersede over the rest. This you know with your own practical experience. Some educational apps will offer the best explanation of various topics in different subjects; provide informative content with live tutorial interaction, while others fail to meet the expectations of the users.

According to the recent statistics, the educational mobile apps are the third most frequently downloaded applications on the mobile phones with the current rate at 8.47%. So, if you are planning to develop a learning app, adding these indispensable features will enhance your chances of reaping the best profits for your business.

1. Developing A Powerful And Supportive Database

Whether you believe it or not, an architecturally powerful and supportive database will place your educational app in the driving seat. This is because all the information related to the study material and guide is uploaded onto a database. It needs to be updated on a regular basis with latest information, videos, content, facts, figures, and statistics.

The database should smooth the progress of process of learning and as such the students should get a quick access to all the wanted information with the tip of a finger. The database should not hang even if it is running on a slow internet speed.

2. Comprehensive And Valuable Content

Content that instantly arrests the attention of the learner in one glance will allow your educational mobile app an opportunity to be downloaded several times more than the other apps. Just keep an eye on these vital factors:

  • Content should be comprehensive and worthy of reading.
  • The content should be developed specifically for the targeted audiences.
  • Keep in mind that all learners do not have the same grasping power; so, use the simplest of languages that can be easily understood.
  • The content should be mobile friendly as well.

3. Interactive Session With Tutors With Live Tutorials

This is another essential asset which you can bank upon to promote your app amongst the different users. Interaction with the teacher can always help the students in solving out their problems and clearing their doubts. You can create a virtual atmosphere as a classroom in addition to providing live tutorials by adding ‘chat now’ which will be the icing on the cake.

You can also ask the learners to give their valuable feedback on whether they have benefited from the interactive session. Based on the response, you can decide on what needs to be improved in the app.

4. Offering Regular Mock And Practice Test On Various Topics

Now, let’s try this: You can offer mock or practice tests on various topics and subjects where the students can judge their actual preparation before the examination. You can upload some test papers and ask the learners to download them. Believe it; most of the students search for such test papers and this feature will not only benefit the learners, but boost your app into the profitable zone.

5. Easy To Login Profile With Dashboard Facility

While developing the app please ensure that your educational app feature must have easy to login facility. This simply means that the user can easily create his profile with only a few steps. You should provide a dashboard where the user can save their personal preferences and choose the topic for learning.

6. Not Ignoring The Vitality Of User Interface

This is one area where app developers do not pay much attention. As an outcome, their apps have to suffer in the competitive market. You don’t have to sail on the same boat, but instead provide a superb user friendly User Interface with attractive outlook and best functionality.

7. Providing That Personal Element Or Individual Space

While developing the educational app it is very important to keep in mind the specific individual needs of the customer. This means providing a one stop shop app where the user can find everything in a single mobile application.

On the other note it is also crucial to offer individual freedom where the students and the teachers can hold free discussions and choose their own method of learning. Simplifying the topics, which is a hard nut to crack for most of the students, will help in increasing the popularity of the app.

8. Using The Powerful Social Media Platform To Good Effect

Now this needs to be understood very evidently: Your app cannot progress or flourish without the support of various social media tools. How effectively can you use the tools to maximize benefits simply lies in your hands. Whatever information or content on a particular subject or topic you are uploading into your app, you can share the details on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can create a YouTube channel where you can post tutorial videos related to your educational app.

On one hand you are directly getting in touch with the new users and also promoting your app as well.

9. Any Idea Regarding Push Notifications

Do you have any knowledge about what does Push Notification mean? Actually, in simple language it means to keep the user updated with all the relevant information. However, one has to adjust his settings and also inform when downloading and installing.

Thus a Push Notification is an empowering tool which allows people to send messages to the particular schools and other users. This is a type of advertisement or important reminder on any aspect of the app.

10. Integration To Reach Targeted Audience

Integration in an educational mobile app has its own significance as it helps to reach out the targeted audiences. You can share information with your users and categorize them into different segments that include the school by school or grade by grade. You can manage the flow of information with this effective feature of the app. If you have a website, the user can browse it on your mobile app.


Well, education is getting digitalized, and the best educational apps already reigning the app store. Therefore, if you want to compete successfully, these educational mobile app features will surely prove to be more than handy. And one more than thing you have to be very sharp in acquiring the information on latest technical developments; plus, use your creativity to provide the learners something extraordinary.