Digitization Of Education In The 21st Century

Digitization Of Education In The 21st Century
Summary: This article is about the evolution of the educational industry. It describes the era of 21st century in terms of educational progress and how the 'old school' systems became the 'new school' systems that boosted digital education.

Exploring The Digitization Of Education

“Technology can become the 'wings' that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before; if we will allow it.” - Jenny Arledge

We are running into the 21st century where technology knows no bounds. This is the phase of radical development where technology is taking over every niche and corner. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are no more unknown words. During this phase the education system is evolving for the sake of betterment, as this generation's students are not born to be confined by the limits of simple learning; their curiosity is vast and cannot be catered with educational systems that were designed earlier. If we kept on teaching our children the way we taught them yesterday, we would deprive them of their tomorrow. Our old educational system lacks the capability to stand a chance in the 21st century. So we are compelled to use digitization in our educational system.

Digitization Is The Term

Digitization is the integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized.”

Yes! Digitization is the trending term, describing the 21st century in the most precise manner as possible. We are in the era where unprecedented ideas are unfolding in our education industry and creating the advancement that can’t be matched by lagging behind in terms of technology.

The new phase of learning has begun and involves various advanced techniques like:

  • Online courses
    Want to learn a new language or maybe to get trained in some specific course, but have no time to cover the distance? Online courses are developed by experts who have unmatched proficiency in their specific field and can give you the experience of real-time learning by designing their own online course.
  • Online exams
    Digitization gave way to the online exam, making the examination process convenient for both teachers and students.
  • Digital textbooks
    Also prevalent with other names like e-textbooks and e-texts, digital textbooks provide an interactive interface in which the students have access to multimedia content such as videos, interactive presentations, and hyperlinks.
  • Animation
    This is a captivating approach in which students learn in a better manner. By offering a visual representation of the topic, students grasp the concept in a more understandable manner. Even the toughest topics can be presented in a simplified way with the help of animation.

Accumulation Of Students On The Same Platform

With students coming in from various regions, schools and colleges are finding ways to develop an integrated solution to meet the educational needs of all students. By converting the whole of the educational system to digitization, the use of various techniques like online courses, online exams, digital textbooks, quizzes, and e-notes are improving the quality of education for the students.

Online Resources: Connecting Students With Their Educators

With a high increase in the student population in recent times, pedagogy is being compromised. Because of that, online resources are being developed in a way that makes them always available to teachers to educate the masses. Which, in turn, improves the quality of education and increases the number of literate students.

Internet: Making Digitization Possible

After the United States and China, India has been rated as the third largest internet consumer. The core existence of online education platforms is being possible with the internet. Most schools and colleges in India make use of the internet and they basically use it for conducting online exams and quizzes.

Administrative Activities: An Integral Part Of The Education Industry

With digital systems being prevalent in education we are experiencing different levels of ease in online education, but the administrative part is not off the table. Keeping the records of students and maintaining their attendance and roll number is a big headache, that too when the students are outnumbering the administrative heads. So colleges and schools are adopting more hassle-free computerized methods and avoiding the old manual methods of maintaining the records.


Digitization has no doubt changed our education system, but we cannot say that it has diminished the value of our old time classroom learning. Neither do we want something so priceless to turn into dust. The best part about the digitization of education in the 21st century is that it is combined with the aspects of both; classroom learning and online learning methods. Walking hand in hand both act as a support system to each other, which gives a stronghold to our modern students. Digitization in education has also proved to be the right method for saving resources. Online examination platforms have restricted the frivolous usage of paper, directly confining the cutting down of trees. This way the digitization of education industry in the 21st century proves to be a boon to our society.

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