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Amy is a New York City-based voice actor specializing in educational materials for children. Her warm, perky and youthful voice brings fun and energy to scripts, and she is a positive and productive collaborator.

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New York
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A voice to make you smile!

Amy Andrews is a voice actor, classically-trained singer and actor based in New York City. She specializes in youthful voices, particularly for educational materials and animation. Amy’s quirky, bubbly personality shines through in upbeat scripts, and her warm, caring tones enhance more serious copy.

An experienced and competent professional, Amy enjoys positive, playful and productive work sessions. Clients appreciate her ability to work quickly and efficiently, communicate clearly and respond well to direction. Amy loves collaborating with clients to bring their projects to life.

From her home studio, Amy can provide high-quality edited audio files in the client's preferred format. She is also available for in-studio recordings anywhere in the New York metropolitan area.