5 Document Sharing Sites For Overseas Teaching

5 Document Sharing Sites For Overseas Teaching
Summary: Whether you are already involved in an overseas teaching job or are preparing to leave: There are so many document sharing websites and applications to use.

Document Sharing Sites To Use When Involved With Overseas Teaching

With jobs in education, teachers need to make sure they are using a secure sharing site to protect their students and their work. Here are the 5 best choices for an online file sharing website when you are involved with overseas teaching.

  1. Google Drive
    Google Drive is one of the best tools. It allows you to easily prepare for overseas teaching, as you can set up folders ahead of time and upload whatever content you may need to access. You don’t need to have Gmail to get into the site. Your folders can be shared with other people and can be set up so that other individuals can edit files or view them. It is also possible to allow access for other people to upload files. It is a great option for teaching jobs overseas, because these files can be added and shared from anywhere.
  2. OpenDrive
    OpenDrive is available for Windows, Android, and Macintosh platforms. It allows you to have unlimited storage, encrypts your files to ensure it continues to be a secure sharing site, and automatically syncs. However, unlike the other sites listed, it is not a free option. It will allow you more space than most other file sharing sites at a small monthly fee.
  3. Dropbox
    Dropbox is another great tool you can use. It is excellent because it gives you a large amount of space for free. You can use any email address to sign up. You can receive files from others and also send them a link to retrieve your files. It is easy to use and easily maintained.
  4. Evernote
    Evernote is a tool used for all different types of purposes. It is very secure and user friendly. They offer different options, but the basic option is free. You can divide your documents into folders and share the entire folder or just a document. If you choose to share the entire folder, the person will have access to it forever unless you decide to change that. There is also an option to allow people to add their own uploads to the folder, which is helpful if you have a folder for each student. Evernote sends you a notification email when something has been added to the folder to make it easier to monitor.
  5. Just Beam It
    Just Beam It is a unique service because it does not require you to sign up or join the site. There are no limitations for the file size and you can easily watch the progress for the downloading file. Once the download is completed, the site will give you a link in order to send it to the recipient. Once the download is complete, the link will not continue to work. This will not take up space in a file sharing account.

Online file sharing is one of the most important things to be prepared when teaching overseas, because it allows things to be easily accessible. Each site offers something special and unique even in the way the information is delivered. Choose the one that you find to be the most user friendly, so you use it to its fullest capabilities!