5 Ways To Boost Your Workforce Performance With A Game-Based Learning Platform

How To Boost Your Workforce Performance With A Game-Based Learning Platform

As stated in the introduction, our leads really change their mind when they discover what a game-based learning platform can do in order to help them reaching their training objectives.

They usually are blown away by how easy it is to use these new authoring tools, as well as by the interactivity it adds to the learning simulation they want to setup.

However, you might be wondering how a game-based learning platform is working, and, most importantly, how it could potentially help you doing such things.

Well, if you are looking for answers to these questions, keep reading.

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1. Increase The Engagement Rate.

What we hear from our customers is that the hardest part is not to design a compelling and well-rounded online training. The hardest part is to engage learners in the process, and to make them complete the program.

While this might be complicated with classical authoring tools, limiting yourself to eLearning modules without much interaction, a game-based learning platform could allow you to go to the next level. Indeed, with a game-based learning platform, you will be able to add much more interaction to your learning simulations, by designing engaging serious games, with great characters, graphical environments, and scenarios.

Game-based learning platform

By adding storytelling, and allowing your learners’ to make their own choices and impact their environment, you will completely skyrocket their engagement rate!

Are you afraid about the financial costs and technical barriers encapsulated by such a tool? No worries, new serious games authoring tools on the market, such as ITyStudio, have already everything you need in place, such as a library of 2D/3D content, and a scenario tree.

Game-based learning platform

2. Make The Training More Practical.

The problem of conventional training is its lack of practice. Indeed, it is good and essential to get knowledge. But knowledge is nothing without action.

With a game-based learning platform, you enable your employees to put the knowledge transmitted during the theorical part of the course into practice. Actually, this is the whole point of serious games: putting learners into an immersive experience, and make them face issues they have to deal with in their work life.

3. Get Accurate Data About Your Learners’ Performance.

The assessment part is always a hustle to deal with. At least, it was in the past: How can you effectively measure the impact of your training on your workforce? The main tool used until now are quizzes. However, quizzes present some limits, the most important being the lack of spontaneity. Fortunately, with a game-based learning platform, you can now evaluate your learners simply by analyzing the choices he made during the training, and putting a mark on every single evaluation criterion you identified previously.

This way, you will get more accurate data about your learners’ performance, mostly thanks to a better spontaneity in the process.

4. Adapt The Training To Your Audience.

A great feature of a game-based learning platform is its customization. With classical authoring tools, you surely can personalize the content of your course, the sentences, the images… But with a game-based learning platform, you can go much, much deeper in the idea.

For instance, you can give your learners’ the opportunity to choose from a large variety of characters.

Game-based learning platform

Game-based learning platform

This way, whether your target audience is French or African is not a problem anymore: they will be able to select a character they appreciate and identify with.

Obviously, you can go further. You can edit a particular scenario for every single culture –country– skill level you are targeting in your online training. It will enable you to adapt your serious games to your audience’s needs, and give them relevant content to consume and improve their skills.

5. Expand Your Learning Simulations All Over The World.

In our globalized business world, a lot of organizations are now operating worldwide. Even if it is essential for every business that want to grow and expand its possibilities, it has yet some drawbacks when it comes to training: Travel costs. Indeed, asking to 5 000 employees to take the plane and meet the whole team at the headquarters of your organization will not be free of charge. Not to mention all the logistics behind it, such as hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, etc.

However, a game-based learning platform could help you in this regard. Thanks to it, no more travel costs are needed. You simply have to make a one-time investment in order to setup your online training, and you are done. Just export your pedagogical material into your Learning Management System, and give your learners access to the serious games you created.

The good thing is, they can access their online training whenever and wherever they want, without any restriction.

Ready To Enhance Your Workforce Performance With A Game-based Learning Platform? Take Action!

In this article, we shared with you some practical benefits a game-based learning platform could bring into your organization.

If you are interested in this kind of solutions, you should definitely give ITyStudio a try!

This serious games authoring tool contains all the features needed to embrace the advantages listed above.

It is easy to use, it is engaging, and, best of all: you can try it for free!

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