6 Creative Approaches In Induction Training: An eLearning Perspective

6 Creative Approaches In Induction Training: An eLearning Perspective
Summary: Many clients are accustomed to classroom sessions and are absolutely new to eLearning training. In our client’s case, there was a variety of challenges to be focused on, including banishing the monotony of an induction training program and aligning content for eLearning without overwhelming the learner with information shared.

Case Study: How eLearning Made A Difference In Imparting Effective Induction Training

It is a challenge to develop an effective induction training program that covers distant geographies and conflicting schedules of the learners, while engaging and retaining their attention without the support of a facilitator. To tackle this challenge, we provided a creative and innovative online solution for a leading multi-national bank.

The Case Of Our Client 

Our client wanted an engaging and effective training course for recruits across India. The client was accustomed to the classroom sessions, and was novice to eLearning training. Thus, there were the following challenges that needed to be focused upon:

  1. Banish the monotony of an induction training program and sustain interest until the end, without a live facilitator.
  2. Cover seven days of learning content in one and a half hour of training, without overwhelming the learner or compromising the information shared.

Following are the key approaches we adopted while designing the course.

6 Key Approaches For The Induction Training Program 

1. A Maze Game At The Beginning, Which Continues Till The End. 

The learners attempt the maze game to proceed from one stage to the other. While going through the modules, the learners must collect souvenirs as they attempt the interactivities; this qualifies them to attempt the maze game;

2. Stereoscopic 3D Elements.

We included a Stereoscopic 3D element, in addition to the existing 2D screens. A few screens including the introductory screens are provided with 3D treatment. To cater to the preferences of the learners and the unavailability of 3D glasses, a toggle option allows switching between 2D and 3D on these screens. The other screens use rich animations and different symbolic modes of transport during travel, for instance, a plane for international travel and a hot air balloon for travel within India, among others. The videos of CEO and HODs welcoming the new joiners are added to the personal connect;

3. Great Content. 

We ensured crisp and consolidated on-screen content and provided details in the form of downloadable attachments, which learners can read at their own pace and also download for future reference.

4. Easy Navigation.

The easy to use navigation features and the post-assessment ensured that hassle free learning is imparted to the learners, while ensuring the reinforcement of learning through smart questions. The User Interface was designed keeping in mind the vibrant brand colors of the bank, and with the intent to always make the learner feel in control.

5. Frequent "Check Your Understanding"s.

The intermediate Check Your Understanding, or CYUs, in the form of maze game, ensured the learner progress and retention throughout the course. The game ensured the continuous learner interest, while the multiple-choice questions with the feedback ensured learning reinforcement.

6. Assessments And Certification.

At the end of the course, an assessment evaluates the key learnings of the learner. A personalized certificate is provided at the end, as a proof of participation and successful completion of the course. The assessment tool was designed to ensure ease of navigation, and allow multiple attempts to the learner by enabling the Next/Back button till the learner submits the assessment. The results page allowed the learner to view their attempts against the correct options and hence, review their performance. A Scorecard button provided on each question screen in the review mode also lets the learner jump back to the results screen. A Print Certificate button on the results screen lets the learner print the certificate with their Name and Employee ID, already captured at the start of the course, with the percentage scored by them. A Resume Training button lets the learner retake the course if she/he fails.

The Benefits Of The Program

The online induction course had many benefits for our client. At the end of organization-wide roll out in India, the outcome indicated that it saved them considerable time and money, and helped them to plan for inductions in a uniformly spread-out manner.

  • Due to the innovative and interesting media strategies, including the 3D element and other engaging elements used in the course, the learner engagement was ensured, resulting in the 100% completion rate.
  • With the interest that it generated, recruits were encouraged to finish the course in its entirety.  Even older employees were excited to know about this new approach and opted to reinforce their knowledge by taking the course.
  • With the inclusion of videos playing the personalized welcome messages from the CEO and various HODs, the recruits felt a greater connect with the organization and the values it inculcated. This connect is important and has a great influence on the individual success.
  • The intermittent knowledge checks in the maze game helped to assess learner progress and knowledge retention. These checks also ensured reinforcement of knowledge at regular intervals. A personalized certificate, with the details of the employee, generated at the end of course assessment gave each learner a proof of the successful completion of the course.
  • With the overall immense success achieved in India, DBS is planning to expand the scope of this course to their international offices as well. DBS wants to conduct the induction training program in all their offices across the world through suitable localisation and with the hope to achieve the same success rates.

Final Thoughts

The corporate learning needs to be designed with care, and should be balanced in approach considering the target audience. We, at G-Cube, believe that by using creative ideas with an apt use of technology, eLearning solutions can prove to be more fun and effective. Increase in effectiveness helps ensure long-term profit for any organization, and DBS too looks forward to reaping continued benefits out of this course. The balanced amalgamation of clever yet impactful Instructional Design strategies, rich media elements including the stereoscopic 3D elements, and inclusion of an assessment bank with smart questions while ensuring all along that the learners are not overwhelmed is a revolutionary idea in an eLearning program that we feel could prove beneficial and generate immense interest and value to learning. These elements, if used across the learning genre, can enhance the learning experience, and make it more impactful.

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