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360 Immersive provides innovative training solutions for safety conscientious organizations. Immersive learning provides more than retention – it lays the foundation for the complete synthesis of information.

We support safety professionals that are frustrated with the lack of engagement in adult learners, concerned with wasting company resources on ineffective training tools, and challenged with understanding how to integrate the enhanced curriculum into their traditional training methods.

We offer a wide range of product and service offerings, designed to supplement existing training in the workplace. These product types range from economical Off-the-Shelf VR simulations to complete turnkey systems that integrate into enterprise-level safety management and eLearning platforms. These learning solutions are customizable, scalable, and profoundly mitigate risk in the workplace.

Our immersive learning solutions:
• Are affordable and interactive
• Scalable across locations and sites
• Integrate with LMS, LXP, and eLearning platforms
• Offer Multi-distribution options
• VR/AR/XR content development
• Quality content
• SCORM compliant
• OSHA standards
• Provide interoperability of core standards

We advance today’s workforce in:
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Agriculture
• Education
• Corporate
• Government
• Military

As a safety professional, if your goal is to provide enhanced training and eliminate unnecessary injuries from occurring to your personnel - we are here to help.


Discover the Solutions 360 Immersive has to offer.