Relevance And Benefits Of eLearning Mobile Apps For Your Business In 2019

Relevance And Benefits Of eLearning Mobile Apps For Your Business In 2019
Summary: What is the relevance of LMS software development and educational mobile apps in corporate training? More importantly, what is their benefit to you?

What The Remarkable Benefits Of eLearning Mobile Apps Are

Today, businesses are using mobile apps to offer online training which can be both formal and informal in nature. If you’ve never heard about digitized Instructor-Led Training (ILT), this facilitates just that.

By using both microlearning and gamification techniques, one can make mobile apps more interactive and effective in training one’s employees. Today eLearning app development also incorporates Performance Support Tools which are ideal for on-the-job support and are readily available within the learner’s work-flow. One can easily update mobile apps and even deploy them quickly. Here are the best benefits of eLearning mobile apps for your business:

A Strong Competitive Edge

You are making your employees and associates more competent with something that is out, and out a training module on the go. Mobile apps that are meant to facilitate imbibing new faculties and skills are the new norm in the business world today. If yours is an averagely performing company, you can change that. By employing the right methods of education and putting eLearning on the top of your priority list, you can efficiently adapt to new technologies and enhance your speed of innovation and intensify your growth.

Say Goodbye To Skills Gap

Do you know why eLearning app development has become so huge? It is because it ensures that the present gap that many businesses see in the skill sets of their employees and workers is removed rather quickly. In this era of digitization, the market belongs to the one who is willing to lead the wave of transformation. Over the last decade or so, we have seen how the market has evolved. The widespread use of the internet has made it imperative for us to imbibe certain skills that are a hundred times more complex than what we already know. They were not needed back then but now we can’t survive without them. And this is exactly what you can ensure via a robust eLearning system in place for your employees and even managers.

Are You Looking To Create A Global Workforce?

This is one of the biggest challenges that you are facing right now. As a business entity working in the millennial times, you are required to stay ahead of the latest trends. If you wish to operate on a global platform, you will have to begin learning the most advanced and latest technologies and business operations that world leaders are already equipped with. If you want to build a business empire that is not confined to an 8x8 room and is at the risk of being suffocated within 4 plastered walls, you are going to have to think beyond this one dimension. This requires that you bring all our employees whether they are thousands or millions in number, together on the same page and at the same intellectual level. A unified training and LMS module are what you need, and a mobile app that is designed for that very purpose is going to be your best bet.

Pick Your Content Type

Yes, you get to pick your content type with the eLearning apps of today. One can get access to a very wide variety of content formats for the purpose of imbibing knowledge and this comprises not just eBooks or tutorials but also images and videos, podcasts, statistics, graphs and infographics, games, and much more. And all of this can be accessed on your tablets and smartphones with equal ease.

Corporate Learning Apps Are Highly Flexible And Adaptable

Mobile technology is going global and so is its application. The corporate eLearning apps we use on our mobile devices are designed in a such a way that there is little need for any tweaks and performance enhancements when they are deployed on other devices, using diverse screen sizes and a multitude of operating systems. These apps are as robust and well optimized for bigger screens as they are flexible and conventional for smaller screens. This means more convenience for the learner and lesser need for them to upgrade their devices.

Some More Benefits Of Mobile Apps In Corporate Training

  • Ideal for obtaining information on the move
  • Suitable for both online and offline viewing
  • Full and quick access to just-in-time information
  • Highly suitable for both formal and informal training
  • Ample Performance Support and/or Instructor-Led Training support
  • Higher completion rates
  • Extremely popular with Millennials

The benefits of using mobile applications in your corporate training are many; so be sure you take them into consideration before you are ready to move on with your training development.