4 Online Learning Trends That Will Change The Way You Create Training

Changing The Way You Create Training With These Online Learning Trends   

Let’s look at 4 online learning trends and see how they might affect the way you approach your next online learning project.

1. Bite-sized learning: Make learning sushi!

bite size learning sushiBite-sized eLearning is like sushi – a series of small and perfectly formed units. Hungry learners are satisfied for up to 15 minutes at a time, focusing on one or two clear objectives. A Rapid Learning Institute study on eLearning revealed 94% of online learners preferred modules of 10 minutes or less, and 65% believed longer modules were packed with “too much information”. For inspiration, take a look at this example from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. The company used Elucidat to deliver 10-minute learning modules to busy eye care professionals on their mobile devices.

2. Mobile learning: Put learning in their hands.

Mobile devices are perfect for delivering bite-sized online learning. And they put courses into learners’ hands – literally. According to a Towards Maturity study, smart mobile devices are now used by 90% of adults in the UK and 91% in the US. Sometimes, a workforce doesn’t have desktop or laptop devices to access online learning. Check out this example from Utility Warehouse to see how its learning was optimized for mobile delivery. Their online learning reached 46,000 learners, 15% of whom accessed it on smartphones and 16% on tablet computers.

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3. Gamification: Make learning fun and compulsive!

Gamification applies game design to the learning experience. Using points, badges, or status, it motivates enthusiastic participation and perseverance to complete tasks. Everybody loves games. The feeling of accomplishment, of improving, of beating an opponent, and the feedback and rewards keep learners coming back for more. For example, in this Can you spot the fake smile? example by Elucidat, online learners are challenged to spot a fake smile among genuine smiles.


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4. Data analytics: Get inside your learners’ heads.


Analytics tools help you to understand your audience. For example, if all learners are struggling with the same sections, you’ll want to investigate your questions or course design and navigation. Technologies like Tin Can, Google Analytics, and analysis and visualization software allow you to see how learners are using your materials. Even authoring tools –like Elucidat– have inbuilt analytics to give you feedback on how learners are using and engaging with your online learning.

Final Thoughts

Your organization is not immune to the changing behavior of learners. Consider these 4 online learning trends before you launch your next project.

Modern learners want bite-sized training that is mobile friendly. Authoring tools like Elucidat, with inbuilt responsive design and gamification features, will help you to create online learning that your learners will love.

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