Adobe Presenter Video Express: An Easy, Fast, And Cost-Effective Way To Create Interactive eLearning Videos… Now At Your Fingertips
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Adobe Presenter Video Express: The Easy, Fast, And Cost-Effective Way To Create Interactive eLearning Videos

Interactivity is the key to meaningful and memorable eLearning experiences. Even something as basic as pointing and clicking has the power to boost learner participation and knowledge retention. There are a variety of ways to add interactive elements to your eLearning course design, but eLearning videos are one of the most effective online resources in this regard. Below are just a few of the reasons why Adobe Presenter Video Express is a must-have tool for fast, easy, and cost-effective eLearning video creation.

1. Say Goodbye To Special Effects Expenses.

Don’t have a green screen or video editing experience? Adobe Presenter Video Express features dynamic special effects tools that allow you to take your eLearning video to the next level without any additional equipment or expertise. Adobe Presenter Video Express includes a user-friendly background application that is ideal for simulation and branching scenario design. Simply choose from one of their existing backgrounds or add your own, then apply effects and filters to replicate the lighting. All you need is a solid background and a webcam.

2. Improve Knowledge Retention With Video Annotations.

Video annotations drastically improve knowledge retention by drawing the learner’s attention to the key takeaways. With Adobe Presenter Video Express you can add comments, circle specific ideas, or highlight key points of the eLearning course. You can even go back and edit every aspect of your annotation later on to meet the changing needs of your learners. Annotations can also be used to offer tips, pose thought provoking questions, or provide learners with supplemental online resource links to improve comprehension.

3. Test Learner Knowledge Without Using Third-Party Software.

There is no need to use any third-party platforms to assess your learner’s progress. Adobe Presenter Video Express features a video assessment tool that allows you to simply add questions into the timeline. For example, you can ask learners a handful of questions before they move onto the next screen to ensure that they have absorbed the information. Adobe Presenter Video Express also includes a tracking feature that seamlessly integrates with your SCORM compliant eLearning course. Thus, you have the opportunity to determine if your eLearning course is on target or missing the mark based on your learners’ scores.

4. Integrate Video Add-ons To Enhance The eLearning Experience.

Adobe Presenter Video Express boasts a wide range of add-ons, including zooming effects, titles, and logo integration. You will also find a variety of different themes, such as closing clips that can wrap up your eLearning video professionally. If you need to include branding elements, simply upload custom videos or include your contact information by using the “Lower Thirds” feature. Another standout is the Acoustic Matching Algorithm tool, which automatically equalizes your sound levels and ensures that all of your audio components are consistent. Your online learners won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting their volume throughout the eLearning course if they are in public areas.

5. Edit Like A Pro (No Prior Experience Required).

Adobe Presenter Video Express takes the stress out of editing, thanks to its intuitive timeline-based interface. Combine eLearning content, integrate webcam videos, trim clips, add pan and zoom effects, and adjust the brightness of your online presentation without using any third-party software. You can even improve the overall sound quality by removing white noise and adding audio filters. This can drastically reduce your eLearning development time and expense, due to the fact that you do not have to hire an editor to polish and perfect your eLearning videos.

6. Add External Videos With The User-Friendly Timeline Tool.

Adobe Presenter Video Express can help you develop video content from scratch. However, it can also be used to repurpose your existing eLearning videos. If you have an online presentation that you would like to include, just upload it into the timeline and make the necessary adjustments. For example, you have the option to replace the audio, include a new narration, and adjust the playback length. The timeline will automatically stretch when you import the external video, making it easy to get a quick overview of the entire eLearning project.

7. Offer Closed-Captioning And Language Support.

Automatically create closed captions that appear alongside your audio by using the Adobe Presenter Video Express speech-to-text tool. This allows you to develop eLearning courses for learners with special needs, such as those who may be hearing impaired. Adobe Presenter Video Express also features a language detection tool that can automatically detect the learner’s region and display the appropriate version based on their operating system data. For example, your Chinese audience will be able to read Chinese subtitles without even having to specify their preferred language.

There are a variety of video production and video editing tools on the market today, but few offer the start-to-finish features that Adobe Presenter Video Express can deliver. If you’re still unsure about whether it’s right for you, take advantage of their free 30-day trial to explore the UI and see if it’s a good match for your eLearning needs.

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