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We have extensive experience in designing and developing learner experiences in digital environments going back to 1995. We have worked with groups around the world in the Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, and the US.

We’re also leaders in bringing together the fields of learning design, customer experience and educational technology using a design thinking approach.

Our Vision

At Academic Tribe we know that designing great learning experiences can be difficult. The modern technical and pedagogical landscape is complex and challenging. We strive to help organisations and teams make sense of the complexity and build learner experiences that are meaningful and transformational.

Learner Experience Design

We can work with your teams to develop the best possible experiences for your learners.

Capability Building

We provide capacity building for your organisation through tailored training programs and workshops to develop skills, practices and processes for high level learner experience design.

Learner Experience Production

We can help you build the learner experiences that we’ve helped you design through our network of learner experience designers, multi media producers, editors and developers.

Technical Solutions and Hosting

We can help you develop and implement technical solutions to provide a friction-less learner experience.


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