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abpLearning is a full service eLearning provider with 20 years of experience in continuing medical education. We are the sister company of Animated Biomedical Productions, an animations studio specializing in the medical, healthcare and life science industries.

Our eLearning team has experience developing modules and projects from concept to roll-out and has an unrivalled depth of understanding to explain complex medical conditions and concepts. Our services range from the conducting of needs assessments for educational providers to developing all facets of content to meet the identified requirements and providing the necessary training.

We are proud to be continuing the legacy of our founder, Dr Brian Somerville whose goal in creating ABP was to ease the burden of patients and their families by presenting medical information in a more accessible way. Dr Somerville's mission was to educate those affected by illness and the public in general through engaging visuals and easy-to-follow audio.

We have worked for some of the world's largest publishing companies, universities, CME providers and pharmaceutical companies. Our award-winning animations have given us international recognition and have been featured on a number of television networks and by industry bodies.


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