4 Reasons Why Mobile Learning Is A Smart Strategy

Here are 4 more reasons why mobile learning is a smart strategy.

  1. Short, manageable lesson size.
    Because of a smaller screen size and the on-the-go nature of mLearning, you can create shorter lessons. This will help learners retain more information. Sound familiar? Mobile learning can be a natural form of content chunking, the instructional design strategy of breaking up content into shorter, bite-size pieces that are more manageable and easier to remember.
  2. Mobile learning and gamification is a strategic pair.
    Your employees are most likely already using their phones and tablets for games. It’s how they stay entertained during downtime, whether that’s 15 minutes waiting for a table at a restaurant or 4 hours on a flight. What if you could take those sections of time and use them for game-based training on employees’ mobile devices? Now, that’s strategic. Rather than playing Candy Crush or Words with Friends or whatever the latest iPhone game is, your employees can use their 45-minute layover to complete a short training game.
  3. Customized learning experiences.
    Online training provides learners with more personalized training than a classroom course does. For example, with online training, learners can choose whether they want to read or watch a video about a topic. They can also participate in a branching scenario with a “choose your own adventure” style. mLearning further customizes the learning experience with freedom of device (the BYOD movement)—including personal phones and tablets with no security concerns if you’re using a secure solution like CourseMill® Mobile—and the freedom of learning anywhere, anytime.
  4. Training doesn’t have to stop when you’re offline.
    Mobile learning can offer the flexibility for employees to continue training offline. Here’s a performance support example: if employees are on a job site but can’t access the internet, they can still reference important training materials that they’ve already downloaded on their phones or tablets. And if you’re using game-based training, employees might even want to access training everywhere so that they can complete the next challenge!

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