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At Altissia, we specialise in the creation and implementation of tailor-made language learning projects.

We have a humanistic and holistic perspective on education, going beyond a purely practical approach to language learning by incorporating cultural and social aspects, in order to give each individual the opportunity to meet their objectives and realise their potential. We provide guidance, support and encouragement as they grow, at every step of the way.

We promote each tailor-made project, measure individuals’ linguistic skills and help them make progress, both online and off. Our tools and services are adapted to suit the learning needs of everyone: a dedicated platform, a social network, face-to-face sessions, live coaching, professional modules and much, much more.

We also provide support for coordinating the various administrative, pedagogical and technical aspects of a project and for motivating individuals throughout their language learning experience. In addition, we work with teachers and trainers to help them bring out the best in their students.