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Afiniti is an award winning business change consultancy that delivers change with a people focus. We have specialised teams in change management, learning, engagement, communications, and project management who deliver successful projects and programmes across a broad section of industries.

Change Readiness Assessment

Our change readiness assessment uncovers where you are now, establishes the rationale for change and what needs to be done to accelerate change and most importantly make it sustainable.

The assessment is based on our 6Lever™ model, which looks at key capabilities that underpin successful change delivery.

Through our 6Lever Change Readiness Workshop, you gain insight into your business’s ability to deliver and embed change with pragmatic recommendations for addressing gaps.

  1. Leadership
    Commit, initiate, drive, motivate and negotiate
  2. Method
    Successful ways of doing things
  3. Driver
    Business imperative, vision, goals
  4. Culture
    The way we do things at Afiniti, the stuff that matters to us
  5. Competency
    People, competencies resources.
  6. Engagement
    Connections, communications, learning

Embedding Change Capability

We can then co-create change management process, tools and methodology to minimise risk and boost efficiency and benefits realisation. No two businesses are the same. We work with you to establish a foundation for a uniform approach to delivering change, underpinned by proven change management interventions, that fit the precise needs of your business.

With a focus on the people aspects of change, we strengthen your business’s ability to manage change so it can adapt and stay competitive.

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