10 Factors That Make eLearning The Future Of American Education

10 Factors That Make eLearning The Future Of American Education
Summary: Technology has a massive sway over present educational trends with eLearning having the lion’s share in the scenario. Students of future America are sure to be tech savvy in their learning methods with more technological competence in educational and career prospects. Factors like increased computer applications, ease of learning, growth of MOOCs, productive learning atmosphere, and more employability chances attribute to eLearning being the future of American education.

Why eLearning Is The Future Of American Education 

As technology has grown by leaps and bounds, educational modes also have seen a sea change in their trends with eLearning peeping into the scene. With for-profit organizations dominating the online educational scenario especially in higher educational courses in the USA, the growth of this kind of education is very rapid. The adding feature in the future of American education scenario is the advent of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), allowing education to shed off its time restrictions and geological boundaries. MOOCs highlight the fact that any person can gain education from anywhere through virtual medium and he has equal learning opportunity like any other person in the world. This trend is strikingly felt by the students of the USA for the benefits they reap out of eLearning methods. And, North America has been the topping eLearning market for years, with Asia and Western Europe staying a bit behind.

So, what are the factors that made eLearning the future of American education?

  1. Increase in the use of computer applications.
    Every American household uses tablets apart from laptops and desktops. Increase in mobile use is an adding factor to this scenario setting the ground for eLearning. In the USA, students who have matriculated with a tablet are more in number than their traditionally schooled peers. They believe that digital formats for reading and tablets will change their way of learning.
  2. Exciting learning opportunities through eLearning methods.
    With latest developments in online learning tools, students expect exciting learning opportunities with scope for improving their learning skills through innovative techniques and gamified learning. eLearning individualizes learning and gives the confidence that everyone can gain equal education.
  3. Alertness in the eLearning process-more productivity.
    More productivity is assured in eLearning process with touch screens and individual tables for the ease of student learning. Further, students are curious about their learning tools and want to use them for their advantage. Interactive methods and games make classroom atmosphere fun and lively producing more positive results in the learning aspects of students.
  4. Increase in MOOCs.
    With more MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) in the pipeline, learning advanced courses and college courses is not difficult for students. They can spend less time on learning and reduce their cost of education as well by choosing free courses.
  5. Increase in virtual tutoring centers.
    With the advent of internet, online tutoring has emerged as a powerful medium of education with its multifold benefits for students. Online tutoring centers use eLearning as a powerful tool for offering solutions to students who struggle in their homework, assignment writing, and test preparation. There are sites like Tutor Pace offering quality service through custom made courseware for the advantage of students.
  6. Rosy employability prospects for eLearners.
    Since all the corporate sectors and business ventures are web oriented in their transactions and communication, they expect their employees to be familiar with technological methods that support their system to the core. Degrees may not be the concern of employers in future and they may expect more practical skills and technological capabilities from their employees. eLearners find this scenario advantageous and can move on to higher job positions quickly with their technological competence.
  7. Conducive teaching environment for classroom training.
    Touch screens make extempore quizzes and questionnaires possible for teachers and individual desks with computers help them assess student performances on the spot for better results. Class discussions, displays, and illustrations can be easily carried out in the eLearning atmosphere through tech tools that are comfortable, easy to handle and time saving.
  8. eLearning makes way for blended learning.
    Surveys make clear that students who blend online learning with their classroom instruction are able to achieve better in their studies. Many of such students also prefer online tutoring platforms for clarifying their doubts or gaining extra knowledge in topics. EduNiche like tutoring websites make it a point to cater to the needs of students instantly and help them in their exam time with their tutoring services. These websites are technologically empowered to attend to the calls of students at any time. They are mobile friendly as well.
  9. Technology is the lifeline of students.
    With students breathing technology every minute, using it for their learning purposes is the most convenient mode for them. In the future of American education, there may not be room for traditional black boards and they may be replaced by interactive whiteboards and other such tech tools.
  10. Change is the way of life.
    With everything changing in life, a positive step through technology is most welcoming in educational industry. Many more good things can happen in future education when students and teachers adapt themselves for more technological transformations in the educational world.

Hence, it can be understood that eLearning is going to have a massive sway over the future of American education trends impacting students to the core in their educational and career prospects.