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AlertDriving has always taken a simple, yet highly sophisticated approach to fleet safety: we use online training to proactively improve driver behavior. Our training program reduces injuries, operating costs, and liability exposure for some of the largest businesses in the world, and our clients routinely see a 60% reduction in collisions.

Our business-fleet expertise gives us unique insight into the challenges of administering a global fleet safety program, which is why we offer our training in more languages and localities than anyone else. High Definition video is shot on-location to show real and familiar traffic hazards. That’s how you change behavior.

We don’t fix vehicles, handle insurance claims, or co-ordinate rental vehicles, but with an ROI of up to 900%, we believe our approach to driver safety speaks for itself. Start tracking driver behavior fleet wide with worldwide content delivery, unmatched data scalability and full-service program support from day one.


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