Managing Large eLearning Courses With Darkan Cloud Solution

How To Manage Large eLearning Courses With Darkan Cloud Solution 

Follow these 3 steps and learn how to manage large eLearning courses with Darkan Cloud Solution:

  1. Use cloud disk.
    The first step is to make materials available to all who work on the project (in large projects materials are often modified or are constantly added). This may be a cloud disk, or a shared mailbox. Much depends on the form in which the client keeps their materials. We use our Darkan disk storage.
  2. Create a pilot training.
    The second step is to create a training pilot. It is better that the training pilot is created by at least two people who work closely with each other from the very beginning. The pilot is very important and it needs to be balanced; neither too simple, nor too complicated. We create different types of screens of uniform colors and styles which include interactions, quizzes, and triggers (depending on arrangements with customers). We inform the customer that most styles will be repeated, and new types of screens will be introduced if the individual modules are too uniform / monotonous. The training pilot should be discussed in detail. Sometimes there might be more than one pilot created.
  3. Quality is a key.
    The third step is the production and quality control. At this stage, you should already have a regular schedule with your client. The division of labor depends on the size of the team and the time availability. It is important that everyone has access to the training pilot (which will be your template) and was informed about changes in it.

Sometimes big projects might happen, and then the screens are counted in thousands. This can be solved in various ways, such as by using cloud or networking drives and eLearning tools or an HTML editor. Very often this is not a very comfortable solution, and even prevents the simultaneous operation of several people on one project. I remember how I started using Google docs: I wanted to move this idea to eLearning, and this is how we created the Darkan Cloud Solution. Several people can work in Darkan, share projects with others, and literally immediately show customers the effects of their work. The main benefit is that you can easily copy objects from other projects (e.g. images, texts, or sounds, along with their properties) at any time.

Effective creation of eLearning on a massive scale depends not only on good work organization; but also on the right selection of appropriate tools that facilitate or even enable group work, free exchange of data, and easy versioning of the project.