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Starting Price: 999 $ / year
Pricing Model: Free Trial, Subscription
License: Free, Paid
Free Trial: Yes
We offer the following subscription plans: Personal Plan: $999 annually; and Articulate 360 Teams Plan: $1,299 annually. We also offer many discounts on Articulate 360, including volume discounts on Articulate 360 Teams plan orders of five or more full-price seats, multi-year subscription discounts on qualifying Articulate 360 Teams orders, and 50% discount for academic institutions on Personal and Articulate 360 Teams plans
Customers: Large Enterprises (>10,000) Small/Medium Businesses
Deployment: Desktop Application Software as a Service / Cloud
Platforms: Mac Windows
Browsers: Apple Safari Google Chrome Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
Training: Documentation Live Online Webinars
Support: Business Hours Live Online Online Community
Supported Specifications: AICC SCORM 1.2 SCORM 2004 xAPI/Tin Can API
Conversion to Web-Friendly Formats Create Animation Import Animation P.Point slide transition effects Text Animations
Augmented Reality Features:
AR can be created in tool AR can be simulated AR can use GPS for real time coordinates
Audio Features:
Audio Output Audio Recording Import Audio File Integrated Sound Editor
Animation/Conditional Triggers:
A WHILE clause An ELSE clause for when the condition does not apply An IF clause with combinations of AND and OR conditions An IF clause with multiple AND conditions An IF clause with multiple OR conditions An IF clause with one condition Based on learner interactions Based on time in overall lesson Based on time on individual slides / pages Multiple actions Multiple actions that can be shared with other lessons Multiple actions that can be shared within a lesson Multiple actions which can be grouped and named Single action only
Deployment / Output Format:
HTML5 Legacy Flash-based
More Development Options:
Objects can be grouped Objects can have multiple states Slides / Pages can be assembled into Scenes/ Groups Slides / Pages can have multiple layers
Image Features:
Clipart Gallery Image Editor Image Gallery Import Image
Interface Options:
Customizable Toolbars Interface Customization Preview as published
Online Libraries & Galleries:
Background Scenes Characters Location Scenes Music Tracks Other Artwork (Nature, City, Vehicles…) Photo gallery Sound Effects Standard Narration Tracks Templates Gallery Text to Speech Voices
Question Types for Quizzing Options:
Fill-in-the-blank Likert (Survey) Matching columns Multiple-Choice, Multiple-Answers Multiple-Choice, Single-Answer Randomized from pools / banks of questions Sequencing Short Answers True / False
Quiz Questions can be imported directly from:
Comma-delimited files (CSV) Excel spreadsheets (XLS) GIFT-format text files (TXT) XML
Responsive Design / Fluid Boxes:
All Lesson Content Automatic Using Columns (No fine adjustments possible) Automatic Using Other Means (No fine adjustments possible) Multiple Breakpoints Available Player Only
Types of Interactions:
Dials Drag & Drop Hotspots Roll-over Sliders Text Entry (Simple) Text Entry (Wildcards) Wizard-Based Interactions
Types of Navigation:
Adaptive Branching Scenarios High Interaction/Open Limited Interaction/Linear No Interaction/Passive
Video Features:
360° Videos Import Video Integrated Video Editor Video Recording
Virtual Reality Features:
VR can be created in tool VR can be imported VR can have overlaid hot spots