4 Corporate Training Apps For Training On Demand

4 Corporate Training Apps For Training On Demand
Summary: Corporate training is seeing a serious development. Today, training is delivered directly onto the place where employees are captivated most of the time: Their smartphones. Mobile phones offer complete control of what we are informed of. Here are 4 corporate training apps that offer a new approach to learning.

Corporate Training Apps: Right On To Your Mobile And On Demand

Now it's time to bid adieu to the traditional way of “one size fits all” training, as learners are more focused on educating themselves at their own convenience. Move forward and notice the way corporate training/learning is happening these days: Training is delivered directly onto their smartphones. Acquiring skills and gaining knowledge is getting easier and less expensive for employees these days. Just have one of the corporate training apps out there in your phone and you have the liberty to choose what to learn, when, and where. Gosh! Can’t get simpler than this...

Experiment And Discover The Power Of Training With These Corporate Training Apps

Whether you are on a plane or in a subway, get ready to master your skills online with some of the finest apps that let you learn anything between programming to cake baking in a simple yet intuitive manner. These corporate training apps let you to learn and pick up knowledge instantly and at your convenience.

1. Mindflash

Available for iOS users, Mindflash is a perfect training app that allows you to train huge number of customers, partners, and employees. Large enterprises to small business units can take utmost advantage of this app. Easy to use, it lets you to train new employees, educate on products and services, compliance training, and customer care training. Moreover, it lets users to create courses, add quizzes, manage trainees, and track results anytime and anywhere at the convenience of the users. It also lets users to upload any number of PowerPoint, Word, PDF, SCORM, or video files which automatically gets updated as the training content.

2. Udemy

Organizations with a strong learning culture are 37% more likely to achieve greater employee productivity

Udemy gives its users access to a range of topics guided by industry experts and real world practitioners. Whether you are looking for a good presentation, training material, an article or a white paper or a success story, corporate employees can make the best use of their business version app which provides accessibility to few crucial subjects upon payment. Vetted by over 11 million users around the world, Udemy can be the right choice for you to learn, train or get access to corporate study materials at your convenience.

  • On-demand.
  • Self-directed.
  • Relevant.
  • Dynamic.

3. Skill Pill 

Corporate and business employees can engage workforce and drive efficiency with this easy to use mobile application. Serving more than a million learners worldwide, Skill Pill is prescribed by experts as ideal digital learning platform for large enterprises, Subject Matter Experts and other business units keen on learning and enhancing skills while on the go. The app allows its users to experience both ready to use and tailor made contents, videos, supporting templates and podcasts.

4. BizMobile 

BizMobile, a mobile app from Bizlibrary, offers more than 6000 courses covering a wide array of topics for all business and corporate training programs. The app can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users. The app is the right pick for all those who wish to manage their skills while on the go, or right on their workspace and at their convenience. Training materials cover topics including; communication skills, leadership and management, sales and customer service, compliance training, desktop computer skills, and more. The app is free to download, but access to course library has a cost.

Final Thoughts

The above listed apps are just few picks from the large pool of corporate training apps available today in the store. Pick and choose the one that best fits your needs. Such apps let you undergo a self paced learning and training at your choice. The fervor to train and get educated has been there for years. The methodology and approach is changing. To cut a long story down to a size – just uncritically accept the new hocus-pocus way of training to remain competitive in the global marketplace and to maintain skilled workforce. Training appears more simple and commonsensical with corporate training apps. Effective training is now right on to your mobile and on demand. All you need to do is transform your thinking.