Alter Learning

Alter Learning offers engaging educational games in STEAM, crafted by a global team of experts. Games explore realms like DNA, tech trends, engineering marvels, arts, and mathematical universes, making learning an exciting, challenging adventure.

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West Coast, Western US
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At Alter Learning, we specialize in the meticulous design and development of educational games rooted in scientific principles. Our innovative creations captivate children, educators, parents, and future scientists, fostering an environment of joy and enthusiasm. Collaborating with forefront scientists, we craft experiences that ignite curiosity, accommodating diverse learning styles and needs. Our games are exceptional resources for enhancing classroom instruction and cultivating critical thinking skills.

Leveraging the transformative power of Extended Reality (XR), which encompasses both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we revolutionize the learning experience, making it extraordinarily engaging and stimulating. Our secure, cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates with online and traditional classroom settings, ensuring that learning transcends conventional boundaries, evolving into a remarkable adventure.