5 Tips To Integrate 3D Simulation Software In Your Corporate Training Strategy

5 Tips To Integrate 3D Simulation Software In Your Corporate Training Strategy
Summary: Companies are facing a major issue: Learners are no longer engaged in their corporate training, even with eLearning content. There is one solution that could help your employees get more involved: 3D simulation software.

Integrating 3D Simulation Software In Your Corporate Training Strategy

Training’s “gamification” is growing faster, and companies have more interest in new training’s trends and content to answer the lack of engagement of their learners. eLearning games’ development could be a good strategy, but employees and learners tends to be “bored” of classical content and ask for more: In-situation training with 3D simulation software. 3D simulations have a real potential to influence learners’ behavior, engage them, and involved them in their trainings. In this article, we will see this potential through 5 tips.

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5 Tips To Integrate 3D Simulation Software Into Your Training

1. Increase Your Learner’s Engagement: Customization.

Engagement is the art of involving learners into training sessions. The secret of engagement is interactivity and immersion. Those two characteristics can be found in 3D simulation software.

With 3D simulation software, you can customize your environment and your avatars to immerse for real your learners with 3D simulation or even 2D simulation. If learners see a familiar environment with avatars in which they can see themselves, they will definitely feel concerned about the training. They will have the possibility to choose between different avatars, and find the best match!

Moreover, the training has to be interactive! With 3D simulation software you can give to your learners the possibility to become real actors in their modules. They can interact with their environments, objects, other characters, etc. You can create different types of scenes, like dialogues, videos, links, PDF documents, etc. to always keep the learners' focus on the training.

3D environment : ITyStudio

2D environment : ITyStudio

2. Enhance Motivation.

Your learners have to be involved and engaged of course; but, more importantly, they have to be motivated to learn new skills. 3D simulation software offer one solution to keep learners motivated: The game part.

Of course this is training, but a game-based training; and as in every game, you have to win. During the 3D simulation, learners will have to make choices and take action. Moreover, they will be offered some direct questions or a quiz. All of these will provide a skills’ evaluation and learners will see their score at the end of the training. They will be motivated to have a better score the next time. In addition, you have the possibility to reward your learners by adding personalized feedback, for example.

All your learners’ scores will be saved and you will have access to them. This allow you to have a real supervision on your learners' simulation.

Avatars and environment : ITyStudio

3. Online 3D Simulation Software.

You can use online 3D simulation software for your serious games creation. This solution allows you to have access to your training everywhere and anytime. You just need to have a computer or a tablet with internet and connect to the software.

With this solution, you save a lot of time by creating your simulation where you want and at any time, but you also save a lot of time to your company. In fact, you do not have to organize a training with one trainer and all your learners and jungle with all the planning. Everyone has access to the simulation, even from their homes!

An online 3D simulation software is also always up to date. With the SaaS model, which ITyStudio works with, you can have access to the new update or features like new environments, characters, or even functionalities instantaneously and freely!

4. Time And Cost Efficient.

Setting up a whole classroom training program is a real headache and a big cost for your company. Attendees have to reach the headquarters by traveling around the world to assist to the training. Obviously, all this cost needs to be supported by the company. As a bonus, if the training needs to be up to date or modified, you have to reorganize the whole classroom training program all over again.

As we said, with 3D simulation software you can have access to the training from everywhere, and at any time. Learners do not need to travel anymore and spend their time and energy in transports. The training will be always up to date because you can always modify your contents. You save time and costs for you, your learners, and your company!

You may think a serious game development is a real conundrum, and that you will not be able to do it… Well, you are wrong! 3D simulation software has a really affordable price and if you compare with all the cost you need to engage for one classroom training, it is much cheaper! Plus, during your time license, you can create and modify as much content you want. When your time license is finished, your contents remain your propriety and you can still use them.

5. Knowledge And Skills.

3D simulation software can be the missing link between knowledge and skills. As the simulation is involved to make choices facing real situations, which can and will appear in real life, it is a real and concrete training. Learners can obtain knowledge via the simulations; they can also train directly by applying their skills and transform their knowledge in new skills.

3D simulation software is based on storylines and scenarios. Every learner's choice will have effects on the game. So, learners will see the consequences of their choices. In this training, they will have the possibility to make mistakes and learn from them.

ITyStudio : give new skills to your learners

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