8 Nifty Mobile Apps For Teachers: Happy Teacher's Day!

8 Nifty Mobile Apps For Teachers: Happy Teacher's Day!
Summary: With the Teachers' day coming up soon, lets go through several mobile apps for teachers that just might make that day a little better for you!

Top Mobile Apps For Teachers And Educators

Here are 8 mobile apps for teachers that will help you organize lessons and classes, be more productive, and stay in touch with your students and colleagues.

Organizing Lessons And Classes

1. Trello

Trello is a great mobile app to engage your class both from home as well as while in class! With Trello you can customize the workflow for several different projects, meaning that you can either up the pace at which you work, or perhaps slow down in order to pay attention to detail more. Trello also allows you to create boards and assign tasks to yourself and your students so that you can organize the class you are working on!

2. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a great app and you might have previously used it without even knowing about it! This app really goes well with the G Suite, or previously known as the Google Apps for Education. Anyone with a Gmail account can use this app which makes it perfect for the newer generations since just about any Millennial in first world countries has a Gmail address. This app also utilizes some parts of Google Drive so it makes it perfect for creating classes, distribute assignments and homework, communicate regarding anything class related, and generally staying organized both in class and outside!

3. Kahoot

Kahoot is an awesome way to turn your classes into a fully engaging game. With Kahoot you can play mobile games for any class and there is no accounts needed. You can also get personal and group feedback during gameplay for increased engagement and learning outcomes. This means that your students and fellow teachers can join your game and improve class just by playing!

Productivity Saves Time

4. PDF Converter Ultimate

If you aren’t very prolific with handling files and you often find yourself sending data via email, maybe PDF Converter Ultimate can help you. This app offers several different types of file conversion such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, and a couple others! With this app you can quickly and painlessly convert any file to whichever format makes you most comfortable to edit the said file.

5. Educreations

If we were giving out app rewards, Educreations would probably get the golden medal in versatility. With this app you can use your iPad or whatever mobile device you prefer and turn it into a whiteboard on which you can draw by hand, make notes and reminders, and way more! The only limit to this app is the fact that you are limited by your own creativity!

Staying In Touch

6. Remind

Remind is also known as Remind 101 as it has recently changed its name, along with most of its user interface and a couple other smaller changes that all add up to a great user experience. Remind allows you to stay in touch with your students and their parents even outside of the classroom. With remind it will be much easier to make class announcements, start group chats, or contact individuals privately through the apps messaging system. You may think that Remind is just another free messaging app, but it is so much more than that!

7. Classtree

Classtree is another great app to stay in touch, however this one is a bit different from the previous app, as it excels in helping you gather forms and consents from parents. With Classtree you can easily put together a consent form and have it sent to the parents or guardians of one of your students. They can subsequently e-Sign the form within the app, thus making the whole process of printing forms on paper unnecessary, all the while saving the trees and forests around you, which is exactly where this app gets its name!

8. Additio

Additio might not be as much of a communication app as the other two we just talked about, but it is definitely a great tool that can inform you when you should get in contact with your student’s parents. Why? Because Additio helps you keep track of the grades each and every student in your class gets, as well as class attendance and a few other great things! Addition can also help you calculate grades by calculating averages and similar tiny features you would probably never think of! Purchasing the pro version gives you access to complex analytics and the note taking feature, however those 2 features require you to pay 8 dollars and last only for a month.

Let Us Know If We Missed An App

Have you had experiences with these apps before? Let us know if you’ve had, what parts did you like, which parts you just couldn’t wrap your head around, and which parts just made you feel as if they were far too complex. Also, feel free to add a couple to this list by commenting in the section below as well as on the appropriate app store page!